What Led Up To Tamra Judge’s Son Ryan Vieth’s Arrest


More details are coming to light about Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge’s son Ryan Vieth’s arrest on June 28th. Vieth’s wife, Sarah Rodriguez, called 911 from their home and claimed Ryan had hit her and possibly broken her finger, but Ryan was never charged. Now and insider is revealing what really happened that night.

“Ryan was sleeping in bed, but his friends were over and they were drinking,” an insider claims. “Sarah woke him up by pouring water over his head, asking, ‘Do you want to watch me f**k your friend’s girlfriend?’”

Vieth “made everyone leave,” the insider says. “Sarah fell walking up the stairs, and Ryan went to grab his cell that he thought was his but was actually hers.”

Vieth saw “she was texting three different guys nasty things.”

“There was a struggle with the phone and she ran out the front door to a neighbor and said he was beating her,” the insider tells RadarOnline, noting that the cops showed up on the domestic dispute call and arrested Vieth, but declined to press charges.

The source also alleges that this “isn’t the first time” Vieth’s suspicions have been raised about his relationship. On one occasion, alleges the insider, “Sarah went on a job interview at 5 p.m. while he watched all the kids, and she did not get home until 5 the next morning.”


Rodriguez did not respond for comment.

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46 Replies to “What Led Up To Tamra Judge’s Son Ryan Vieth’s Arrest”

  1. Never liked this woman Sarah, her whole dinner with Tamra last year seemed so forced and her relationship with Ryan SO FAKE.

    Also, people meeting over Twitter and Instagram… yep, sure leads mostly to long-term relationship

    1. Have you never watched Catfish?…. This happens all the time… It’s happening as I type… It’s called seeing a picture, normally not the person you’re talking to, getting all excited that person would actually talk to you…. Then you show up and Sarah or Ryan is there, they say the picture was old or bad lighting (even though it’s better than real life), they are dumb enough to hop in the sac, oops she’s preggo and now you introduce her to mommy…. I just don’t get how you think that’s all fake? Lololololol

  2. I hate to say it but Ryan is getting a bit of karma… He was king of womanizing, having no problem having some kind of physical sexual contact with married, engaged, dating or otherwise tired to another… Him causing problems was his trademark. Even with help from his mom at times. I don’t think it’s right that he did it and not right she’s doing it… I hate when people call the cops lying about what’s going on just to keep the heat off themselves. Clearly they need to grow up and decide if they stay together out split but they have to decide quick… Don’t drag that shit on, it’s worse for the kids… Those are the ones you should really be worrying about

  3. Again, really would hope I’m wrong w this as I did questioning by the content in ramona’s book, but doesn’t it seem like she’s getting painted in this terrible light and he is somehow the more innocent party? Sounds like Tamra’s camp spinning out some BS story to make her precious son seem like he was provoked by her and it almost implies he did nothing but confront her for skanky behaviour and she lashed out by applying a self injury as domestic violence. I would think both parties must have played a significant role in the argument that lead to police responding to a domestic violence dispute but this media excerpt paints him out in a light that seems too good to be true.

    1. Poor children? All children are poor… every parent makes mistakes. Tons of it. Some are fatal, some are physical, emotional… just stop crying poor children. We get it. It’s all about the children… woohoo… poor every child. Ofcourse… geeze.

      1. Holy shit Millivanili read a few of your posts tonight .. Having a bad week love.. Cheer up its ok its just a blog thread. 🙂

          1. I was actually agreeing with Tam that I can’t believe how riled up people get towards each other on this site when it’s just a gossip site, not CNN:) But if the rampages are meant to be funny and rile people up it definitely works:)

      2. Right straight jacket is off now and it’s pill time! My kids aren’t poor!! They have had a fantastic life with fantastic jobs. You or yours might be poor but mine aren’t! Kids who have alcoholics for parents deserve pity as do kids of people who have mixed up lives!!

    2. I agree Zed. And btw, Milivanili–children that grow up in abusive situations almost ALWAYS hurt other innocent people, as adults. (Ryan and Sara are prime examples). Not that you would care. Of course, until it happens to YOU.

    3. I’m with you Zed. Those innocent children are so impacted by the madness, violence and instability. It’s sometimes a insurmountable start to life, that turn kids to a life of self destructive behaviors. It makes me feel very sad.

  4. Damn, this story just gets trashier and trashier. I’m sure Sarah is really appreciating how Tamra exposed her kinks to the world and basically blaming her. Its like an episode of Jerry Springer. I wonder if there will be any paternity tests done on the baby? Oh, I’m sure that’ll be next week. Watch what crappens.

    1. Come on, really?… Trash… You couldn’t come up with something better? That’s so an over done go to statement.

      1. I agree no woman should call another Trash, there are other words. Use you brains folks if that fails use a thesaurus!!!

  5. This is such a far fetched story as far as I’m concerned. Tamara had a PR team that can spin things and spread whatever version they want: this sarah doesn’t have that opportunity;
    I don’t know what the truth is but this is an absurd version of events

    1. Come on…. It’s 2015, your comment is as bad as saying… She was dressed like a slut, so she deserved to get raped. It’s a bullshit statement that didn’t need to be made. She might not be perfect, but none of us are, it’s no reason to judge her on that level

      1. I agree with Jessie, that certain behaviors make other behaviors much more likely. If a girl is going to get knocked up by that many guys she obviously hasn’t been too discerning about the results. It’s not a value judgement as much as it is a comment on cause and effect. If you lean too far out a window, gravity is going to get you. It’s not punishment, it’s just inevitable. If you make one stupid mistake after another without redirecting your behavior and choices, you’re more likely to suffer the consequences. Kids are a responsibility, and shouldn’t be raised by the most irresponsible. I don’t know what kind of losers this girl mated with in the past, but I see her after three unsuccessful relationships jumping into another one and immediately having a baby with someone who has been a loser his whole life.

      2. Sorry but it absolutely does say something about this woman that she has 4 kids by 4 men. That’s an accurate observation and question. It’s nothing like saying someone deserves to be raped because they were dressed like slut. Someone who is raped is a victim. Someone who irresponsibly brings one child after another into the world with Daddy du jour is no victim, her kids are the victims.

        1. No it really doesn’t make it accurate at all…. Especially when you don’t know the circumstances to what happened. I’ve know some really amazing women that have children from more than one or two men. It’s passing judgement just the same as saying, she was dressed like a slut, she must have been asking for it or she would have dressed different. Just because something seems so clear cut for you, doesn’t mean it’s that way. You’re assuming the children are suffering, do you know they are, you can’t call them a victim if you don’t have a clue as to how they feel… Again, it’s passing judgement. Sarah’s claim was that Ryan abused her but you’re saying she’s not a victim, i don’t know what all happened but if he hit her, then she’s a victim. Your statement makes it sound like she’s not because she had kids with so many men… Once again i refer to my statement about calling someone a slut and saying they deserve something because they dress a certain way… It’s the same thing. I just don’t think anything like this is as clear cut as so many are saying it is, or that it’s her fault because she has so many kids from different dad’s. It’s bunk

          1. Don’t twist my words. I did not mention Ryan hitting her at all or say that didn’t make her a victim. That is nothing that I said at all. But no, a woman being raped is nothing like a woman having four kids by four fathers. Saying “you’re judging” is nonsensical when applied to something that DOES say something about a person. Merely “judging” in itself is NOT a negative thing. If we never “judged” then I guess we’d get into the car with anyone, let anyone in our homes, hang out with anyone. Stop trying to be right because your comparison of a rape victim and some nut who goes ahead and has a fourth child with a fourth man, who she just met? Yeah, that’s a good indication that there IS something wrong with her. Common sense applies, for those who have any.

  6. My question is what the hell did this Sarah person see in Ryan in the first place. He has zero money, zero drive, zero anything. What did she see in him? The ONLY intelligent answer was that she’d be on tv and her business would thrive. Other than that, there is NO reason at all she would be interested in him. And what’s with her and these other kids? Where is the father? Something’s fishy with ALL of them.

    1. Word around town is that Sarah never owned a gun shop, she was just an employee and it was made up for the show. It makes sense because a business owner wouldn’t just move away to be with her unemployed baby daddy only to have his mommy support them down in SoCal.

  7. Ryan looks like some freak in a nightmare movie, he should be holding an AK47 to complete the picture. The whole story is weird, I agree with whoever said that. Are the 4 girls all from different Dad’s? I could find out if I wanted to investigate but someone said it who already seems to know. First he is a useless teenager, then a useless employee, now a useless Father, according to the press I have seen on the show. Great job there, Tamra, making your kid look good.

  8. amish looking dude with cra – cra girlfriend——the dumbing down of America on display…
    I think it’s great karma for trampra who has been so cruel and vile for so many seasons….

    1. Most likely, Tamra doesn’t want Sarah to know that she’s the one airing her dirty laundry. Odds are, Tamra probably doesn’t want to risk having Sarah move back and file for child support. Can you imagine? Oldest son is a loser, oldest daughter despises you, and now first grandchild potentially moving back upstate, unavailable for future storylines? Tamra must be frantic. LOL

  9. What do you want to bet she hooked up with Ryan to be on Reality TV? It is tragic an innocent baby was brought into this filth.

  10. I like Tamra but this son of hers is a mess and it seems the daughter in law (probably not married, naturally) is even worse. Her son needed an instant wife and five kids like he needed a hole in the head. In fact, I think there must be a hole in his head that let his brain fall out. Well, just glad he’s not mine, I guess!

  11. Saying a rape victim is the same as a woman with four kids by four fathers is ridiculous. The last one, she barely knew. The woman is a flake.

    1. So you’re saying it’s OK that Ryan possibly attacked her because she has four kids by four different men…. And even if it’s more extreme, and its been said many times…. That if she dresses like a slut, gets attacked, she deserved it because she dresses like she wanted it… So did Sarah want it? Did she deserve it? It’s the same just on different levels. I don’t get how you don’t see it… No one deserves being treated badly, especially by people who don’t have even the slightest of clues about her life or choices in her life.

      1. Uh, no. I did not say anything at all about Ryan possibly attacking her. Don’t keep twisting things so you can try to be right. It’s annoying.

        1. That’s what the post is about, Ryan getting arrested for attacking her, and everyone is talking about how she’s got four kids with four different men and she pretty much is stupid for being with Ryan… There is NO twisting of anything…. It’s annoying when someone is trying to say things about someone they don’t know… They don’t know what her situation or reasoning was for not being with the Fathers… It has nothing to do with being right, it has everything to do with a situation that everyone is insinuating she she have known better and should have kept her legs closed, etc…. Just because your name is Judge Judy doesn’t mean you should be judging anyone, that’s annoying.

          1. No, my comment was not about the domestic violence. There are a number of aspects to any of it and we are free to comment on any of it so do not tell me what to post about. Also, saying “don’t judge” on a reality star gossip site is silly. Stop it. A woman who has four kids by four fathers, at least one after barely being introduced to him, has problems. It has nothing to do with being raped. It’s a silly comparison.

            1. First, I didn’t say your comment was about domestic violence… I said the post was… Get that clear first. I didn’t say you can’t comment, I just find it funny that people are attacking someone for having kids with different men, not the fact of the actual matter, which is what Ryan is being accused of. You’re trying to make her look or sound like trash just because and I find that funny because you don’t have a clue as to any part of her life…. You tell me not to tell you what to do but then you turn around and tell me to stop it… Wow…I don’t think you have a clue demdemeaning it is to have what’s behind closed doors brought into the original post about her being attacked. I in no way need to be rigjt and everything you’re saying I am doing wrong, you’re being a hypocrite by doing the same thing. As for someone wanting OK comment about someone’s intelligence in a negative way, site that tour of person you’re being and that you feel the need for the last word, so have at it Judge Judy/Anonymous…Just try to remember that her sex life has nothing to do with the fact that Ryan might have hit her. That’s why all the comments pointing that out have nothing to do with any of this… It’s kind of sad that you aren’t able to put two and two together. Enjoy the rest of your bashing… Night

          2. “Don’t judge” is a silly comment when this is a reality star site. And a woman having four kids by four fathers, the last after only knowing him for like five minutes, is in no way comparable to a rape victim. I see you want to be right but your comments just aren’t very bright, sorry.

  12. I could not care less about those two losers. The only ones I care about are the children of those idiots. Tamra’s son is just so creepy. Imagine having that for a stepfather. And that mother. Of course she’s with him to be on tv. What else would she see in him? There is something very wrong with her.

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