What’s Going On With Phaedra & Apollo’s Marriage?

Phaedra Parks & Apollo Nida

What’s going on with Phaedra and Apollo’s marriage? A question that has had viewers curious ever since Bravo teased the trailer for the next episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The clip showed Apollo telling Cynthia, Peter, and Phaedra that he felt like since he has been married he feels like he has lost himself. This led viewers to question if he and Phaedra were having martial problems?

The answer is no, Phaedra and Apollo are just going through the ups and downs of marriage. They are still married, and all is well. If you watch the clip below, you will see that the conversation was fueled by alcohol and raw emotions. Apollo was just expressing his feelings which are completely normal, in my opinion. There is also another clip where Apollo tells Peter that he is dealing with a god d*mn beast, and this his wife is on one million everyday, still normal martial frustration in my opinion!

Peter joked to Cynthia that Phaedra and Apollo were getting divorced, because a blog reported it, it’s obviously not true. Watch below, and see what you think, you might be shocked where the conversation takes place, LOL!

Apollo telling Peter that he’s dealing with a beast:

Rumors cleared up:

UPDATE: Phaedra is pregnant with her second child with Apollo! Click here for more information.

Tell Us- Do YOU think Phaedra and Apollo are having problems?

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo



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  • Lisa

    No, they just need to have more fun.

  • Mandee

    Since when is it ok for a married man to say “I go to strip clubs all the time…that’s my outlet”! What the eff! I thought they were trying to act like some wholesome couple. Was that recommended by their pastor? It’s one thing to go there together, quite another for him to go solo or with his boys.

  • Wendy

    I absolutely love them as a couple. I agree that he was just commenting on his feelings – no real issues to be concerned with. I think they have a healthy open relationship and communicate well. We all have been in situations where we may have been blindsided by what the other person felt but in their case I don’t think it’s an issue with the marriage – just a realization that he is married – a husband and a father. Things are certainly different then when he was single. Also, the look on Apollo’s face was classic when he saw those strippers haha.

  • Has to do with Kenya why does she say that Walter talked about her ring size and marriage when it’s all her comments

  • I love phaedra and apollo phaedra is kinda a rolemodel to me lol luv u phaedra and the rhoa <3…

  • Jesus can. Work it out if its meant to be

  • Debra

    Despite the season of Phaedra & Apollo, the news of these people having some connection to Criminal Car theft…….Insurance Fraud My goodness This is truly horrible on Bravo’s producers why did she Phaedra hire the lawyers whom clearly represent people whom are guilty then cried, I am a victim of association, clearly You! have select persons whom Bravo accepts . Please This is not acceptable i am going to call sponsors and ask why do you allow this behavior…….they should not be rewarded They are criminals and they did know each other………….I hope they get her& him off the show period.