What Happened Between Lisa Vanderpump & Kyle Richards? Lisa Speaks Out!

Lisa Vanderpump

Viewers might have sensed some tension between Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Stars Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards, and Lisa is speaking out about what exactly happened between she and Kyle. On Tuesday Lisa appeared on Anderson Live and when Anderson asked Lisa what has been going on behind the scenes of RHOBH and her friendship with Kyle, Lisa replied, “We’ve had many obstacles and hurdles. I think we are both very open and she can’t understand why the relationships change but that’s what happens.”

Brandi Glanville tweeted Anderson to ask Lisa her true feelings about Kyle and how many times a week her and Ken get it on! Anderson says that Kyle “kind of stirs the pot and then goes hands off.” Lisa explains that her journey with Kyle has been an “arduous” one. And then explains Kyle doesn’t understand that in the show relationships change.

Hmm, I sense more is going on here, what do you think?

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Video Credit: Anderson Live



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  • doreen

    nothing but the best of class!!!!!!

  • CherryBerries

    What I will say is that all Brandi’s “playing” about Lisa and Ken’s sex life or lack of is getting old! As well as Brandi’s “innocent” flirting with Ken. Enough !!! To go into season 3 with the same “joking” from season 2 is completely played out!!! It’s like a comedic joke that your 4 year old learns and wishes to show you over and over. You laugh to bolstered their confidence but in the back of your mind, you are screaming “ENOUGH”…….”ENOUGH!!!!!!!!”

    For my comment on Kyle and your highness oh…your royal highness (Lisa is Great British,right?) on the earlier article about Lisa and Kyle.

  • Pinky

    Sorta sick of Kyle, Andy Cohen, Anderson Cooper. This last episode with the psycic was just too stupid. This show is nothing without Lisa and Brandi for me. Kinda like the newest girl, and Yolanda is ok, Kim is much better sober and standing up to her wicked sister Kyle. Kyle, Maurice, Adrianne, TrailorTrash, and Faye need to exit or I am not gonna be interested enough to even watch at all. Heck I missed half of this last show simply because it no longer holds my interest. Kyle really ruins for me. Sorry.

  • Chrissy

    I totally agree with pinky, kyle has to go. I love the new girl yolanda. But kyle should get off the show for many reasons

  • Pinky, what you said. Can’t say it better!

  • Kyle should told Faye to leave if u have nothing nice to say dot say anything who does Faye thinkont she is sorry Kyle u had a good friend in LISA after that dinner i would not want u for a friend

  • tina

    Oh come on, Really??? It seems like Lisa has Brandi stir up the pot. This Season is just rediculous.

    • CherryBerries

      I agree with Tina! Brandi has Lisa and Ken brainwashed and now Yolanda. It’s like Lisa is class and Brandi is trash! That’s why Lisa keeps telling Brandi to control her mouth at different events.