What To Expect From RHOA Season 8

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 8

Season 8 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta premiers on November 8th and a source is revealing what we can expect from each of the women this year!

Cynthia Bailey will be dealing with major marital problems with her husband Peter Thomas. Including a video that all of her cast mates have seen and gossiped about. While Cynthia’s sister Malorie has always acted like her confidante she seems to have been sharing her secrets… Peter’s new business is taking him farther away from  home, which doesn’t make the situation any easier. Cynthia will also come to a big realization about her intimate relations with Thomas.

Kandi Burruss and husband Todd Tucker are expecting their first child together and while they struggled to find their balance last year, the premiere starts off scary for the couple, who gets some troubling news about Kandi’s pregnancy. Burruss has never made amends with her former BFF Phaedra Parks and according to insiders, Todd stirs up the drama between the two looking for a pay-day.

Porsha Williams has finalized her divorce from Kordell and is dating again, the only problem is he is much younger than her.

Phaedra Parks is all about change this year and even though she planned to divorce her husband Apollo Nida, who is currently serving 8-years in prison, last season, she never filed.

Kenya Moore has moved on from her feud with Porsha Williams but it looks like she will have a few words for her new neighbor Shereè Whitfield.

Are you excited for season 8 of RHOA?

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  • Milivanili

    sounds boring…

  • One Rotten Egg

    More typical stereotype “how black women act”. C’mon, ATL HW–don’t portray yourselves as greedy classless, wanna brawl ghetto broads who live in upper class zip codes but don’t belong fools, the way bigots believe all African women behave like this.

    Don’t these women know they set such a bad example portraying African Women?

    • Sally

      That’s why I can’t watch!

    • Bon Vivant

      Historically, Atlanta has been the bastion of African American wealth, culture, and intelligencia for over 100 years; I don’t know where they got this batch of women from because the majority don’t represent anything encompassing the cultural legacy of that city and my culture as an African American woman . Cynthia used to be a jewel in the crown of pioneering black women involved in American high fashion, but moving to Atlanta and associating herself with the shenanigans of this show…sadly that’s all tarnished to within an inch of its’ life now.

      I will give the show a passing chance this season only to see what Kim Fields can contribute. Though she began as a child star, she transitioned beautifully into sitcoms as an adult & has a solid career behind her in theatre and television movies (feel-good family oriented stuff) and directs sitcoms herself. Her mother Chip Fields was also a pioneering black actress in the 70’s, and remains much beloved by people “of a certain age” in my community. For all of the bragging Nene Leakes has done about being a rich b***h and successful actress (with only 2 seasons worth of guest-starring roles and one play under her belt), her “ack-u-lades” cannot even remotely touch the legacy of the Fields women. I believe I saw a portion of a preview clip where that dimwit Porsha Williams was mouthing off about not knowing or caring who Kim Fields is because of her age: silly rock-headed girl doesn’t even make the connection that because of people like Kim Fields paving the way, it opened the doors for more black women to be seen and accepted on mainstream American television. Kim is publicly known for being a woman of faith and pretty spiritual; I hope she’ll maintain her composure on this ship of fools and can balance the foolery. We already have too many dancing elephants in this circus and frankly, we need SOMEBODY viewers can root for.

      • apple

        Good post, Bon….I wish Bravo would recognise the “table flipping, hair pulling, overtalking, and name calling” is hurting them more than it helps the ratings.

      • Milivanili

        So basically she is a religious nut?

      • What cracks me up every time I hear a comment from a “young” woman about someone “older,” is get old or die young. Don’t they even understand that age is not an illness. I am pretty damn sure that no one can stop the sun from rising or stop night from falling. As more and more of this phenomena continues to happen, we get older. God, get a clue.

  • Sally

    Call me cynical but I do not believe that video of Peter – looked set up to me to keep their place this season, there was so much talk about her not being asked back then this!
    I do believe he has cheated just that looked too set up for me!

    • Anonymous

      I agree.

  • Coochie-Coochie

    Boring..things would be spiced a bit if they leak an old sex video with Porsha, Kordell, and his boyfriend

  • The Countess of Hootersville

    I had never seen so many poorly-dressed broads….with the exception of Cynthia and Kenya….the one with the bleached hair looks as though she bough her dress at the Salvation Army

    • Coochie-Coochie

      Phaedra dress look as if it was made using old kitchen curtains

  • EML

    I bet Sheree smacks Kenya down a few pegs. They will either be BFF or bitter enemies.