Wendy Williams Alleges Phaedra Parks Knew Of Apollo Nida’s Criminal Acts


Talk show host Wendy Williams is never one to keep her opinions about The Real Housewives to herself, especially when it comes to her distaste for Phaedra Parks. So when discussing Apollo Nida’s recent bank fraud and identity theft charges with her audience, Williams held nothing back. “It’s really bad. Apollo might get to jail before Juicy Joe [Giudice] with this one,” Williams told her audience. “Apollo and Phaedra, it’s time for you to get off reality TV.”

Wendy also conducted a poll where she asked her audience members if they believe Phaedra was aware of Apollo’s crimes. “Of course she did!” Wendy said as the audience agreed. “Those Bravo checks aren’t big enough to buy a new funeral home and clothes for Mr. President. Somebody needed a job from some place.”

Photo Credit: Bravo
Video Credit: Wendy Williams Show