Watch Erika Jayne’s New Video: How Many F*cks?


In case you haven’t noticed, Erika Girardi doesn’t care what you think about her and the perfect example is in her latest single, “How Many F***s?” The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is pulling out all the stops in the music video for the song from its sets saturated in bright colors to her eye-popping costumes.

Watch the video below.

Thoughts on Erika’ video?

Photo Credit: Bravo


64 Replies to “Watch Erika Jayne’s New Video: How Many F*cks?”

    1. Me too, me too :). I already bought the song on iTunes! Can’t wait to play it on the bus and see how these hipsters feel about this old mama listening to this 🙂

        1. Oh you’re so sweet daisy . ❤️❤️❤️I’m in my 50s so not super old, but not a spring chicken either lol

    1. Me either, Real Sandy. Don’t like it at all. I think people who do are desperately trying to be hip. It is an obnoxious song and badly autotuned.

      1. You know when Andy said she was submissive for her husband, I was in agreement. She denied it, but she definitely is, and most lawyers are very dominant by nature. She is not just respectful, she is very obedient, and it is obvious. She is two different people too. Clearly she is Mrs. Girardi and the wife who knows her place most of the time, anyway, or he will put her in her place, and then she is EJ, the persona who wants to get out of the cage to play once in a while. Tom is okay with her other persona too, so they are still together and it works…as long as they each have their own jet and all that money can buy, anyway…or I would doubt it would be as long lasting, yet in this day in age, being married that long is rare. She left her young son with his father and crossed the country to end up meeting a very wealthy much older man. She did not raise her son. I have little respect for Erika, and after all that she said repeatedly to LVP in Yo’s defense, not even knowing LVP, I find her repulsive even more, not even taking her “F….ing”act into consideration.

        1. Real Sandy, I about choked when EJ/EG denied being submissive to her husband.We witnessed it. I didn’t know about her son until the reunion. Actually I never knew who EJ was until she joined RH. I knew TG had married a much younger trophy wife but didn’t care enough to find out anything about her.
          You are insightful about lawyers, we are dominate by nature. I’m retired now and my kids are trying to tell me what’s best for me. Not going to happen. I don’t have one iota of respect for either Erika. She’s been arrested many times. Luckily, she has one of the best lawyers in the country!
          I get embarrassed with exhibitionists. To say I agree with you is an understatement. Sorry I am posting so late. Hope you get this soon. I love this site and the people in here. It’s not just fun but also therapeutic. Have a great weekend. xo xoxo ❤❤❤

  1. Sorry but exhibitionist always embarrass me. I think she is a beautiful woman but showing herself naked ( with blurred images over her boobs and private parts) on national TV must also embarrass her husband or at least it should. IMHO

  2. Here is a woman who is celebrating that she’s all woman, no man telling her what to do. She owns it and works hard for that body.

    Erika rocks.

  3. Yes. She works very hard using her husband’s money since 2009. Let’s have a parade for the hard-working Erika.

    1. ITA! It’s not her money, it’s her husband’s money. I don’t think she makes enough to support herself. All the wasted money could help other people less fortunate.

      1. Legally it´s her money, they have joint assets….I´ll tell her to mail you a gift certificate from McDonald´s, as a way to help you

  4. Just watched Erika Jayne’s music video. She is a very beautiful woman with a very voluptuous body, but how she uses it is so not Erika Giradi & she’s degrading her husband. Cannot understand how that is acceptable to a man in his position. Isnt he embarrassed? I am for her.

  5. Okay I watched this video. Then I watched another …. and another. It’s not my kind of music first off, I’m not a dance clubber, never was, but I love good old r&b and classic rock mainly and can still do the hustle and the bus stop pretty well. I have to say that this pretty lady can sing though. I listened to an earlier track called Stars with no video of her squatting or splaying or handling a man’s genitalia or her own, just listened to this very melodic song and was pleasantly surprised. It’s a really nice tune. What I don’t get about this beautiful gifted woman is why ?? Why the dichotomy ? Why does she do a 180 from respectable woman of highly respected businessman to a purring over sexualized vixen. I don’t get it. She could really be a mainstream full on respected music star with her looks, dance moves, and singing chops she really could. Why has she short changed herself. She’s an enigma alright! I’m certain there’s far more to Mrs. Erika Girardi’s story than meets the eye. A woman like that cannot possibly be satisfied with, forgive me for saying and no disrespect to Mr. G, an much older not very sexually attractive man imo and with a workload that keeps him away from home much of the time. No not buying it. I don’t care what anyone says, I’m not buying it. She’s either bisexual, lesbian, or having a torrid affair with some hunka burning dude. A woman like that? Oh yeah. Okay here come the tomatoes I’m ready I’ll just make pasta primavera.

    1. No tomatoes from here MM. I am in complete agreement with you. Why? Excellent question. I’ve been wondering about it too. That’s a strange marriage. He treats her more like a child. But it seems to be working. I got embarrassed and couldn’t watch the entire video. It’s not my cup o’ tea.

      1. I would never watch Erika J. There is something so off about her. I can tolerate Erika G. Would love to know more about that relationship but the more I read the more convinced I am that Yolanda has no real friends other than B & K.

        1. Good day, Aunt Bee! I’m glad that you didn’t watch the video. Once you have seen it you can’t get the image out of your head. I like Erika G, like you, I’d like to know more about that part of her life. She is beautiful.
          How are you today? I know you are kind and wish the best for everyone. I’d like to know you a little better. There is not one comment you’ve made that I’ve disagreed. 😉 ❤❤❤

          1. Not much to know Joanna. Just an old maid (71) with several chronic health problems (not life threatening just annoying) and basically housebound unless family related. I have a loving family who watches over me. Enjoy FB and the RH blog very much. Live in NE Ohio and enjoy all 4 seasons. How about you.?

            1. Thank you for sharing your life. I’m an old widow (79) my husband, Jim, passed away in January (28th) this year. I too have several chronic annoyances. Rheumatoid and Osteo Arthritis being the worst. I have 3 sons and 1 daughter. 7 grandchildren, 2 great grandkids and 1 on the way in Sept. I lived in California until last year and now live in Colorado. Worked until I turned 68. I love my family but they’re always thinking for me. I’m not moving in with them because THEY think I should. Pretty boring huh? I enjoy this site and the people are loveable. Sorry if I bored you and I love your comments!! Have a great weekend. Hugs to you. (((❤))) xoxo. 😉

              1. Thank you for sharing also. Our families do love us. Yes I want my Independance for as long as I am able to care for myself. My sister and BIL moved me from a 3 story house to a ranch condo to avoid steps and I am so grateful. You gave had a very interesting life. Now where can I find out about Erika’s arrests? Haha I love a bit of gossip. 🙂

    2. If you do send me on I love it! My favourite! I also agree. I do wonder if it’s her husband that likes her to do all that?

          1. Especially with Slade and garlic bread! Yummyyyyyy❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

              1. Hi Aunt Bee. Thought I’d get back to you and say we could be kindred spirits. EJ was arrested twice. First when she was 18 for beating up another girl, she was released on her own recognizance. Again when she was 22 for drunken and disorderly conduct. Her record has been sealed. My friend in California was her neighbor.
                Hope you are well. I pray for everyone on this site, you included! 😉
                I can’t stand Slade or Gretchen either. Miss M got me hungry for Pasta Primavera, a good salad and I make great cheesy garlic bread! Wishing you the best and may God bless you. ❤❤❤❤❤❤xoxo

              2. It’s having to use this stupid pen rather than my fingers! Salad!!!!!! I can’t stand slimy Slade either!

        1. The only ones that would be coming from me would be some nice Scottish ones in the summer!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

          1. Hi Suze. Thanks for mentioning ad cal. I got some today. My daughter brought it. It can’t hurt and may help. Like Aunt Bee, I’m homebound. I had knee surgery 6 years ago. I have a walker but can’t use it anymore so I’m in a wheelchair. I get around, you know. Hope you are having good days. Your condition is worse and you care so much about others. You are beautiful…in and out. xoxo ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. Me either, Joanna, I can’t watch the full videos it’s overkill. But I had to get a read on her ‘art’ and try and figure out her story line in her videos. They’re pretty much all the same, she wants to be a bad girl and get taken. That about sums it up. I don’t think I would be questioning her operative if she was a lounge lizard or even a flying trapeze artist traveling with Barnum and Bailey. It’s the whole premise of her rolling around on a stage with her coocoo hanging out acting by night like a twenty something and then expects to be recognized as a wealthy respected socialite by day…it’s baffling why she chooses the lowest possible octave of entertainment at her age. Cause the girl CAN sing!

      1. I know Aunt Bee, it’s a shame isn’t it? With all her beauty, smarts, voice and resources she has so much going for her. I don’t understand why she chooses the raunchy path I’m bummed she won’t live up to her fullest potential I guess. She’s doing that dumbed down sex thing that most young girls now days do because they haven’t really got talent. She’s going to have to reinvent herself at some point real soon cause she’s getting on and her youthful look is going to fade. I don’t know. I’m making too much of it probably. But damn it she could be a respected artist doesn’t that mean anything anymore? Just stand up there at a microphone with a great band and sing a great song. I ask you Erika Jayne is that too much to ask??!!! Well is it?! hehe Time for bed.

  7. I couldn’t give 2 F***s about the videos whether she can sing yadayadayadayada. What I do care about is that the moment Lisa was asked her first question about speaking about the age difference between Erika and Tom, Erika was doing fine, Lisa was saying what she was thinking, and Yolanda butts in and says “you were judging.” First of all, who the hell does she think she is? Oh wait I know, since her first moment on the show she has professed herself to be the moral compass of what the woman say, do, drink, when to say it, how to say it and to who, where they are allowed to have fun with her Dutch standards……………………………………………………………, now again as soon as the opportunity arises, she can not stop herself from trying to make Lisa’s intention’s look less than honorable. She continues to do that no matter who the question or statement is addressed to, just to make SURE, everyone never wondered of her 51 and brain function interfered with her ability to pass judgment on everyone.

    1. Very well said, 3D’s. She was Yo’s puppet and she loved picking on Lisa. I love Lisa, and didn’t like the way she was treated this season. Kyle and LVP are good friends. Yes, being human we all have made mistakes. I take LVP just the way she is over EJ/EG, LR and ED any day of the week and twice on Sunday. I completely agree with you. She can dance but w/o auto tune she would be lost. Singing the scale is easy. She needs a gimmick. BTW, you have a nice way with words. Are you a writer? If not you should be. xoxo❤❤❤:)

    2. Preach 3D ! I know what you mean, remember when I first came on I sung her praises until you pointed out her self righteousness and I began to really watch her and see how she interacted with others. She’s always talking about others to not judge, but in a way isn’t she judging others herself by calling them out all the time about their lack? She needs to relax, that one. I know I can sometimes get preachy and get caught up with ‘do the right thing!’ but I’m aware and I catch myself and turn it around. She really needs more self awareness, it’s such a turn off. xoxoxo

    1. OKAY Okay …. who’s on diaper duty today….3D???? You gonna wipe this one up I have laundry and dishes right now.

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