What Do The Housewives Really Think Of Erika Girardi?


On this week’s episode of RHOBH, we met the newest addition to the cast Erika Girardi. In this exclusive clip from Bravo, the ladies reveal what they really think of their new co-star.

“Erika Girardi is a little differential… composed,” Lisa Vanderpump said. “Big tits, she’s got a small waste. I mean she’s all woman. Her striking accessory has to be her husband Tom. You don’t mess with Mr. Girardi.”

“Erika is sparkly,” Lisa Rinna said. “Gorgeous, tall, blonde. She’s smart, she’s clever.”

“When I first saw Erika, I thought, ‘Oh my god, wow!'” Kyle Richards admitted. “The blonde hair, the boobs. Erika’s very calm, cool and collected.”

“She has this incredible panther ring, it’s huge! Big, big, big,” Eileen Davidson said. “I think Erika likes to sit back and observe people, especially if she isn’t familiar with them, but she’s always thinking.”

But what about Erika Jayne?

“Now Erika Jayne? Flamboyant… polar opposites,” Vanderpump said. “There’s the wife and there’s the showgirl, it’s kind of a strange combination.”

“She is like a Vegas billboard. Flashing,” Rinna explains. “I see money. A lot going on! I am clockin’ it from wig to toe.”

“Fun and crazy, like a dominatrix,” Eileen describes. “She just has a statement to make and she makes it.”

“She comes out and she’s dressed like that with the boots and the lace and the boobs showing,” Kyle says. “She’s got the big blonde hair and all the gorgeous makeup, but I think what stands out to me the most is that she’s very comfortable in her body and I really like that about her.”

Watch the clip below.

What did you think about Erika? Comment below.

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32 Replies to “What Do The Housewives Really Think Of Erika Girardi?”

  1. I found her very matter of fact and looks like she may have no problem poking fun at herself as a stereotype. I’m not one to go gaga over the platinum showgirl look, but I will say she looks good for 44 years old: she’s got that GOOD “Dita Von Teese” skin!

    She and Girardi may have started out in that cliché young girl snags rich old man vein, but Giradi is obviously VERY sharp at 70 and looks like he can go to to toe with whatever his wife can dish out. If they’ve made it for 15 years, I imagine they’ve got to be well suited on some level. She has a “you can’t always judge a book by its cover” thing about her; I’m interested to see how well she can play with the other girls in the sandbox.

  2. Hurricane Etika :))). I like what I see so far ! She seems smart enough to know who she is, what people may think of her and can even make fun of herself! I think she delivered the best line of the night ‘if you were a poor asshole, you’ll be a rich asshole ‘ LOL! I have high hopes for her, but I’ve been wrong many times before 🙂

  3. I kinda really liked her. How she’ll fit in is yet to be seen. But, she is so likeable, especially when she’s just the ” day” Erika.

  4. Oh thank god she’s on the show!

    Finally someone with a pulse! This episode was so much better than the last two, separating Kyle and Lisa was great and WAY less Kyle, the episode wasn’t half as boring as the last few.

    1. yes less and less of Kyho and Lisaho- enough of the entitled catty uppity ladies who love to brand drop and really have nothing to speak of except what they are buying/building or being 2 faced friends /bring someone on that has more going on than a drunk sister and 2 tacky business’s – New Wives

      1. Yeah I can’t stand all their money talk, it’s so classless.

        They have no chemistry together, over the last 3 episodes they have said “we have so much fun together” which is not something people that have fun together do.

        The fact that their Europe trip was half of last episode and the first 5 mins of this one, and they didn’t even show any footage from their final night dinner was very telling that their trip was boring.

  5. Her hubby was 55 when they got together maybe younger- I say they have more time invested than most on these shows. I liked her- I think she may whoop some Azz when the picking Yolanda apart begins- kinda cant wait- They all deserve it- I feel like I am watching a re-run of OC except they changed the patient / illness/ and group of hags – not that Brooks wasn’t lying (but we didn’t know that) – so I hope she can save this show from boring Azz Kyle and Bubble but Lisa V- I think Eileen and Lisa R are more seasoned at putting an act on than the others- It seems so scripted and rehearsed –

    1. That SKIN, that NECK! I was watching Dita Von Teese do press interviews for her new beauty book and she has that SAME, wonderful skin. She’s also forty something but really taking good care of herself. They look like girls that would have the kind of skin you expect from Snow White or Sleeping Beauty ! Either that or I need to watch these folks in HD where light filters don’t lie, lol.

        1. Stunningly gorgeous I can’t commit to, but whatever animal placenta/laser-infrared-dermabrasion-20MuleTeamBoraxScrub/Vampire-Extract- So- I-Will-Never-Die-injections she’s using are working wonders for her skin, lol.

  6. Better than Brandy 😉

    She seems fun. Not annoying. Bring some fun to the show. She’s proven herself within her marriage obviously. Who am I to judge

    1. I, of course, am the one to judge since I am the Judge. Take one look at that and seriously tell me that’s not Anna Nicole Smith the second!

  7. I like Erika already. She is gorgeous! She looked even more gorgeous with no make-up on! She seems down to earth and not stuck up like some of the other cast members. I love that she is who she is and that’s it! Seems like a straight shooter and not fake. Not as boring as Lisa V and Kyle or the rest of the cast for that matter. Except Yo of course even tho she very ill! She will bring some fun!

  8. She has a really annoying voice, like nails on a chalk board. She is to full of herself, that’s obvious just from her stupid tagline. “I’m an enigma wrapped in bacon, AND CASH”. I threw in the bacon. She’s obvious gold digger and has that poor old man thinking she gives a crap about him. The only thing that she is interested that is in his pants is his wallet. She’s Camille Grammer all over again. She’ll eventually end up divorcing him and getting a ton of cash and then finding the much younger guy that she really wants to be with. She took a page out ot the book of Kim Zolziak, this is her big papa. She was a cocktail waitress, her ambition was to find a lottery ticket and she married that ticket.

  9. Thank Goodness no negativity from the women for a change. Erika is great, I like her . She’s both Lady & a tramp but in a good way.

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