Watch RHOBH Star Erika Jayne On Dancing With The Stars

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Girardi has been going strong for a couple of weeks on Dancing With The Stars, and you better believe her husband Tom is tuning in to see her compete!

“Tom’s been 100 percent supportive, just like he is for Housewives,” Erika shared with The Daily Dish. “He does watch the show. No, Tom and I don’t dance together.”

Instead, Erika’s dance partner is Gleb Savchenko, who she says “kicks my ass” during rehearsals before the live show every Monday. “Every day we get better as a team,” Girardi said. “He has great ideas and he makes this one minute and fifteen seconds come to life. He creates a great story, so we enjoy it.”

So how has this experience been different from being Erika Jayne? “I think it’s helped [being a pop performer] because you’re definitely more comfortable than say others who haven’t,” she said. “But it’s still very different and it’s still very intimidating in the ballroom, for sure. I’m completely out of my comfort zone, just like Gleb was saying. This is something completely different and it is difficult. So while those things have helped, there’s still a lot to go through.”

“I mean everybody’s been really nice and as the weeks have gone on, we’ve kind of gotten to know them a little bit more,” she said, before shouting out Charo, who was eliminated this week. “I mean Charo is a complete and total character. But everybody’s cool and it’s really nice to see your friendship grow. It is a fun cast. Charo’s intense.”

Have you been watching Erika compete? Watch her performances below.

Week 1 – Salsa:


Week 2 – Foxtrot:


Week 3 – Jive:


Check out Erika rehearsing behind-the-scenes here:


Photo Credit: Bravo


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      1. That was my feelings to. She just looked stiff. I haven’t seen her husband Tom at any of her performances. I wonder if he’s been there?

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