Watch Kenya Moore Get Crowned Miss USA 1993!

Real Housewife of Atlanta, Kenya Moore, is mostly known for her 1993 win in The Miss USA pageant. I was searching on YouTube and came across this video of her being crowned Miss USA, representing Detroit, Michigan. You also get a glimpse of her doing her farewell walk with the infamous pageant wave! You can fast forward through some of the first part, but it’s interesting to see how different she looks, and acts. Watch below!

Photo/Video Credit: Miss USA Pageants

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WALTER, WALTER, WALTER ….. THIS MESSAGE IS FOR YOU! Run, now, go, get away from her as fast as you can. You will never be happy with a woman like this. Can’t you see that already? She is making a fool out of you publicly. You poor thing. She does not deserve a man as good as you. She is the type of woman that no matter what you do for her and however hard you try, you will never live or be up to her standards. That’s right, standards. You’re just another tic on her list, she’s in it… Read more »

Wow, your kidding! No one cares that Kenya was Miss Anything. Kenya has portrayed to America that the only title she deserves now is MISS BULLY OF AMERICA! She’s a disgrace to the Miss USA franchise. Nothing but a mean girl at heart. This is what she has portrayed to the Bravo fans. She’s disgusting.

Her crown should be taken away from her!

You are all jealous of her just keep you comment to yourself

Kenya is arounnd my babay sister’s age, her and my Grandmother were very good friends and my Aunty Pam N Uncle Jake. Just say we know her and she was not raised like that she is an perfect example of Shitty she is ugly and pertraying Detroit women to look bad. Her Grand Mother is a Jehovas witness and I know her family is turning in there sleep watching her act a fool like that where are her children she is desperate and dum ann her CLOCK is ticking good becuz if she carries on like her so would her… Read more »

Umm please before you blast anyone learn how to write.

Keenya is a beautiful articulate Miss USA and proudly has opened the door for other beautiful hopeful young women,just as vanessa williams did.However,her crown was taken.Not Keenya. Dont hate!

Wow, listen to yourselves HATERS!!!! Kenya Moore is FABULOUS and BEE-YOU-T-FUL!! Y’all are not worried about Walter – you’re just hating on Kenya because you can’t have him and not to forget Kenya is Fabulous and Beautiful! Twirl and twirl and twirl, bahahahaha!

OMG, Kenya is a hot mess and my new guiltiest pleasure. She definitely needs meds, but I love her. I mean, have you seen her cray cray look? Oh, and she looks nothing like the woman that won Miss USA 1993! LOL Who remembers these women anyway. I can only remember Laura Herring, and only because she was the first Latina to win that pageant. I LOVE YOU KENYA MOORE, keep your crazy coming!

Kenya is krazy! Run Walter run!

Why so much hate you guys should support her for the fact that she was the second African American to win miss USA maybe thats one of the reason you guys hating on her so much.bitter! Porsha is an air head who acts like she is in high school messy little girl That has a horse face,

Porsha, so far is acting more like a lady than “Miss USA”. Yes, she is beautiful and her nasty ways make her not so ‘attractive’. Any one who goes to a ‘affair’ with their ‘butt cheeks’ out DOES NEED MEDICAL CARE. She tried to make Phaedra look bad but in ‘reality’ she was the one who looked BBBAAAAAAADDDDD.

I wonder if she wads so mean and rude back in the olde days…hummmm

Kenya maybe beautiful..but she is coming off as a little unstable…one can not force one to love you.. And Kenya refuses to take friendly , helpful advice.. As for Porsha she is very immature.. And she needs a job.. I mean career.. Lol

Her butt was not that big when she won, so I would think that she had her but done. Maybe that is why she seems unstable because her brain is not getting enough air because that silicon padding has cut off that supply.

Awesome Moment!!!!! Still a very gorgeous lady. 🙂

Her teeth were messed up in the video. Far different then this picture 😉

Other than the whole ordeal with Walter, I don’t see how Kenya is a bully. She seems to be a tad judgemental but I wouldn’t go so far as to call her a bully. Some of you are too dramatic..

‘Come on Eileen’are you for real Kenya. What’s your playing with girl you should know better than to be hunting for your man on TV. Tic tock tic tock your baby Clock stop!!. Just except it girl. Walter gone move on find yourself a next one. Good tv watching though. That’s how this Londoner see’s it.

She’s an embarrassment as Miss USA!

“Former Miss USA”