What Did Faye Resnick Write About Kathryn Edwards?


The drama on RHOBH was at an all-time high this week when Kathryn Edwards came face-to-face with Faye Resnick after their 20-year feud regarding the O.J. Simpson murder scandal. Kathryn admittedly has held a grudge against Faye, because she had heard Faye claimed her then-fiancé Marcus Allen had an affair with Nicole Simpson and that the book painted Kathryn as the kind of woman who turned a blind eye to his alleged adultery.

So what did Faye really write about Kathryn? Bravo has the actual clip from Faye’s book, so read it for yourself!

Then she came to the other names she so desperately did not want to reveal. Finally, Nicole admitted her affair with Marcus Allen. She quickly told OJ that she’d only let him “play” with her. She didn’t admit to actual intercourse. OJ exploded. He turned on her like a man possessed. Nicole told me OJ threatened her, saying “If you’re ever with Marcus again, I’ll…I don’t know what I’ll do, but it will be bad. I won’t be able to control myself.” He wouldn’t let it end. It held up the reconciliation attempt for months. At times we were worried that OJ might take revenge on Marcus by telling his fiancée Kathryn about the affair with Nicole. That would have been a disaster, because Kathryn was a sweet woman who was well aware of Marcus’ womanizing and might have felt she had to call off the wedding. OJ did not do that, but he did confront Marcus. No one knows exactly what was said, but it ended up with him swearing to OJ that he would never touch Nicole again. Marcus said it wouldn’t be a problem anymore, because he was getting married.

Later in the book, Faye writes that before anything had started up between Marcus and Nicole, Marcus had his sights set on Faye. Faye called their mutual friend Kris Jenner for advice.

Kris, I don’t know what to think about this. I know Marcus Allen has been trying to get my phone number, and Nicole wants me to go out with him to the Monkey Bar. I like Marcus but not in that way. On the other hand, I’d like to keep him as a friend, because he is a friend of Nicole’s. What do you think?” Kris said, “Whatever you do, don’t go out with Marcus Allen. He’s the biggest womanizer in the world and don’t forget he’s engaged to Kathryn. She turns a blind eye to his fooling around, but it hurts her when he does it publicly.

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  1. I don’t know Faye Resnick. She acts like she’s Gods gift, in reality she can gag a maggot off a garbage truck. I can’t stand fake ass people. And she’s on top of the list. Skanky ass bitch

    1. Perfectly said! I totally agree she is a skanky ass bitch! So fake!!’ I’m stopping there before I get into trouble!

    2. So fake and she knows what she did, she just doesn’t wanna open that box of lies she wrote in her book. Poor thing, she’s been going after people on the show everytime we see her, and now she’s all quiet and giving people compliments? Really bitch?

      1. ITA! Faye says she wrote the book to help Nicole & battered women? Now she doesn’t want to talk about it? Give me a break!

        1. I agree with all of you about Faye…reading that short out-take of her book, how on earth could she ever ever think her friend, Nicole, would want such private and personal details out there? Just disgusting. She obviously wrote the book for herself, no other reason whatsoever. Please. Her cocky better-than-everyone-else attitude drives me nuts and I am not a fan of seeing her on the show at all…at all.

  2. Yeah, sure, Faye. ‘Cause every guy wants some sloppy hooker. Wasn’t she hooked up with some old guy then for his money? And she thought some young baller would be interested in her?

  3. Why do viewers hate Faye? I have yet to see anyone provide an actual, factual, singularly coherent reason that doesn’t appear to be the result of mob mentality thinking, and I’d love to hear input along a more rational line of reasoning…or just what she’s done, in your view, that makes it worth relabeling her a tired old moniker soundbite from over 20 years ago. It would seem to me the people up in arms over her book are essentially saying they are for surpressing the voices of the domestically abused if they do not fall under an unreasonable expectation of perfection in an environment long nicknamed “Hollywood Babylon”? Help me understand.

    1. I think the reason most of us are so anti-Faye is that she is arrogant and haughty. Always looking down. Correcting people’s behavior as if she has ANY room to talk. She refuses to own up to what she did years ago and people aren’t going to forget it. She wrote a book about Nicole and OJ when family was still grieving only to make herself relevant. The book wasn’t about domestic abuse, the book was about HERSELF and how she desperately tried to save the day. If she REALLY wanted to help the domestically abused, it would NOT HAVE STOPPED after the book came out.

    2. I do not like her for the same reasons I do not like some of the other people who appear on reality tv shows. I don’t like how she acted at LVP’s anniversary, the way she blamed BG and tried to embarrass and call her out for the demise of Adrian’s marriage. Like one outside person could do that, the way she acts or speaks to people on the show. She is rude and snotty. I don’t like Kenya Moore and LuAnn for the same reasons. I don’t think it’s mob mentality, I just think she is horribly rude.

    3. Bon V, my dislike is nothing to do with OJ or the book. I just really don’t like her, to me whenever she speaks it seems rehearsed. I always thought she was Kyle’s mouthpiece, even though I have grown to like Kyle more now but I don’t think I will ever like Faye. I just don’t think she is genuine. But that’s just my opinion! Xo

      1. You guys don’t know these women personally and judge only by what the media has written
        about them. All of this stuff happened so many years ago, people change and obviously
        Kyle treasures her as a friend. If you read other things besides this blog then you will be
        up to the latest news on people. Please expand your horizons, you always seem to agree
        with what the other regular commentators say..

        1. You placed your reply under mine, I stated I didn’t like her because of the show, my reasons (I haven’t copied anyone else!) I think she was rude to Brandi and extremely rude to Lisa at her vow renewal! Nothing to do with the media. I have watched this show since the very first episode and although I felt sorry for her at Camille’s dinner party I have never liked her better than everyone else attitude!

        2. And you are judging people on a RH blog…you don’t personally know anyone here…what our other media outlets are read. Quite humorous!

    4. Thank You, BonV. If posters didn’t like what she did or said on the show they certainly haven’t pointed it out much. She did get pretty aggressive with Brandy and Lisa. She was aggressively defending and standing up for her friends. I guess only others are allowed to do that or be given accolades for it. I have seen her do that, which I applaud, but otherwise she has just guested on the show helping Kyle with her house. She hasn’t, until now, played a major role in anything. It looks as though more people than Faye Resnic believed this Marcus guy to be a womanizer.

    5. Faye is desperate.

      OJ stuff aside. Faye showed up in season 4 and tried to reignite the Brandi-Kim-Kyle feud. That fight happened in season 2, Kim and Kyle had let it go but Faye was still battling their corner.
      She blamed Brandi for Adrienne and Pauls breakup – Paul and Adrienne didn’t even do that.
      She walked around those seasons like a desperate bull in a china shop trying to start fights with all of the key players to get as much attention as possible for stuff she wasn’t involved with.

      She wrote a book and used Kathryn to have a story, Kyle said last episode that Faye wouldn’t say she knew Kathryn if she didn’t – but we say Faye specifically say she didn’t know Kathryn.

      Even at the dinner in this episode, Faye sat there with a stupid look on her face after being rightfully accused by Kathryn.

      She seems like a horrible, desperate women. Which is why she also has such desperate friends like Kyle and Kris Jenner.

    6. Here is the reason I do not like seeing Faye on the show…she is always butting into someone else’s business and she comes off as someone who thinks she is better than others. Plus after reading the short excerpt from her book, the way she wrote such intimate and personal details about Nicole’s relationships…just revolting. She is not a true friend. Disgusting. I did not like Camille attacking Faye and calling her ‘morally corrupt’…but now I agree. Completely.

  4. I am disgusted with this idiot. She writes this salacious book, acting like she wasn’t involved in all the sleeping around and drug usage (looking down on people again), uses the fact that her name was brought up during the trial to pose for Playboy and used the murders to get her 15 minutes. She is a despicable human being. And when she is looking down on Kathryn at the table saying “I don’t thing this is something that needs to be discussed in public”, Kathryn should have told her “Why not? You wrote a book that is public knowledge, so therefore I am allowed to discuss what you wrote in public.” I have to wonder what the heck Kyle sees in her. Leopards don’t change their spots. And I don’t usually pick on what people look like but she needs to stop with all the fillers and skin lighteners. She looks freakish.

  5. I think Faye suddenly being in the picture again is all Bravo. They need to build interest since Yo is better and BRANDI and Kim are gone. If she is Kyles best friend why haven’t we seen more of her. She is there because next month the OJ TV series starts and all publicity helps. IMHOj

  6. FR…ugh!
    Kyle, will you never learn?
    So… FR doesn’t want to speak of it in public. Well…she sure didn’t mind speaking and writing about it publicly 4 months after her “best friend’s” murder…. or taking a 6 figure pay-out for a book that is very unflattering to her “best friend”. Kathryn should have been better prepared for this confrontation…especially since she has been rehearsing it in her head for 20+ years. She, at least, should have READ what Faye said about her for herself…and she should have started with… “Faye, have we ever met before tonight?” …and then asked her why she told Kyle that they had.

  7. I don’t know what is is Kyle should have to learn. Bravo said to invite her. And maybe Nicole asked Faye to document it all. Has anyone read the book? I might just get it and read it so I can speak with more knowledge. I mean if the only sins that were committed were acceptable ones, we would never be forced to “forgive.” If no one ever broke a vow or made a mistake there would be no reason to have a conscience. There would be nothing to forgive. I do not understand this indifference to the fact that Nicole was her friend. Why is it assumed that she did anything for some immoral reason. I prefer, when I have no idea, like here, to believe that because she was in a state of grief and shock when she wrote the book. I honestly don’t see what the big deal is. She gets to decide what she thinks she should do. It is just as possible she was honoring her friend by keeping the story about abuse alive. Does anyone know what happens when a great big man punches a woman in the face? Knocks her to the floor and stomps on her, kicks her. Drags her around like a ragdoll? Throws her down the stairs and laughs. All the time browbeating her with verbal abuse. God, OJ is the one who is detestable, not Faye Resnic.

    1. I don’t know that Bravo demanded that Kyle invite Faye…where did you get that information?
      Kyle said last night that Faye is invited to all her parties. Maybe she should rethink that…since most of her guests and the viewers do not like Faye Resnick. If I were Faye, I would not want to come, knowing that at least 3 of the guests, (LVP, Camille, and Kathryn) would prefer I didn’t.
      But then I wouldn’t co-write an “instant” book with Mike Walker from the National Enquirer 4 months after my best friend was murdered…and tell the world about her drinking and drug use, affairs with various men, and a lesbian affair with Faye herself.
      I am just not that kind of best friend, I guess…and if I were Kyle, I would worry about exactly what kind of best friend Faye is.

      1. I didn’t mean they demanded it. She has been a friend for what, 25 years, of the family and Kyle. Bravo was certainly thinking about Faye and the connection between her and Kathryn when they brought Kathryn in. And if Kathryn wasn’t aware of the OJ movie coming and that Faye was a friend of Kyle’s, then she has been living under a rock.

        1. Very convenient that now a movie is coming out Resnick has popped up in the last few episodes talking about her book. She really is a nasty bitch trying to make more money off her dead “friend”. Just goes to show how disgusting she is.

      2. I am sure you are a great friend. But I can promise you when a loved one has a violent crime committed against them time and time again for years, it changes you. The very well constructed prison’s first bars of isolation remain as the prison of browbeating, fear, abuse and fear of the unknown are added. So, there was where Nicole lived. With a huge, mean, hostile brute who punched her at the drop of a hat and told her how he would be killing the kids if she tried to leave. Faye was addicted to cocaine, and although I have not read the book, it seems so was Nicole. Cocaine is addictive with the first hi. Not an excuse, just a fact. Then her friend was murdered. And IMO, OJ Simpson murdered her. The fact that he was found not guilty has no bearing on the fact that he did it. His bloody fingerprint was fund at the scene, where he said he never was. Anyway, I am sure that when she died, whatever the timeline is, whoever was married or not or engaged or not to who, Faye was in shock. I have no idea how the idea for the book came about, but I am pretty damn sure she didn’t do it out of hate. And if she did it for money? Good. She should have done it for free? She gets a total pass from me.
        And as far as what she has done on the actual show, for me, no worse than anyone else, including Lisa V. and the sainted Yolanda. Naturally anyone has a right to dislike her, but there is a lot more about her here than that, and the opinions of her are based on the book.
        Certainly Kathryn was brought in because of OJ. There are thousands of women just like her in L.A. She isn’t special. But may I say…excuse me but her husband is extreeeeeeemly handsome. IMO.

    2. I agree with most of what you said. But Faye revealing such intimate details such as in the out-take we all saw, that is just wrong. If a friend of mine ever did something like that under any circumstances, I would no longer call her a friend. Period. Just reeks of personal gain…nothing more, nothing less.

  8. Bravo obviously brought her in , because she’s so polarizing and it obviously worked . She’s like the villain that keeps being dragged out whenever they need a bit of controversy

  9. I can’t speak about Faye’s morality, the book writing or her history with Nicole Brown. The excerpt from above is clearly from Faye’s point of view and Faye’s depiction of what was actually said amongst these people. Nicole obviously cannot confirm or deny anything written. As for why I don’t like her, it’s from what I’ve seen of her on Bravo. She did stick up for Kyle in the beginning at the dinner party with the medium but since then has made appearances only to shoot her mouth off and to school people. She started at a dinner party schooling and degrading Brandy (and I’m not a Brandy fan at all), then she was at a party of Adrian’s gossiping about Brandy in the child’s bathroom practically having sex but then admitted that this was just told to her as she did not see it. She schooled Lisa that Brandy was her mouth piece. Again, I’m not a fan of Brandy by her own actions on tv but I was turned off that Faye’s depiction of “a lady” was based on a channel bag. She truly appears to me to be hostile to people on tv for screen time. Since I’m watching a tv show and sharing my opinion about what I like and don’t like about them, I’m basing my distaste for her on what I’ve seen on this show.

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has based her opinion on just the show. I think FR has always been Kyle’s mouthpiece as Brandi may well have been Lisa’s. Who knows! FR has this horrible I’m better than you or I will teach you attitude which isn’t very pretty! Plus she has no right to act as though she is better than anyone! I always had the impression she had rehearsed her little speeches at people. Xo

      1. I did as well, especially her speech to Brandy in the backyard at Lisa’s house. She seemed to stutter on her words as if she had been wanting to say it in her head but it was coming out very practiced, not fresh out of her mouth.

        1. I always thought it was so rehearsed, she could have been reading from an auto cue for the first time ever. It was so stilted. It was obviously rehearsed.

          1. what the he__ was FR doing at Lisa and Kens renewal. It is obvious she is not their friend. And why was she at Camille’s, again obviously not a friend. Kyle what the he_ _ are you doing ?

            1. Bee, I love you!!! Xoxo you are brilliant! This made me laugh out loud! I never understood why she was at Lisa and Kens Renewal very strange! Xoxo❤️❤️

              1. I am beginning to believe she is Kyles friend to be her mouthpiece and bodyguard. Like I said: what the he_ _ are you doing Kyle?!!?!

                1. Which is exactly what Kyle projected onto Lisa and Brandi a few seasons ago…she accused Lisa of using Brandi as a “mouthpiece” to do her dirty work….as if anyone could control that “mouthpiece” of work.

                2. I only see her as standing by her friend., Aunt Bee. I don’t think Kyle has anything to do with the OJ thing or anything connected with it. I did always think Faye was very aggressive toward Brandy and Lisa over Adrienne. But that seemed to be about Adrienne and not Kyle. But that is just how I see it. I am glad she is standing up for Faye, no one else seems to. She is very much disliked by the public and many housewives. It is difficult to go against one friend to stand by another friend who is hated. And I bet my last dollar Bravo is directing this. Like you said, and I agree, very produced. Kathryn was brought in because of the movie, and Faye was brought back for the same reason. I think Bravo was going to have Faye either way and Kyle just went along.

                  1. Even if Bravo was pulling the strings, and I am not saying they weren’t…because we all know they do that kind of thing, both Faye and Kyle did not have to agree to do what they wanted them to do. Kyle knows… she even discussed with Faye before the party…that many of her guests are not comfortable around Faye. Why invite her? If she really wanted to defend her friend, maybe not putting her in that situation would be the kindest thing to do. As for Faye, since she knew many of Kyle’s guests weren’t going to be glad to see her there… maybe she should have politely declined the invitation. The fact that Kyle included her…and Faye came…speaks volumes to me. Even if Bravo was the mastermind, both Kyle and Faye were both knowingly in on the strategy.

                    1. Yes, that is so true. But really when nothing is happening Bravo hears the viewers are bored. And also I do think maybe both ladies, Faye and Kathryn, could and should find some forgiveness and and end to it all. Something like that stays with you for a long, long time. The entire thing seemed weird to me too. When Kathryn first came toward Rinna and she said to her immediately “OJ, wow” ??? I mean it makes me wonder if something else is planned for the two women. Someone gave an interview and said something like there was a surprise this season. Maybe this is what they meant, I forget who it was. Thanks, apple. 🙂

                    2. However Bravo didn’t know the viewers feelings of the season when this was filmed. It was filmed way before the show aired, I know you are a big supporter of Kyle and really connect with her, but this is the Kyle a lot of others see. It’s this master manipulator and person who brings drama to others to take the heat off herself so she can come out looking like she has this perfect story book life.

  10. Don’t like Kyle or Faye. Kyle sure doesn’t mind stirring up things. She is the one who brought Faye to Kathryn. She also kept at LVP about Yo’s kids.

    1. Patricia, I agree, I don’t know what has got into Kyle this year, just as I was beginning to like her. Lisa was wrong to say what she did and I’m sure she is sorry but I do wonder what Mohamed actually said to Lisa?? Was it fine or something else? I’m thinking Brandi and Joanna! Lisa should never have said anything about Bella and Anwar.

  11. Well that’s a horse of a different colour!! It was Kris Jenner that said that Kathryn turns a blind eye to it. I guess because it was Faye’s book in a backhanded way, it was Faye, right? Or no?

  12. Nicole seemed to be surrounded by people claiming to be her “best friend” and very willing to come forward after her death to describe the abuse she endured during her relationship with O.J. Unfortunately, none of them, including FR, reacted and reported the abuse before she was murdered. If Faye wanted to help her “best friend” , that was the time to do it. Not 4 months later, in a tell all book revealing her “secrets”, and sold to the highest bidder.
    This one is a nasty piece of work, and, for me, she proves it each time she gets on camera.

    1. Is that true? You checked out the police records for that time? Because from what I read she certainly did call the police more than once. If the abused person, back then, didn’t press charges, the case went nowhere.

      1. When you say “from what I read” – would that be what you read from Resnick’s book? Could you explain further what you read and from where? Otherwise please stop coming at people if you are only basing your opinions on a book written by a lying cow who sold out her friend to make money off her death. This is a forum for us to have an opinion on the subject above, not to come on and attack people who’s comments you don’t like.

        1. I am not coming at you. I hope you can insert the intended tone of a genuine question, did you see the police records? Because I certainly wasn’t being hostile. Besides, I don’t believe I was talking to you in that comment. I have not read the entire book yet and I also am stating my opinion and asking a simple question. Yes an open forum. If you consider anything I have said as an attack, I am sorry you felt that it was. There are police records available to the public, altho all this time later it is a hassle. So, I don’t have time to find it all again like I did after the verdict and submit my source. But it’s there. There were audio tapes of her on the phone with 911. The hostility toward her is all over this blog and because my opinion differs, you are the one coming at me. I have said nothing similar to what you said to me. Apple and I were having a respectable debate. No bashing or disrespect. None of us know whether she did it for the money, or in fact what condition she was in. I choose to believe she has changed and is sorry for any damage she caused. That’s how I roll. Sorry if you don’t like it.

        2. And one more thing which I forgot to mention, an attack would include actually attacking the person. That would be for example, saying apple was stupid or wrong. Mainly I wouldn’t say that because I don’t think it, apple and I have had a few discussions on here and even if I did think that, repeating myself that I think the opposite, I would never say it. You know the old saying “You can’t argue with stupid?” Well, we both proved we don’t find the other stupid. And if you can’t take a small exchange of differing strong opinions, maybe, since you decided to speak directly to me, you should just stop reading me. I only ever speak to a poster directly when someone comes after me. Find one place where I have and I will apologize.

      2. Nicole called…but I believe we are discussing Faye, who didn’t call.
        She wrote a book after Nicole was killed to profit from her murder. ..and I find that despicable.

        1. And going by these latest episodes Kyle & FR are definately trying to give this book more attention. Seems very convenient that this is the latest topic when the OJ movie is coming out.

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