What Adrienne Maloof Did To Brandi Glanville To Make Her Mad & Why Adrienne Wanted To Keep Surrogacy A Secret!


Adrienne Maloof and Brandi Glanville keep making headlines with their feud regarding Adrienne’s surrogacy, and now we finally have some answers! Adrienne told US Weekly in December, “From the very beginning of the show I set parameters and made it clear that my children would not be in the story line.” Now, in Season 3, Adrienne’s children have been a part of one of the biggest RHOBH scandals to date.

In the episode that aired on December 10th (filmed last Spring) Brandi Glanville revealed to the women that Adrienne used a surrogate to have her twins, Christian and Colin, who are six years-old. Adrienne says she used a surrogate because she had a troubled pregnancy with her oldest son, Gavin. According to the latest issue of US Weekly, after Kim Richards told Adrienne and her husband at the time, Paul Nassif, what Glanville said they went to Bravo execs and demanded the network omit Brandi’s comment. Then, Adrienne and Paul had their lawyers send a cease-and-desist letter to Brandi.

A source close to Adrienne says she was waiting to tell her boys about the surrogacy, but the secret got out. “Adrienne is furious,” her friend tells US Weekly, “She despises Brandi.” Since Adrienne’s nasty divorce with Paul Nassif, Paul and Brandi have reconciled and have even become friendly. Paul has apologized to Brandi for calling her a bitch, and apologized about the cease-and-desist letter. Adrienne’s friend tells the mag, “It’s crazy that Paul can befriend Brandi after what she did to his kids.”

Throughout watching this Season of RHOBH, Brandi has made it clear Adrienne had done some nasty things to her that sparked their feud. I interviewed Brandi in November and she told me, “I have become very close with Lisa, Ken, and their family during the hiatus. I never really had a real relationship with Adrienne other than a TV friendship, but that went south when I didnt want to be a part of the ‘Lisa Take Down.’ I am not friends with Adrienne and although I have hope that one day things will be better, I find it hard to forgive when someones tries to hurt my family.”

A friend of Brandi’s tells US Weekly that after Brandi refused to gang up on Lisa at the Season 2 Reunion, Adrienne tried to have Brandi fired from the show, even suggesting famous replacements. However, the mag reports that the final straw for Brandi was when she starting suspecting that Maloof was planting stories in the press about Brandi being an absent mother who had a drinking problem. An insider reveals, “Brandi began compiling things she knew Adrienne lied about.” Obviously, Brandi knew about Adrienne’s surrogacy, and that was at the top of her list. “Brandi wasn’t trying to hurt Adrienne’s family. She just wanted to point out what a liar Adrienne is. Brandi was mad, so she bit back.”

Adrienne has denied these allegations and her friend reveals, “There’s not one valid reason Brandi should be angry with Adrienne,” explaining how Adrienne had Brandi’s back in Season 2 during her tumultuous feud with the Richards sisters. Adrienne’s friend adds, “Brandi wants to stay relevant.”

Many viewers don’t understand why Adrienne would be so upset about her surrogacy being revealed. The insider explains, “She [Adrienne] barely even talks about her kids on television. She’s all about her business on the show.” Adrienne also didn’t want to tell her sons they were carried by her close friend until she felt they were old enough to understand. “A child psychologist recommended she wait until they are 10 years-old. She doesn’t want them teased at school or asked about it,” the friend explains.

So what does this mean for the rest of the Season of RHOBH? “As the season progresses, Brandi and Adrienne ignore each other during filming,” the source says. “They don’t have an amicable conversation. They don’t speak. Period. There is no way they’ll ever be friends again.”

Credit: US Weekly


7 Replies to “What Adrienne Maloof Did To Brandi Glanville To Make Her Mad & Why Adrienne Wanted To Keep Surrogacy A Secret!”

  1. This is all bulldinky. Anyone could go back to Season 1 to hear Adrienne talk about the surrogacy herself. This is another manufactured storyline to get ratings, because they have absolutely nothing else. What happened to them going with the whole Shana (“Taylor”) is so drunk all of the time that she needs an intervention-storyline??? Seems they haven’t shown all of the nasty stories we’ve read as they were filmed. Bravo and Andy are the strangest, most evil people!! These shows are all toast! Next!

  2. This is crap – as stated above, Adrianne spoke about this very issue in season 1. She is so fake. She should however be more concerned sbout her poor kids being teased and tormented over her actions with her current boytoy and the fact she looks like an ugly plastic doll to the point it is creepy. She uses those kids as leverage and to insinuate Paul physically abused her – what a lowlife. Those leaked pictures by her chef – inappropriate – were more from a manufactured story and looked like her martial arts type marks. Give it up Adrianne-you are as credibal as Trailor Trash and that means =0 You need to get off of this show as you don’t appear to have any fans and concentrate on your emotional issues. You appear to have many.

  3. Not true at all. The only person who discussed surrogacy in Season 1 was Camille. Adrienne never said anything about herself having one.

  4. RW you are correct. Adrienne has never discusses her surrogacy on TV. It was Camille who revealed she used a surrogate in Season 1.

  5. Brandi is an opportunist. I am not shocked to read here that Brandi is now friends with Paul Nassif, since the divorce. Brandi complains about other women cheating with her ex. Yet, Brandi has done every form of flirting and made inappropriate comments towards the married men on this show from day one. I wouldn’t be shocked if Brandi isn’t the next Paul Nassif. I was raised that actions speak louder than words. In the case of brandi, her actions and words are disgusting. Hard to feel sorry for a woman that acts and gossips as poorly as she does. Too bad all these women don’t take the time to school her on proper behavior. That or fill her mouth with soap. Never been impressed by these women. Brandi on the other hand…. Was she a charity case that was brought to the show or what? I believe there are women in prison with better morals and behavior than Brandi.

  6. To all above: it’s simple, do not judge lest thee be judged. I’m betting none of u are any where near perfect!!

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