What Did Harry Hamlin Do? Lisa Rinna Confronts Kim Richards


During part two of the RHOBH reunion Lisa Rinna finally confronted Kim Richards over Kim’s insinuations about her husband Harry Hamlin.

When speaking about the dramatic dinner that took place in Amsterdam, Rinna explained that Kim started calling Eileen Davidson a beast, calling Rinna ugly and making fun of her hairstyle and that she was bothered by the way Kim was speaking to her sister Kyle. Lisa explains that after that, Kim suddenly brought up her husband and something he has done.

“She violated his character,” Rinna says of her throwing a wine glass at Richards. “It was a total injustice and I blew my f*cking lid.”

Rinna continued to explain that Kim said, ‘What is your husband hiding from the world?’ Richards explains that is not what she said and claims, “What I said was ‘Do you want to talk about your husband?'”

When Andy asks Kim what she meant by that statement, Kim said, “I think she [Lisa] knows.”

Lisa tells Kim that she doesn’t know anything and asks her the share what she knows with the group.

“That’s not what I said,” Kim continues. “You are going around talking about me and things that aren’t true and I simply said… ‘If you live in a glass house…’ I wouldn’t do that to you.”

“Has he f*cked the dog?” Rinna continues. “I knew it!”

“Obviously what I said hit a nerve,” Kim says.

When Kim refuses to say what Harry did, Andy asks her, “You heard he had an affair?”

“I’m not going to do that because it is very private,” Kim says. “It’s what I heard and…”

“So you’re repeating a rumor?” Kyle asks her sister.

“What I said was something I had heard and I did it out of anger,” Kim explains. “And what I said was, ‘Do you want to talk about it?’ I never said anything about it.”

Watch the reunion highlight below.

Photo Credit: Bravo