What Do the RHOBH Know About the OJ Simpson Murder Case?


This week on RHOBH we met newcomer Kathryn Edwards, who dug up some old history that related to OJ Simpson. It all began when Faye Resnick appeared during season 1. Faye was best friends with Nicole Brown Simpson. No one can forget when Camille Grammer referred to Resnick as “ The Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick,” along with her drunk psychic at her dinner party from hell.

After her friend’s death, Faye wrote a memoir about the experience and also posed for Playboy.

According to the Gawker, Kathryn was once married to NFL star Marcus Allen and Resnick also had a very famous appearance on Larry King Live, to promote her book, where she claimed OJ was angered by an affair Nicole was having with his best friend, former running back Marcus Allen.

“Faye’s best friend was Nicole Simpson,” Kyle Richards explained in her interview. “Faye wrote that Nicole had an affair with Marcus Allen while he was married to Kathryn and that is what set OJ off.”

Edwards denies the affair ever happened, but she does seem to admit that Allen may have cheated on her with soap star Eileen Davidson! When Davidson mentions she too dated Allen, Edwards tells her, “I have no issues, even if you went out with him while I was married to him.”

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23 Replies to “What Do the RHOBH Know About the OJ Simpson Murder Case?”

      1. After typing that I googled it! I hadn’t remembered some of the actors in it! Now I’m hooked reading about it! I think I need to get up as my dog is going for a haircut then I am. (I hope I get the right places for each of us!) Then I’m coming back to reminisce again!

  1. I didn’t like how those murders were turned into a circus of entertainment at the original trial. I hope they don’t use it to try to boost ratings on the show either.

  2. I’m confused how Faye has any credibility? She was a coked out woman, who many has said wasn’t really that great of friends with Nichole Simpson. After her book it was proven how many false and made up statements she has made. Sorry Bravo but having Faye back and manufacturing the OJ drama between the two shows you are diving for ratings. Faye is one of those people who makes my stomach crawl and I tried so hard to get a spot in the couch every time she makes an appearance on the show. She just feels very cold and self serving.

  3. Morally corrupt Faye Resnik! So, Eileen got outed AGAIN for being in another relationship where the man she dated was married! Morally corrupt Eileen Davidson

  4. Why would anyone want their ”claim to fame” to be attached to OJ…. Last person I want to hear about…. he’s off the radar…. don’t give him the time of day … Please Bravo – don’t fill our screens with anything ”OJ”…

  5. OMG, I totally missed the connection when I was watching. Naturally Eileen had to get involved. I remember now she DID say that she dated him. And the picture becomes a little less blurry about innocent, victimized Eileen. She also dated Jon Voight for years. As for FR? She needs to go away. NOBODY profits off a friends death. So she wasn’t a friend, she was an admitted coke whore and she slept with everyone. And this is Kyle’s great friend? This is another thing to ponder. What’s the attraction? What’s to like? Free or discounted decorating, which honestly isn’t anything special anyway.

    1. Now they have brought the OJ business back in with abundance it just felt a bit like PP to me. I will watch the mini series! Thanks for the good links!

  6. Funny how Kyle thinks it is not ok to talk about Kim, but yet she asks Kathryn about something that had to be hurtful. Kyle is full of it. She didn’t like it when Kathryn answered her or the way she answered.

    1. My thoughts exactly Patricia, Kyle did that to create confusion. Look at who is Kyle’s good friend, Faye Resnick, that alone gives an idea of Kyle’s character.

    1. Yes lameo only 2 get viewers 4 the upcoming series John Travolta, Cuba Gooding. I will watch but not cause of this storyline. Like all I’d like 2 know is how OJ found out or thought his ex-wife was having a fling w/this Katherine lady’s husband, OJ’s best (Yea sure) friend. That’s all. Because then basically whomever told OJ is a catalyst in these murders but this lady isn’t gonna say nothing about it on RHOBH that’s not why she’s on there. And, RinnaLipsHead can take a flying leap outta any window. She adds NOTHING.

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