What’s The Reason For Bethenny’s Feud With Ramona Singer?

Remember when Ramona Singer said that one of her friend’s naked photos surfaced, and her daughter, Avery Singer, heard about them at school from one of her classmates as her whole beef with Bethenny Frankel about her past nude scene in a movie began? Well, now we know who that friend is.

That friend with the nude pics was none other than RHONY alum Alex McCord, Ramona confirmed during Wednesday night’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. You might remember Ramona walking off the stage during the season one reunion when the photos were discussed.

“My daughter was going to a very elite private school, and my daughter came to me and I was horrified. She goes, ‘Mom, people are showing me naked pictures of this woman that you’re with on this new show (it was our first season), and they’re all asking me about it,” Ramona recalled. “I’m not so uptight anymore. I mean, then, 10 years ago, my God, I was, like, frigid.”

Alex McCord, who was a guest on the show with Ramona asked her if she thought dinner in the Hamptons with the girls was the appropriate time to ask Bethenny Frankel about her past. “No, I didn’t go after her. It was in the press all over. And actually, a friend of mine sent it. So I wanted to know if she had repercussions at her school or with her daughter,” Ramona explained. “It was a concerned talk. Was my delivery wrong? Yes.”

It was evident that Alex wasn’t buying Ramona’s explanation. “Well, you know what? Then, you don’t know me that well,” Ramona fired back. “You haven’t seen me in eight years, so you know what? Forget it.”

Whose side are you on?

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10 Replies to “What’s The Reason For Bethenny’s Feud With Ramona Singer?”

  1. Ramona is so full of herself. Coming across so “Holier Then Thou” when no one on this show is rude, more backstabbing and self centered then her. No one.

  2. I just watched the WWHL to see Alex, I would have simply deleted the episode if not for her appearance. Being it was 10 years ago, then Avery was 12, not 6, first of all, when the naked photo’s of Alex came up. And she was lying when she said Carole’s reason for asking her not to come to the election party was because of Bethenny, oh, wait!!! Let’s see ……what was her word for disinviting Sonja to her home? The ambiguous “change of plans.” If I have learned one thing about Bethenny it is that she can hold her own. She has never been shown to ask or tell the hostess to not/disinvite anyone from anything. She might very well have said she wouldn’t be speaking to Ramona if she came, but before the Little Red dinner, Carole was already miffed with Ramona for her disregard for anyone’s opinion but her own.
    Ramona says that when you are with Bethenny, you can not speak of anything but what B wants to. That is such BS. In Sonja’s backyard, while Carole was speaking, Ramona was speaking at the same time, and as is her usual way not listening to anything anyone ever says to her. She says she is wrong when it sounds good, she usually doesn’t even know what the person angry with her is speaking of as she constantly speaks out of her a**.
    At the dinner, Bethenny asked if Ramona had a good time before any other words were spoken. Then she listened and asked more questions about the supposed girlfriend Ramona is to Avery’s friends, and LISTENED when Ramona spoke. When Dorinda and Luann arrived she asked how Luann’s remodel was going, and then Ramona starts in on the soft porn bullshit and Bryn. When would B have had time to continue any conversation after that? Countless piles on about the obnoxious ( but true ) things B had said last year, then accuses Bethenny of being the one holding the grudge. The “hair” compliment at Sonja’s was responded to with a joke. Obviously Bethenny wasn’t serious, but if a little time goes by, it can be spun into whatever those lying bitches want it to be.
    The conversation then at the dinner between Countless, Dorinda and Ramona, Ramona relates what Bethenny SHOULD have said & felt about her cruel, out of line mentioning of her SIX YEAR OLD DAUGHTER. Then, back to the dinner at Little Red, saying SHE, oh so valuable Ramona, didn’t like that B was being defensive. If there is one thing in this entire world I understand being defensive about, it is our CHILDREN. I would, and have, done ANYTHING for my kids. Ramona can’t even remember not only the names of Avery’s friends, who are now “her friends” she doesn’t remember THEM. Ramona didn’t even remember not only the name of a young lady who was a friend of Avery’s for 2 years, who had spent weekends in Ramona’s house in the Hampton’s, but didn’t remember HER. Yes, just the kind of friend we all need.

  3. This BS in Ramona’s talking head about Bethenny “being a true friend” is so hypocritical as to be obtuse. True friends don’t spread rumors from when they dd not even KNOW a person, saying to many people that Bethenny had an affair during her first marriage. Brief though it was, it was a marriage. I have NEVER heard Bethenny say anything she did not know to be true.
    It’s also bull that coming to Ramona’s BD party would have proven friendship. I didn’t see her say she was sorry. She was bringing up Bethenny’s SIX year old Daughter, something off limits. By repeating over and over that a friend should be able to say ANYTHING to someone, or they aren’t “true friends” is another crock of crap. Oh, hey Ramona, did Mario leave you because you are such a control freak? Because you spoke to him in front of friends and business associates like he was a moron? Hey, Ramona, did Mario leave you because you sucked in bed? Like that “anything” you mean. Bethenny has said some shit, for real, right directly to someone’s face, not this slithery snake like we are friends cruel, hurtful, gossipy bullshit wrapped in a birthday bow.

  4. I just saw the scene in the store the day after the election where, as is her habit, Ramona repeats what she said that was so out of line AGAIN, but what she said really showed how unaware she is. She said “Blah, blah, blah recounting what she said” and then schooling everyone as to what Bethenny SHOULD have said “Thank goodness NO ONE brought it up!” Yeah except YOU, YOU sorry excuse for a friend. She’s repeated what was said, spinning it a little different each time, and then making sure everyone knows what Bethenny SHOULD have felt, said and reacted. Then, countless piling on when they both, Bethenny AND her, said they were going to leave the past behind. The comment Bethenny made about her hair at Sonja’s was really a little joke, to break the ice a little. And the BS that it’s always about B, when Ramona came out to the table, the first words out of Bethenny’s mouth were, “was it great” They spoke of nothing else until Lu and Dorinda arrived. B asked about the remodel, and I’d like to know when she would have had a chance t ask about the wedding with Ramona bringing Bryn up? Off limits. It’s always about Bethenny? When was anything besides Ramona’s cruel intentions and questions about Bethenny? Ramona and Sonja are growing cobwebs. She is so ignorant she actually says she is happy Countless had a fight with B so they could now be allies. She is kissing major ass to get the invitation. Notice how sweet she is this season? Never before. Even tho she will be out of the country, she wants to be able to say she had an invite. Bryn is more mature than R.

    1. Spot on again 3D’s!!!
      Ramona is so transparent, she so wanted that invite.
      I’m a B fan, really a fan of the show and Ramona has really started a shit show with B for no other reason than to be cruel.

  5. Crazy woman was off the charts inappropriate for asking B about if anyone has asked her daughter anything. Then she responded well it could have been an older kid like a 2nd or 3rd grader. This bitch is wacked. The other women had enough class not to bring her Daughter into her nasty divorce asking stupid questions like that. Omg.. the woman is whacked. She looked absolutely horrible in that red dress she thought she looked so good in. Vomit !

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