Watch RHOA Peter Thomas and Matt Jordan’s Brawl During Radio Show

Never before seen footage of a big brawl between RHOA stars Peter Thomas and Kenya Moore’s ex-boyfriend Matt Jordan has been revealed and it is quite shocking.

During a visit to the Power 98 radio station in Charlotte, Jordan rips into Thomas and his anger escalates into a knock-down-drag-out fight.

“I’m not going to argue,” Jordan says in an explicative riddle of rants against Thomas, who was sitting in the corner of the station’s studio.

In the video posted on The Shade Room Instagram, Jordan calls Thomas a “bitch,” throws a water bottle at him and then lunges past the radio staff and jumps on him.

Throwing punches, Jordan and Thomas slam on the table and it takes two guys to pull Jordan off of Thomas.

Thomas called the police and filed an assault report against Jordan. He claimed that Thomas and Todd Tucker, Kandi Burruss’ husband, “coached” him into getting $10,000 from Moore.

Watch the video below.

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11 Replies to “Watch RHOA Peter Thomas and Matt Jordan’s Brawl During Radio Show”

  1. So looks like Matt also has anger issues. He messed up his life as soon as he hooked up with Moore.

  2. they’re both vile, but Peter finally got what he deserved I guess. He really is a little b*tch and speaks way too much, finally found someone who wasn’t gonna stand for it.hopefully we won’t see either of them on rhoa anymore

  3. Yup, Matt is in dire need of anger management, that’s a given. Just associating with Kenya would drive the sanest person insane.
    As for slimy Peter, it was time he got it. He is one nasty & should hook up with mama joyce, the lowest example of motherhood.
    Matt admitted that Todd coached him to as to how to get $10,000 out of Kenya. I’ve said it all along, the Kandi bunch are low & vile. It’s time their nasty showed. Again, I will repeat, Phaedra should not be disbarred because of Kandi, she was driven to this.

    1. Like it or not, at the end of the day, this is still business, and this is a job for these women. It is not unreasonable that given these women command in excess of $1 Million dollars a season, that they will give a percentage to their spouses/mates in exchange for them appearing on the show and helping them round out their storylines. Hell, even if it weren’t a million plus dollars, has anyone here ever actually worked with a partner or spouse on a project that’s under their income umbrella or vice versa? Um, it’s kind of normal to set aside something in the budget for their participation in bringing your project to fruition. If I have to shoot something and I need a few extra stills and my husband can do it, then he gets a fee from out of my budget expenses. Conversely, if he writes a jingle or piece of music and needs a guide vocal, he makes me sing it and pays me accordingly from out of his budget.

      What I want to know is where is all this free labor coming from with couples that work together? Frankly, I’ve never seen it…and I’m not referring to your mate maybe taking a few phone calls or making you some photo copies, I’m talking about making themselves present for the actual creation of what you do for a living so that you get paid. They are present in the actual harvesting of the work. Maybe people who aren’t involved in creative professions don’t understand that kind of dynamic, but from my experience that’s simply called feeding the family.

  4. I cannot see ANYWHERE or ANY example that someone can give me that Peter deserved this. Why? because he said Nene’s behavior at some fake charity event was childish 6 years agao?

    I don’t understand this tendency viewers have to confuse whether or not they like a person with what is right and wrong behavior. Like, really?

    Frankly I’m glad this young gun got schooled by the old timer. Matt saw an easy target because Peter is 20 years older, and perhaps slower. But Peter is still an island man, and what the young hothead didn’t see coming was a headlock and a box cutter. Had there not been interference, Matt would not have come out on top and I dare say this might have ended up terribly…and it would have been SELF-DEFENSE.

    WTH did Peter have coming from Matt to deserve this? Anyone…? Hands….?

  5. I guess I the only one here who likes Kenya. Matt has too many issues. That’s a shame at first I thought Matt & Kenya were a great couple together. Peter is just a angry Papa Smurf. With a chip on his shoulder.

    1. The pot shots you continue to take against people of color profiled on this site is fatiguing me greatly. Why not just come right out and admit you hate black people and think negatively of us all?

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