What’s The Reason For Bethenny’s Feud With Ramona Singer?

Remember when Ramona Singer said that one of her friend’s naked photos surfaced, and her daughter, Avery Singer, heard about them at school from one of her classmates as her whole beef with Bethenny Frankel about her past nude scene in a movie began? Well, now we know who that friend is.

That friend with the nude pics was none other than RHONY alum Alex McCord, Ramona confirmed during Wednesday night’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. You might remember Ramona walking off the stage during the season one reunion when the photos were discussed.

“My daughter was going to a very elite private school, and my daughter came to me and I was horrified. She goes, ‘Mom, people are showing me naked pictures of this woman that you’re with on this new show (it was our first season), and they’re all asking me about it,” Ramona recalled. “I’m not so uptight anymore. I mean, then, 10 years ago, my God, I was, like, frigid.”

Alex McCord, who was a guest on the show with Ramona asked her if she thought dinner in the Hamptons with the girls was the appropriate time to ask Bethenny Frankel about her past. “No, I didn’t go after her. It was in the press all over. And actually, a friend of mine sent it. So I wanted to know if she had repercussions at her school or with her daughter,” Ramona explained. “It was a concerned talk. Was my delivery wrong? Yes.”

It was evident that Alex wasn’t buying Ramona’s explanation. “Well, you know what? Then, you don’t know me that well,” Ramona fired back. “You haven’t seen me in eight years, so you know what? Forget it.”

Whose side are you on?

Photo Credit: Bravo