What Started Kandi Burruss & NeNe Leakes’ Feud?

Kandi Burruss

Throughout Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta it has been obvious to viewers that Kandi Burruss and NeNe Leakes have had a problem with each other. What viewers can’t seem to figure out is why? In this preview for the RHOA Reunion, we see Kandi and NeNe start to hash out their differences.

When a viewer asks Kandi if she agrees she throws shade at NeNe, Kandi answers, “Yes, sometimes there’s shade thrown, but I feel like she’s always thrown shade at me! So I don’t feel like it’s anything more than what she’s done to me.”

NeNe is quick to reply, saying, “I really don’t think I talk negative about you, Kandi. I think that I speak my opinion and you may take it as negativity, but it’s simply my opinion.”

Next, Andy goes into the blind tweets NeNe was sending out about her RHOA cast mates. When NeNe tweeted, “Guess the RHOA that’s always asking about food & don’t need nothing 2 eat? LOL.” NeNe tells Andy, “We all know that’s Kandi!”

NeNe tells Kandi, “If you can dish it out you need to be able to take it! And as long as I’m not trying to cut you to the white meat and hit you below the belt, then we cool.”

Kandi says, “I think you have hit me below the belt before. One time when you were on the radio you said some things about my relationship with AJ and whatever, and I felt like ‘whoa, ok, that was not cool for you to say.’ That’s when I felt like ‘ok, I don’t mess with her like that,’ and that’s when you got a different me!”

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo