What REALLY Happened With Alexis Bellino’s RHOC Contract!

Now that we know Alexis Bellino is officialy returning to The Real Housewives of Orange County full-time, what really happened? At first she released a statement sayings she was leaving the show to focus on her family, then reports surfaced she was filming for Season 8, and now she’s back! Star Magazine is reporting that Alexis was demanding a bigger salary, and Bravo called her bluff!

Alexis was looking for a $100,000 pay hike to take her wages to $300,000 a-year. But, at the end of Season 7, Bravo called her bluff and didn’t renew her contract, according to Star. This left Alexis practically begging Bravo for her job back! The network accepted Alexis back at her current pay rate, and this has left some of her cast mates angry, Star reports! “The rest of the cast thinks she’s an egomaniac and are furious,” an insider reveals.

Tell Us- Do you think Bravo should have brought Alexis back?

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6 Replies to “What REALLY Happened With Alexis Bellino’s RHOC Contract!”

  1. Ugh, just when I was excited she wasn’t coming back. She doesn’t even contribute anything to the show, except a couple of laughs at the completely stupid things she says.

  2. Don’t like her, why is she really coming back? if she wanted to take care of her family, and focus on them. Then what happen! maybe she really needs the money, to make her look fake.

  3. I will only watch now with her.she is the kind hearted one and some of the others should leave.Laurie is back for some of the season and she is kind like alexis.gretchen and tamra lie.gretchen has never been my fav.she treated Alexis like crap last season.Karma is a Bleep.the show is always about me me me with gretchen.she is just trying to get to the top.Alexis just trys so hard to fit in.being a christian we should all be treated =Laurie use to date slade.i heard Laurie was testing the waters alittle for season 8 and if it works she would really consider season 9.

  4. I dnt care for Her. Shes Fake & It shows! Her Husband…..Yaaaa, Thinks Hes King Of O.C. But then again, We dnt see to much of Him anymore. At least he backs out when He Knows the World doesnt like Him. Alexis, maybe you shd do the same 🙂

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