What Did Harry Hamlin Do? Lisa Rinna Confronts Kim Richards


During part two of the RHOBH reunion Lisa Rinna finally confronted Kim Richards over Kim’s insinuations about her husband Harry Hamlin.

When speaking about the dramatic dinner that took place in Amsterdam, Rinna explained that Kim started calling Eileen Davidson a beast, calling Rinna ugly and making fun of her hairstyle and that she was bothered by the way Kim was speaking to her sister Kyle. Lisa explains that after that, Kim suddenly brought up her husband and something he has done.

“She violated his character,” Rinna says of her throwing a wine glass at Richards. “It was a total injustice and I blew my f*cking lid.”

Rinna continued to explain that Kim said, ‘What is your husband hiding from the world?’ Richards explains that is not what she said and claims, “What I said was ‘Do you want to talk about your husband?'”

When Andy asks Kim what she meant by that statement, Kim said, “I think she [Lisa] knows.”

Lisa tells Kim that she doesn’t know anything and asks her the share what she knows with the group.

“That’s not what I said,” Kim continues. “You are going around talking about me and things that aren’t true and I simply said… ‘If you live in a glass house…’ I wouldn’t do that to you.”

“Has he f*cked the dog?” Rinna continues. “I knew it!”

“Obviously what I said hit a nerve,” Kim says.

When Kim refuses to say what Harry did, Andy asks her, “You heard he had an affair?”

“I’m not going to do that because it is very private,” Kim says. “It’s what I heard and…”

“So you’re repeating a rumor?” Kyle asks her sister.

“What I said was something I had heard and I did it out of anger,” Kim explains. “And what I said was, ‘Do you want to talk about it?’ I never said anything about it.”

Watch the reunion highlight below.

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83 Replies to “What Did Harry Hamlin Do? Lisa Rinna Confronts Kim Richards”

  1. That Drunk Kim did it again–DEFLECT & LIE…but what can you expect from someone not sober? She can’t even keep her sh$t straight and the proof is on film!

  2. Pure trash! Kim is deserving of her karma! What an evil woman, Brandi is teaching her well…especially if Kim wants to keep her job, bring the drama even if she risks of making her sister an enemy, ask Brandi about being controversial, you get to keep your job and make $$.

    p.s. I really REALLY wish Kyle would STOP crying! I just can’t take this vulnerability and she not expecting her sister Kim not turning on her Knowing how Kim considers Brandi her besite.

    1. She tried and tried to hold it in when Kim in her usual way of making her statement seem like the only one that matters said she was fine with not seeing Kyle. I thought it was boss the way Kyle just sat there expressionless and let Kim keep digging. She needs to do more of that. I totally don’t understand Kyle’s way of just keeping Kim in her life because they are sister’s. People say the most hateful things pretending like they are explaining her reaction to Kim. I thought she was so much more forgiving than me ’till I realized I was 52 before I cut my sister out of my life. My sister is so much like Kim it freaky for me to watch it. But my family life wasn’t navigated in public with everyone commenting on every move.

  3. I CANT TAKE MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!! Get Kim and Brandy off the show they are so trashy and liars. I read that someone from Bravo reads these so…… THEY DONT FIT, LIARS, CRUDE AND DRUNKS we don’t want to watch this each season!! Keep Eileen and Lisa R.

  4. I see Kyle is still trying for your academy award with the melodrama. She’s so phony! Quit whining and just move on already. She is always playing for the cameras.

    Lisa R. is really a piece of work. I love how she demands an apology but has not once ever apologized for breaking a glass on the table and reaching to choke Kim. What a hypocrite. She would not shut up and let other people talk even when the discussion had nothing to do with her. Ugh. She’s disgusting and I wish they would get rid of her.

    1. Actually she has said multiple times that her behavior, though provoked, was horrendous. She owned it, unlike Rambles Richards and Trashbox Barbie who only ever deflect when someone calls them on their bad behavior.

      1. Lisa R. has never apologized to Kim for her behavior yet she is demanding an apology from her. Lisa’s delusional.

    2. Difficult to apologize to a demented jackA like Kim that hit out with the crazy, dirty, hurtful, harmful intention of inflicting way more than any broken glass could’ve done. And, just so you know Margarita, Lisa R apologized more than that dried up prune Kim deserved.

  5. Kim is real and honest with her life –

    Kyle, Lisa V, Lisa R, and Eileen
    Are BULLIES & Mean Girls!
    They are so BORING and have
    NO story lines!

    Team Kim all the way!

    1. Lisa R had a storyline it was all about Kim…so disappointed in LR…here she could have showed the viewers her fabulous life, married to an actor, etc but instead she choses to butt in where she was not wanted. Every episode was a inter freaking vention.

      1. so true! Butting into other peoples business but all hell breaks loose if they allude to HER life.
        She seems too desperate and contrived to me to be real. Yeah Rinna, you’re not half as cool as you think and uhm eat someting!

      2. Totally agree. I used to be a fan of hers but now I can’t stand her. She even said in the driveway that she told Kyle that Kim was acting strange then she denied it. She also ran scared because of what Kim knows and instead turns it on Kim.

        1. Kim is NOT sober and she is also mean-spirited. I suspect that she’s always been this way. Although I don’t like Kyle and I can’t stand Lisa Rinna, Kim and Brandi are adding nothing but ugliness to a show that’s supposed to be about glamour and the 90210 zip code. Kim has lied too many times to count and Brandi is just plain stupid. Rinna was a wimnp on Celebrity Apprentice and was voted off as a result of her wimpiness. I think she took that to heart and turned it around and became aggressive and disgusting. She is third only to Kim and Brandi for trashy behavior. All three of them need to go.How can you be Team Kim and Brandi when they are both deflecting substance abusers who hurt other people? What does that say about her fans?

  6. i think things as always is out of control, of all the reality shows when putting a bunch of ladies together you know its going to be a big problem i used to like the shows and do not watch them as much disappointed !! I love lisa vanderpump and kyle richard kandi I hate new jersey they are all withces
    and you should tale orange county out all together ne ne is out of control she thinks she is better than others and its gone to her head

  7. It was clear that Kim had nothing on Harry and was just trying to push Lisa R’s buttons. Again it goes back to her utter lack of character and the lengths she will go to to lie, cover up and deflect her misbehaviors and craziness that is her own life – whether that is sober or not is frankly beside the point – because it certainly is 100% destructive and abusive. She already has conveienently rewritten history, ignoring the FACT that there is a tape of the TRUTH, of what happened on poker night. She LIES now and says (of course) Kyle asked her to come to the bathroom and Kyle brought up her acting strange and Kyle said Lisa R said Blah Blah Blah. All straight up lies. All BLAMING Kyle. I can totally see now, what Kyke has been putting up with for DECADES. And that half-assed apology she gave Eileen was so pathetic- and she totally didn’t mean it any more than BG meant hers. They are two sociopathic mean girls who think THEY can say and do what the hell they want to whoever they want, whenever they want with ZERO repercussions, and then they have the audacity to cry “victim” if anyone dares to fight back. And, as BG says “watch your back” because do they ever go on the attack.

    1. Tonight I have to give Lisa R the attack mode award…to me she lowered herself, but then again maybe I put her on a higher she doesn’t belong in because she is famous so to speak. If she hadn’t reacted the way she did to Kim’s statement about Harry I would have thought Kim was up to no good and had nothing on Harry. Lisa was way too violent and out of control, which made me think she and Harry did have something to hide. At the reunion she sure did change her tone though…”What did he fuck the dog?” Like the whole thinf didnt upset her necause she knew it was a lie. Someone told her to repair her image. LR kept saying tonight own your shit, I agree she should don’t blame Kim for how you acted that makes LR a deflector just like BG And KR. Well actually I think they are all deflectors for the most part.

      1. I disagree PixNTrix. Why? simply because if a member of one’s family is under attack without confrmation, or even if there be 100% confirmation, one’s 1st inclination is to protect. I, personally would’ve pulled Kim’s tongue straight out fro her ugly mouth. That’s my opinion.

        1. I agree 100% with you Star. Kim is nothing but trouble this year. I felt in the past she was just trouble now I agree she is a true trouble maker. She is so dumb she can’t see what BRANDI is trying to do and unfortunately is succeeding. If those two come back I wont.

    2. ITA. I really wish these women weren’t so disgusting with their language. I wish Lisa R would stay away from the F word. When I was young (a hundred years ago) I never ever heard that word. Even though my Dad could cuss like a sailor I never heard him use that word or the Lord’s name in vain. Please ladies use more ladylike language. Let the only women who talk like that be Kim and Brandy. Sorry- I’ll get off my soapbox now.

      1. Yeah, Lisa R would be more effective if she calmed down a bit on the F- bombs- come back at BG and the liar Kim all you want but I always think you lose *some* credibility when you resort (<—keyword there) to cussing and screaming. Don't get me wrong still on Lisa's side here, but I think she needs to dial it back by about half.

        1. I don’t know how it came out from “anonymous”—I’m the one who write about ITA–can someone identify what this stands for so I don’t keep guessing, “it tells all”, or “itchy tits anyone?”

      2. Aunt Bee, I could not agree more on the foul language, it seems second nature to them. But it is . uncouth & un-ladylike. Never heard such language growing up either.

        1. I am so much more offended when I hear the ‘F’ word coming from Brandi, and to some extent Lisa R. If it were used as an exclamation point once in a while, or as a little used spice to underline how serious someone feels, as the other women seem to use it, it’s not so bad. When it’s every other word it’s grating, it’s ignorant, and the lowest of low class. Society just gets cruder and cruder, but I don’t know how Brandi could be any cruder than she is. I wonder what behaviors she looks at in others and says to herself, “I would never be that classless” and sees as beneath her. Is there anything?

          1. Yep Deb BRANDI went even lower when she called Kyle the C word. I don’t know if she can go lower unless she actually did kill someone. Why Bravo or any network would put up with such lewdness is beyond me. And Andy’s fake shock and surprise almost disgusts me as much as the language.

            1. Andy is getting ridiculous, isn’t he? Allowing Brandi to bring him into the conversation about 20 year old boys and high fives was really tacky.

  8. The Harry rumour is WIDELY publicised, so Lisa R came across worse in this, she went so over the top about something it made it seem like she knew exactly what she was insinuating.

    Lisa R realises this aired on TV and we saw Kim say exactly what she said she said, she didn’t say the line Lisa R says she did.

    1. I don’t think she’s hiding anything. I think Kim is so low and antagonistic and likes to twist everything in her favor no matter the cost…she makes me want to go through television and break that witch finger that she’s always pointing at people in a threatening way. Look at how close she got to Eileen in Amsterdam with that thing.

  9. I’m team Lisa R! Kim decided to go after Lisa’s husband and that’s not cool.
    Kim can go after Lisa, that’s fine. Leave hew husband out of it. Kim is such a C**T.

  10. Kim is so full of shit as evidenced by what she said at the dinner, and then trying to act all demure saying that she wouldn’t do that to Lisa…you already did you drunken bag of wrinkles! How is implying it on national television any different than coming right out and saying it? That was some passive aggressive bullshit that is typical of an addict who needs help.

  11. Hey… it’s hard to remember 30 minutes ago what you said — word for word —…but you do remember the nature of the conversation. Looking back thru the seasons at Kim’s behavior – no wonder she is best friends with Brandi… two peas in a pod. Listen up Bravo…. my last season if BrandiTwinkle and Kim come back. I don’t like how I feel after watching these two – I’d rather laugh than cringe.

  12. Kim’s new deflection mode is to try and throw the threat out there. First Mauricio, then Harry and now her own niece. This poor woman is becoming almost as disgusting as BRANDI. I agree with what Eileen said “what if something (really bad) happens! Are we going to read about Kim losing it and offing herself and or her kids and Monty? She definitely sounds like she is getting into that “going postal” mode. Good job Bravo.

  13. Could it BE more obvious that Kim had NOTHING on Harry??!! What an idiot….I really like Lisa R…she took a lot of pot shots…her hair – go eat – depends and she handled it great. She’s allowed to get “crazy” at Kim and I’m glad she stood her ground and pushed Kim to answer her…! And Kim couldn’t cause she’s an idiot!…oops – already said that…

  14. The worst thing to happen to Kim was Brandi. Doesn’t it register to her when she hears how “sad” Brandi thinks Kim is because she called her “my best friend.” That’s far more insulting than someone concerned for you.

    1. What is truly telling is the “besties” haven’t spoken since the reunion… And that came straight out of BG’s mouth. Hmmmm, filming ended, and so did the friendship? What all of a sudden Monty miraculously recovered? Kim had a epiphany and now is truly sober, sane and emotionally stable? Kim’s agent called and suddenly she’s a hot commodity now and the offers are pouring in for “real” acting jobs (not those lousy $2 Million endorsement deals)? Caesar Milan volunteered his services and totally rehabbed Kingsley?

      1. I did hear Brandi say that Kim was mad at her because of the edit on the show…but they’re both full of crap

  15. Sober or not, Kim still demonstrates typical alcoholic behavior. Deflection and lying is more natural to her after years and years of avoiding truth. She needs years and years of AA to even become tolerable. And now that I know Kyle has been to AlAnon (according to a direct question she answered affirmatively on WWHL a while ago), I’ve lost a any sympathy I had for her– she clearly needs to go back. She is so easily manipulated by her sister and is as codependent as Kim is.

    1. Why should Kyle have to keep going to AA? She has her own life, business and family to take care of. Enough is enough. Kim needs to grow up and take accountability for her actions, both past and present.

  16. Again this stupid poll on my iPad says Kim is winning against Kyle with 292 votes to Kyles 176 while almost all comments are against Kim. Sorry Nikki but this poll is CRAP. Someone in Camp Kim has learned how to manipulate this thing.

    1. Here’s my guess in regards to the poll. Before I started commenting myself I read others and after a few months it’s obvious which ladies are more or less liked by readers on this site. They like for example: Lisa v (most obvious) Eileen and Shannon. Dislike is more obvious: Brandi Kenya Teresa Kim and heather dubrow. Anyway I happen to like people that most of these readers don’t agree with and sometimes refrain from commenting for that reason. I’ve seen people get barraged because they support a housewife that the majority of the readers on here don’t. There are probably a ton of readers that don’t want to comment in fear of going against the grain and like I did for a while, voiced my opinion in the polls to keep it as anonymous as possible. So to sum up, the poll isn’t broken and there is no Kim troll, I think there are lots of people that want to quietly support Kim.

        1. Scroll halfway down this page and look to the right of this column, there is a poll. It asks whose side are you on, Kim or Kyle’s? When you vote, it reveals the current numbers. Right now, Kim ie lead with 62%.

  17. Imo wrinkled Kim has zero info on Harry. The reason Lisa went so crazy on her is because it was a lie. If someone was on tv disrespecting my husband, I’d have went off the deep end too. It had nothing to do with Harry being guilty. I was absolutely so happy to see Lisa go off on Kim and Brandi. She said exactly what I have been wanting her to say since this started. So actually it made me feel better. Kim’s gotten away with being such a bi*ch all season long and nobody ever really put her in her place. I loved it. Kim told lies and couldn’t get her facts straight. I was hoping they’d show the entire scene of poker night so she couldn’t say ” I had no idea I was acting that way til Kyle told me”. Bullsh**! And Kim dear…..from an addict in recovery, it absolutely was a relapse! Stop insulting the viewers intelligence.

    1. I think you are right jennyd- me, myself, I would not of reacted that way, but my sister is a bit of a firecracker, God lover her, and she totally would have reacted like Lisa R. So, I don’t buy all this “she’s reacting like that because there is something there” BS.

    2. ITA. I’m waiting to see if they will show Brandi discussing Kim with her sober friend on the beach. I would love the see what Kim has to say about that one. But, as usual, she will probably lie! Can’t stand Brandi or Kim. Kim’s hate for Kyle is unbelievable. Love Lisa V. Lisa R. & Eileen.

    1. Scroll halfway down this page and look to the right of this column, there is a poll. It asks whose side are you on, Kim or Kyle’s? When you vote, it reveals the current numbers. Right now, Kim is in the lead with 62%.

    2. If u r on an iPad turn sideways then it’s on left as others have said. I couldn’t find it until I did.

  18. Brandi’s ways have definitely rubbed off on Kim. She just throws stuff out there. Now she “heard” something. Kim is the one with no storyline and her time has come and go bye bye. Maybe her medication is changing her personality? Who knows, but she is in definite need of help.

  19. Thanks to all who found the poll. I thought I was losing it. The crazies also won the last poll. Laura may have a good point about why some are not voting but I have a hard time believing that Kim or BRANDI could could get that many votes.

    1. And today Kim has even better numbers. Something is definitely wrong – there is no way that poll is right.

    1. Patricia it may have closed but I know you can only vote once so if you already voted you won’t be able to vote until a new poll is posted (I think)

  20. OMG LMAO at all the Kyle fans that couldn’t see the poll right in front of their face, explains everything.

    Love that a poll shows the ACCURATE results of fans, not just those that comment loudest and most often.
    Kyle is and will always be awful, no matter what friendship she is faking to get fans on her side.

    Every site published articles about how Kim retracted her Harry argument, when she did nothing of the sort.

    I haven’t been a massive Kim fan, but this was by far her best, and most competent season (one episode being off her face vs season long being off her face under Kyles supervision). Kim is a drag you through the gutter kinda character and that is fun to watch, especially when you overreact to something Lisa R, and make it look credible

    I hope they keep the cast exactly as is for 1 more season, I like that Kim doesn’t give a shit about her relationship with Kyle anymore, I have wanted them off the show as I dont care about their relationship anymore, but I would like 1 season where they are just done, not trying to repair their relationship as I think a lot of stuff about Kyle will come out.

    1. Sidewinder you are true to your name. Please crawl back under your rock where you can cuddle up to the rest of the snakes.

  21. I can’t stand either one of them. It kind of looks like to me, Bravo has to keep the originals no matter what the fan base thinks. When they bring in new people, they don’t work out. I think they should limit the series to a season or three, then start over in another city. It turns out, you get to know these people over a couple of seasons then they get boring unless they find something to hurt each other with. It is becoming boring. I think I’ll skip the weekly shows next season and watch the reunion at the end.

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