WATCH: NeNe Leakes Dances Rumba For Gregg


Monday night on Dancing With The Stars NeNe Leakes dedicated her Rumba for her husband, Gregg. The celebrities revealed their most memorable year and NeNe chose 2013, the year she re-married Gregg.

“The first time I got married to Gregg we were really stuck on attraction,” NeNe explained. “Our relationship started to really fizzle. We were not seeing eye to eye and we were arguing all the time. That doesn’t work for me. I’m a really good communicator, I like to talk about everything. Gregg… not so much. For a long time we were not even speaking. I never stopped loving Gregg, so when we broke up, the connection was still there. Gregg Leakesssss, this Rumba is for you. There is a little bit of grinding, honey, but don’t worry. You know I’m coming home to you.”

Watch NeNe dance below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Video Credit: ABC