Watch Season 5 Vanderpump Rules Reunion Preview

We have the trailer for the season five reunion of Vanderpump Rules. The reunion will air in three parts and it is packed full of drama.

We will see Stassi and Ariana face off: “No matter what, you will never like me. I don’t understand it!” Stassi says to Ariana. Ariana fires back, “I watch you manipulate people time and time again.”

Scheana goes up against Katie, Stassi and Kristen and tries to defend herself for having her own opinions. “Ridiculous!” Kristen snaps.

Lala Kent makes a dramatic entrance to the stage and calls out the girls on the show for spreading “rumors” about her life and explains how they have affected her.

And finally, Mike Shay arrives to tell his side of the story and what happened with his marriage to Scheana. “I caught him texting another girl,” Scheana says. “I can’t even look at you right now,” Shay snaps back.

Watch the preview below:

Are you excited for the reunion?

Photo Credit: Bravo


10 Replies to “Watch Season 5 Vanderpump Rules Reunion Preview”

  1. Wonders if they re going to call out Jax for his coke/drug use? Hope someone puts those mean girls in their place And shows what a douche Katie has been all season long. Really, there can’t be enough footage to say they edited this way without her really acting this way….

  2. omg…. why is it necessary to have only mean girls on this show. They are nasty. My favorite – other than Lisa V – is Tom Swartz…..

  3. Rain check ur email. I had the perfect video for you like it was made with you in mind, it didn’t pass the muster must be can’t understand why. I sent it to you personally ❤️

  4. I seen part 1 of the reunion. Lala looks STUNNING. She looks like a barbie doll. Ladies, this cougar wants in on the Schwartzy action too. haha. he is soooo handsome inside and out. Katie better clean up her attitude …I am sure lots of nicer women are waiting in the sidelines to be the next Mrs. Schwartz. maybe there is a nicer part to Katie that the cameras don’t catch??

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