What Happened To Kim Zolciak & Kandi Burruss’ Friendship?

Viewers of The Real Housewives of Atlanta are curious as to what happened with Kim Zolciak and Kandi Burruss’ friendship. Wetpaint Entertainment is exclusively reporting what was the final straw in their friendship. You might remember in the first episode of Season 5, Kandi said on camera that she and her beau, Todd, already had a baby name picked out for their future family, Kash.

According to Wetpaint’s insider, all of Kandi’s friends, including Kim, knew that was the name she and Todd planned to use. Two months later, Kim gives birth to baby number two with her husband Kroy, Kash Kade.

“Let’s put it this way,” the insider tells Wetpaint, “Kim naming her child Kash was not something Kandi had been expecting. When she found out … it caused problems.”

Kim has stated that the inspiration for her son’s name came from Jessica Alba’s husband, Cash, but Kandi isn’t buying her story.

The insider adds, “If she had plans all along to name the baby Kash, Kandi knew nothing about it. Things are strained between them now, no doubt. I don’t think they’ve spoken in a few months.”

Kim confirmed this information on her Sunday appearance on Watch What Happens Live. She said she hasn’t spoken to ANY of her RHOA cast mates in a very long time. Kim goes on to mention the friction with Kandi about the name Kash, and also the Tardy For The Party rights that caused tension between the two. Watch below!

Tell Us- Whose side are YOU on?

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2 Replies to “What Happened To Kim Zolciak & Kandi Burruss’ Friendship?”

  1. I think Kim took advantage if Kandi & he generosity. Kandi really helped Jim making that record and Kim basically robbed her. She never paid her back and clearly got her priorities mixed up. Paying $40,000 for flowers 4 her wedding and blowing off her debt to Kim? Horrible. Kim is a terrible role model as a mother-she’s disrespectful to her own parents & had hurt good friends. Kandi is someone most people not only admire but respect as a mother & friend. Kim just takes from people & uses them. Her walking thru Kandis home criticizing one thing after another was disgusting. I’m so glad she had left the show, hopefully she’ll learn something about friendship or respect ..she needs to for the sake if her children . Children learn what the live. Those kids have no chance if she continues to teach them to b so respectful especially to thier own grandparents! Just horrible. What’s wrong with Kroy that he puts up with that? He’s no better.

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