What Happened To Kyle Richards & Lisa Vanderpump’s Friendship?

Kyle Richards

In this preview for the next episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards sits down with Lisa Vanderpump and the ladies try and mend their friendship, along with their group of friends that have become divided. Kyle states that there is a common denominator in all the issues that have occurred, and that’s Brandi, and Kyle tells Lisa that she doesn’t want what Brandi has said or done to get in between their friendship. Lisa defends Brandi, and goes on to ask Kyle why she didn’t come to her defense at the Season 2 Reunion when Adrienne Maloof accused Lisa of selling stories to RadarOnline. Kyle tries to explain to Lisa that it’s hard to be in the middle of friends when they are fighting.

Kyle admits maybe she has a character flaw and should have defended Lisa, but points out that Lisa tends holds a grudge. Lisa says she has to remind Kyle why their friendship isn’t the same as it used to be. The ladies continue to try to work through the kinks in their friendship, and Kyle ends the conversation by saying, “Maybe I’m not perfect, but you aren’t either.”

Now we have some insight to what came in between Lisa and Kyle’s friendship. Lisa was angry that Kyle didn’t defend her at the Season 2 Reunion when Adrienne accused her of selling stories, and Lisa also feels betrayed that Kyle has stood up for Adrienne in Season 3 when Brandi attacked Adrienne.

Watch the preview below!

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo



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  • Kyle, is so jealous of Lisa’s popularity on the show she won’t do anything to help her in anyway . A true friend would speak up in defense weather or not it’s needed. Thats what friends do! She does not openly go after Lisa, cause she doen’t stand a chance. Lisa, has to much class, smart’s and wit. Kyle, is only close to those who are weak, like Taylor and Kim. She is so Passive Aggressive, I wish she were off the show along with Taylor!

  • Deborah Brenner

    “Maybe I’m not perfect” is a statement one makes when they aren’t willing to take responsibility for what they do wrong. Kyle needs to take a hard look at herself and see what we all see.

  • winnie

    Does everyone have selective memory. Adrienne did apologize to lisa several times as soon as she said that about selling stories! As far as Lisa goes she was one of my favorites but since she has alined herself with that dirtbag brandie, not any more I thought she was much more classy and certainly more intelligent than that.

  • leah deemer

    Lisa likes the underdog. Cedric, Taylor last season and now Brandi. Brandi can say absolutely anything she wants and says whoops, maybe i shouldnt have said that.What part of cameras and crew isn’t she seeing as she runs her mouth. And Lisa defends her. What i find amusing is Lisa comes off as elegant and poised yet her closest friend sounds like a trashy buffoon. Talk about a Pygmalion complex between them. Kyle does seem to stand behind the lines this season. I don’t blame Adrienne for backing off but I miss her and am sorry she and Paul break up. I am also sorry Camille is not on screen as often. I really like her. This whole group is super fake this season, so it fits in with the whole plastic Beverly Hills. Mauricio and Paul speak their minds and everyone is agast. Really? I admire them for backing their families.

  • Kyle is aggressive, nasty, self centered, rude, bully!
    Kyle the Vile! one mega nasty piece of work: interresting how she flies like a banshee the minute her husband is mentioned: really kyle? he is not all that, he can’t even speak properly the poor dumbo, she controls him totally, and everyone else.
    What is with her ability (or disbaility) in spreading her legs apart? too much experience? two illegitimate daughters are the proof??? her method: get pregant than marry, done it twice.

  • Liz Vasquez

    I don’t know why more people don’t see that ever since Brandi joined the group, she has managed to stir the pot with her big, rude, crass mouth. I think it’s so funny, that at the opening of the show she says “Money doesn’t give you class, it just gives you money!” lol πŸ™‚ …Isn’t that the truth in her case?! lol πŸ™‚ …She may have money, but she certainly lacks class!!! lol πŸ™‚ …She’s supposed to be the poor, hurt, victim ex-wife of cheating ex-husband Eddie Cibrian and mother to his kids, and yet she hardly plays the part, with her ‘barely there’ clothing and trashy mouth–‘like a sailor’! That is hardly a ‘poised lady’ with any class!

    I find it interesting how she is friends with Lisa, apparently she admires her so and wants her life, which is certainly understandable. I think what someone else said in this blog about Lisa attracting flawed souls, there must be some truth to it, if you notice her history from the show, with Cedric, Taylor and now Brandi.

    I don’t know much about Adrienne, because we don’t see enough of her and also because I’m still dying to know what this ‘secret’ is that Brandi and her big mouth revealed to the group when she was sticking her foot in it by ‘talking without thinking,’ like she usually does. I’m sure that it wasn’t the cause for Adrienne & Paul’s marriage breaking up, but I’m sure it didn’t help it either!

    Brandi just strikes me as a ‘pot-stirrer’ and ‘instigator of trouble’ without any class or poise, and then when someone calls her on her crap (like Faye, for instance), notice how she suddenly cowers and acts like the victim, with her good friend Lisa defending her (and it seems as though Yolanda is now under her spell too). It’s like she makes the messes and then says “I’m sorry, please don’t hate me,” so that you’ll feel sorry for her. It almost seems as though she knows what she’s doing and it’s apart of her game of manipulation. Also she should cover-up more and put some damn clothes on, and start acting like the mother that she’s supposed to be, instead of the truck stop hooker-whore that she seems to portray effortlessly!

    Faye is not exactly the best representative of wholesome goodness either, but since we all know that she’s not so perfect, I find it interesting that she’s the only one ballsy enough to stand up to Brandi and try to put her in her place–I think it’s funny cause Faye seems to shut Brandi up real quick! …It’s obvious that Brandi is afraid of Faye! lol πŸ™‚ …I see Faye as the bulldog doing the ‘dirty work’ dealing with the trash, which in this case would be Brandi! lol πŸ™‚

    I don’t know why some people don’t like Kyle, but I see goodness and beauty in her and I envy her ‘perfect’ marriage with Mauricio–I want a partner like Mauricio for me! πŸ™‚ Also, her relationship with her sister Kim is so endearing to me.

    I admit that in the first season, I didn’t like Camille much and thought that it made sense that her ex Kelsey Graham left her for another woman, but now I’ve seen another side to her and I actually like her now.

    Taylor is still a mystery to me, and those big fish lips are distracting! lol πŸ™‚