What’s Going On With RHONJ Season 7?


We were the FIRST to tell you that Teresa Giudice would be returning to next season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey and now a well-known gossip blog is also confirming out report.

“None of the cast members of RHONJ have signed contracts for next season,” a source tells RadarOnline. “But there isn’t anything to be concerned about because filming has been pushed from the summer and won’t be beginning until late September, early October.”

“Without Teresa there just isn’t a lot going on with the women,” the source admitted. “With her on board, cameras would film Joe’s final days with the family as he prepares to begin his 41 month prison sentence.”

What do you think of this decision about the future of RHONJ? Will you still watch?

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  • Fedupwithcrap

    Without Teresa there is no RHONJ! Fact not supposition!! Melissa live with it you’re boring!!!

    • Scarlett

      Might be true but I wont watch if he or she are on the show. Especially him as she was just too stupid to protect herself but he’s a piece of work.

    • No twins, no Amber……new blood.mjust my prediction

      • Mel

        PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NO TWINS and NO AMBER….. These three bring absolutely to the show. I really do NOT want to see TEresa either…. She should not be able to profit on her crimes. How much information do you think she is going to reveal she has a frickin book deal.
        I bet the first thing she does is head to the salon to have her extensions put back in, and hit the spray tan shop on the way home. Cause we all know that will be her priority.

  • Crime does pay, the wicked felon receives reward of HER own TV show, I don’t care to see their last days together I just want him (and her) to go away..perhaps Italy! Oh my gosh what will we do without Teresa???

  • No, I will not be watching, fact.

    • vivi03

      We know u wont be watching but u will read every article that shes in and comment on it.

      • Monica

        Vivi what if she does? You gonna troll like the typical boring tre hugger and harass her? Makes sense that you’re a fan of this particular franchise. They’re dumb, bored, boring and petty too.

    • Fedupwithcrap

      Why ffs keep commenting! I’m glad you do because you are keeping her relevant. So keep on keeping on!!!

      • Mel

        Does anyone else think like me that Jersey even with The ape lady is slowly circling the bowl…. I have no interest in Me/joe twins, Amber (who?) Dina (boring!!!!!) in any of them…. I think it’s done . Teresa is Only going to tell of her prison time if she can profit from it! Can you say book deal!!!! Remember season 4 when the shit really hit the fan she would not even talk to Jaq her so called best friend. No way will we see or hear ANY info about her time “AWAY “. Bye bye jersey. Let’s see RHO San Francisco….. Lots and lots of guys who are REAL Housewives!!! Andy there is a show for you!!!!

        • I totally agree with you, Mel, well said. HONJ could easily be replaced by San Fran would be perfect..and I hope Bravo is reading these comments and reply’s maybe but I doubt, things would change. Bravo is salavating for ratings.

  • One Rotten Egg

    My guess is that for all the people that say they are not going to watch anymore, at least 80%will be back at least in bits…

    I HATE that the Giudices seemed to get away with what most people would have been sentenced to worse and longer for their crimes, still blame others, live beyond their means, seem entitled and get rewarded for selling their stories on TV and interviews, book deals, etc…but I’m an idiot too for continuing to watch–messed up world we live in.

  • Tippy

    Nope, think I’m done. I have no desire to watch more of Teresa and Joe’s idiocy.

  • Sandra

    No. I can’t stomach watching Tre to help reward and support criminals with absolutely no remorse. I won’t be a part of it. I am sick of seeing the name Giudice in the news too. When will it end. They both disgust me. I wish they would go away….far, far away…like Antarctica or somewhere.

  • Bella

    IMO, I think the HW franchise is on its last leg. Judging from how hated Teresa is, I don’t think it’s a good move for her to do another season. I understand this is probably the last time she can make the money she has been making but Bravo thrives on showcasing bad behavior. I doubt they will show Teresa/Joe in a good light because that doesn’t interest the viewers. I think Bravo is pissed that Teresa was sent to prison and getting footage of her family, for the producers to do with what they want, will only blow up in her face. They want to continue to film her downfall. So, it might look like Bravo is rewarding her bad behavior but it will come at a price. Possibly her freedom for violating her parole. Will I watch? I might, until I start to feel uncomfortable.

  • Carioca

    Lets not forget, Martha Steward make a lot more money after prison… That is the society that we live in 😉

  • Viktor

    Love Tre! Can’t wait to see her back!

    • Did she steal any money from you, Viktor? If she had would you still love, love, love her?

      • Sandra

        How true! I have the opposite emotion of love, love, love. Tre is sorry she got caught. She has no remorse for all of her crimes. She doesn’t care how she makes her money; legally or illegally, and she and her hubby refused to pay income taxes for years. She doesn’t care who she steps on or hurts on her way up, and the millions of dollars involved was no small amount. Yet, the saying is, “Ignorance is bliss” and so many are just that, though in Tre’s case, she played dumb when it came to breaking the law and that is no excuse.

      • Melodie

        Beth that’s the issue THOSE TWO crooks did steal from all of us. THey committed tax and bankruptcy fraud which in turn creates higher taxes for those of us who pay our taxes every year. The department stores they ripped off in turn charge higher prices to us because thousands and thousands of dollars in bills were not paid by the creeps. The businesses that were not paid back and ended up closing those mom and pop stores were the heart of our community. SO yes we personally get ripped off too. These criminals are getting exactly what they deserve and soon Im sure the Tre crazies are going to buy her book and buy her horrible tasting Bellini’s so in the end she gets rewarded. People STOP awarding CRIMINALS. THESE TWO ARE CROOKS!!!! By the way one more thing… will all you out there stop saying jail when you describe where she is…. SHE IS IN FEDERAL PRISON…. Jail is where they hold you overnight when you get stopped for a DUI…. She is in prison. I am praying that as soon as Joe’s ass is out of prison that we all can say arrivederci’ to these horrible people.

      • Fedupwithcrap

        Keep it up!!!!!

    • Fedupwithcrap

      Me too! Let’s just hope all of these people here that keep saying they won’t watch keep commenting. It’s keeping her relevant!!! 😉

  • Melodie

    I didn’t watch last season at all and I won’t be watching this season either. I won’t give the simeon and the troll even a second of my time. They make me sick to my stomach. These people are doing time they are convicted felons they stole money, they stole goods, they lied to the government etc etc. NOT ONCE did they come out and say…”We were wrong, we are responsible for this entire situation. And to the people and businesses that were affected by our behavior we are sorry and we will pay back whatever your losses are. Lastly to the family our daughters and extended family we are sorry we deserved the punishment we received and from now on we will be make sure that everything is good. As Tre was headed to prison she tried to blame the situation on her attorney, the one and only person who was trying to get them a lesser sentence.
    Disgusting people… I can’t even call them human beings because no one rips off everyone in their sites and rubs their hands together heh, heh, heh….. let’s do it again.

    • Fedupwithcrap

      Keep commenting!!!!!!!!

      • Thanks for your permission, Fedupwithcrap

  • Dear

    I can’t stand the way Tre treats people & if Bravo wanted to replace her they would but it’s clear they don’t have much interest in finding a new star for RHONJ. So mean Tre will be back with more of her love, love, love & I’ll be watching cause I’m addicted to the franchise.

    • I feel sad for you Dear but I fear you have an addictive nature

  • Kat

    I’ve not missed the RHONJ at all.

  • A

    This goes to show you how UNinteresting the rest of the cast is.
    I hate that Bravo TV wants to profit off of Teress’s crimes as well. Double edge sword.

  • SidewinderVX

    I don’t really she why her criminal past should stop her being on TV. If anything it makes for interesting tv.

    That said, she has become so boring the last few years. She completely shut down anything real which makes boring tv. She was great TV with the mixture of the original NJ housesWives but the new ones didn’t work and Teresa can’t carry a show on her own in the same way Bethenny or Lisa V could.

    • Fedupwithcrap

      She had to calm down because all of this was going on for so long but I think we will see a new Teresa when she comes out! Hopefully the twins will be gone but I would like to see Amber just not her other half. The twins were so boring. The same with Kathy and snaggletooth, I hope they don’t come back!

      • sidewinderVX

        Right for sure I understand why she had to calm down, but suspect that would continue after she gets out which wouldn’t be very interesting tv.

        She’s also in so much denial that it’s very difficult to watch her.

  • Cheryl

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to see Danielle Staub come back now?! They were so nasty to her and now the shoe is on the other foot…

    • Monica

      Exactly Cheryl. A prostitution whore and a restitution bore.