What Happened to Karen Huger’s Etiquette Gift to Gizelle Bryant?


While the Real Housewives of Potomac started their first season ever for the Bravo family, the drama has already begun! In the first episode, “friends” Karen Huger and Gizelle Bryant got into it at Cherise Jackson Jordan’s party. With the feud came a gift from Karen to Gizelle, which was a mirrored frame with a list of etiquette rules for her to follow.

When Gizelle appeared on Watch What Happens Live she was asked what she did with the gift.  She told host Andy Cohen, “It’s… gone.”

Bryant got more into it with Andy, sharing that she would have rather Huger talk to her about her feelings than giving her a gift.

“She never told me she was upset until later with the etiquette rules, so my position was why didn’t you just tell me then? Karen has no problem addressing anything to anybody, so just tell me then,” Gizelle said on WWHL. “But to tell me later with the gift? Kind of childish.”

We also saw in the first episode that Gizelle was going through Cherise’s kitchen while she was cooking crabs for the party. When it was mentioned, she shared she was not sorry about it!

“Well, she left me in her kitchen to cook her crabs, and I needed to find things to cook them with, so no.” Ouch!

To see Gizelle’s comments on WWHL, you can watch the video below:

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5 Replies to “What Happened to Karen Huger’s Etiquette Gift to Gizelle Bryant?”

  1. Yeah…these women forgot who was their maid for that crab party….they got mad at the one who cooked their crabs!! Looks like we got a glimpse of how they treat the help! Forgetting that they came from a line of “help”…. Realistically, not being racist, but real. Unfortunately these women’s lineage came from slavery, maids, etc…unfortunately very bad time in America’s history wrongly enslaving and treating non whites poorly. Did these women forget where their family came from?

  2. Karen is the worst of all of them. She talks about class and etiquette but I think it is Aunt Dot’s homemade version of what etiquette is. Silly old bat wants hot tea. She must have some tough innards because I always have to let my coffee or tea cool down so it doesn’t burn from my lips to my gut.

  3. One rotten. Well said! They talk of breeding,& lineage! Lol! That’s the part they don’t want to acknowledge.

    As far as history is concerned. I have had it with the B.S. my lineage is from the old south. My family ,& my friends families all had black ” helpers” inside & outside of the house. They were treated like family. My grandfather built them their own house. We took care of our ” helpers,”

    As far as slavery, the worst plantation owner in the South was a Black man in S.C.

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