Wendy Williams Thinks NeNe Should Be Fired From RHOA, Calls Her Childish And Bitter


Talk show host Wendy Williams is always willing to share her opinions about The Real Housewives and this time, Williams’ feud with NeNe Leakes is escalating. Wendy spoke about Leakes’ behavior during the RHOA reunion on her show Monday.

“NeNe, needs to go,” Williams announced. “I understand that she’s the highest paid housewife and all that other kind of stuff, but … she stayed so long that she went from being likable, loveable, and comical to be mean, jealous, vindictive, childish. Just childish, bitter, all that. NeNe needs to go.”

“NeNe only wants to be friends with people who she views are beneath her,” Williams continued. “Somebody at Bravo, give Marlo Hampton a peach and make her apart of the cast. I mean, I don’t know what Marlo does for a living, the word on the streets is ‘sketchiness.’ But we need somebody new on the show who will make us not miss NeNe, and the rest of them when they go. I think that Marlo is perfect. We’ve met her enough to know we need more of her shade. Give that girl a peach, and let’s roll.”

“NeNe does better with mimes as friends,” Wendy adds. “It’s ok as long as you’re praising her and being her cheerleader, but as soon as you go to disagree, it’s a problem. I’m real and not going to sugarcoat something just so she can feel happy.”

Do you agree with Wendy?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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So agree with Wendy! Nene has had her time and she’s so jealous, bitter and got far too big for her boots!

Hi Dani.J-I so agree that it is time for Nene to move on-but that will not happen. Bravo & Andy love her!

Yay! Wendy told it like it is! I am close to not tuning in to Atlanta Housewives. Just watching the Reunion convinced me I am not longer interested in the next session. NeNe was enormously disrespectful of Andy, talked non-stop when castmates, except for Phadra, were talking. Her body language told the whole story!!!!! Her treatment of Cynthia was unforgivable. I applaud Kandi for standing her ground. Tear up NeNe’s contract, Bravo.

GO WENDY!! Let Nene go!! Let Nene go!!

Well said Wendy, two great minds think alike. NeNe’s facial expressions were spewing hatred through-out the entire reunion. Give her enough rope and she will hang herself. She continues to pee in her barrel of whisky.

P.S. I am going to slit my wrist if I have to hear her talk about her bank account one more time.

I agree 100%. She gotten slovenly, as well. even bullied Andy. Demons in her knee knee caps.

Hnahahahahahaha! This comment is f-unnyyyy! Demons in her knee caps!LOL I agree she does need to go. Cant stand watching nene leakes anymore. Her behavior is beyond disgusting!

This is the same person who called out the late Whitney Houston to fight her on her radio show and recently called Evelyn Lozada new born child a cash register but she does not like mess and Nene should be fired and replaced with Marlo a women with a violent pass who cut a women so bad she committed suicide just imagine what would happen if she gets a peach Wendy you are the real jealous one here you give shade and read behind a camera with no one to respond right back not like the reunion show with everyone… Read more »

I fully agree with Wendy. I personally think that Bravo has created a monster in Nene. “Fire her”!

WooWee, that was the mother of all sentences. Lol.. I am exhausted. I can’t argue any comments made about Wendy because I am not smart on any of those comments. I’ll stick to what I do know about NeNe which is she is an obnoxious ignorant bully. Foreal are you AKA NeNe?

I agree with LocoForBravo.Sure sounds like KneeKnee read this thread,