WATCH: Kenya Moore Appears In A 1996 Episode Of Martin


Before appearing on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore was an actress, appearing in several well-known TV shows and movies. Kenya twirled down memory lane when she tweeted about this appearance on a 1996 episode of Martin as Lena Bozack.

“#tbt from the set of Martin! My hair though… I will never live this epic episode down LOL was too much fun. #mrsbozack,” she tweeted.

Watch Kenya in the clip below.

Photo Credit: Bravo


2 Replies to “WATCH: Kenya Moore Appears In A 1996 Episode Of Martin”

  1. Looks like someone (Kenya) is attempting to remind us, once again, how big she is and what she brings to the show. RHOA!! Really, doesn’t look to me like anything has changed in her MO. She’s playing the same role on Martin, that she plays on RHOA. Causing trouble in a marriage!!! That show was hiliarious and I watched it w/my kids every week. Kenya didn’t bring anymore to Martin than she brings to RHOA! NOTHING!!! like her claims to NeNe, and what happened to her “career” outside the show? NOTHING! and nothing has come her way since joining the show. I don’t see anyone beatin down Kenya’s door cuz she was such a good actress, etc. She’s blowin her own horn again. Really Kenya, this is a very poor publicity tactic. All it confirms is, you are the only one who is important to you. I got NOTHING from watching her performance..NOTHING!!!

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