When Is Kenya Moore’s Stallion Booty Workout Video Being Released For Sale?

Kenya Moore

We know Kenya Moore has announced she will be pursuing her own Booty Workout Video, after her production deal with Phaedra Parks fell out. Kenya announced to the ladies on The Real Housewives of Atlanta that her workout DVD will be titled, ‘Stallion Booty.’ Many viewers are asking and wondering if Kenya’s video is for sale yet, and when it’s going to be released?

Kenya has remained pretty hush, hush on Stallion Booty, and continues to tell fans on Twitter to keep watching RHOA for more information regarding the DVD release. Kenya recently tweeted, “Watch #RHOA lots of twists and turns to come,” in response to viewers asking about her workout DVD.

While Stallion Booty by Kenya Moore is NOT for sale yet, I have a feeling this isn’t the last we have heard of it… Stay tuned!

Will YOU buy Kenya’s Video?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Laschelle

    Someone please tell Kenya that a stallion is a male horse. What woman wants a behind like a male horse? And she’s the one with all the class and sense. How sad.

  • brandy

    I think its funny phaedra met her match. Kenya brought up a good point. Who was the last celebrity phaedra represented.

  • Mona

    I really think that Kenya Moore is definetly Curb Trash, and she needs to do more than twirl herself off a cliff, she needs to twirl herself off of the show… Gone With The Wind Fabalous

  • MissCane

    Kenya is in excellent physical condition, beautiful and is an infinitely more desirable looking woman than Phaedra. That’s the REAL world.
    Phaedra looked ridiculous in that lime green jumpsuit and her body really does look like shyt. Why would anyone want to look like her? I’ve never seen a short, misshaped, dumpy assed woman ever try to sell a workout video. Good thing she’s got the RHOA name to sell it. She’s gonna need it. Kenya’s body is fantastic and she knows how to work out. Kenay has credibility.

  • GWTW Marvelous