Was Ramona Singer Drunk At The RHONY Reunion Taping?


We got to see part one of the RHONY reunion Tuesday night. The reunion taping went on for so long that it will air in three parts and an insider is revealing that Ramona Singer fell asleep while the show was still taping!

“Ramona drank so much of her own wine, which she brought with her to the taping, that she literally fell asleep,” an eyewitness tells the NY Daily News. “The ladies broke for lunch, which was ordered into the venue and Ramona supplied her own wine. By the time they had to return to the set, she was out of it.”

“I do not believe she was meditating, no,” jokes the source.

The insider also adds that Sonja’s yapping about partying with John Kennedy Jr. made Carole Radziwill extremely angry.

“Carole loses her mind,” says our source. “As far as she is concerned, she owns that story, and was close with John through her husband, who passed. It is fine for her to talk about the family, but if anyone else does, she gets territorial.”

“Bethenny was surprisingly low-key. The biggest fights were between Carole and Heather, who were on one team as a unit, and Sonja and LuAnn (de Lesseps), who were on the other,” the source reveals.

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  • Annie

    Heather that B@# check just said to Sonja “You’re a bitch and you’re broke”. What a cruel thing to say! I hope karma finds you broke one day.

    • Sally

      I haven’t seen it as have to wait for You Tube but if Heather said that its really nasty! I don’t know what has happened to her this season, hopefully her last. I wonder what Carole will do then?

    • nycbunny

      Oh Heather is THE WORST!! I can not stand that horse-face!

  • Judge Judy

    Who goes carries their own bottle of wine around with them? Alkies, that’s who!

    Also, is it just me or do Kristen’s boobs look… unusual in that dress?

    • One Rotten Egg

      Yeah, for someone who got a boob joy, she looked saggy and the middle looked botched somehow.

    • Sally

      Ramona is another one I’m done with!!!

  • naynay

    I noticed Kristen’s boobs at Turks and Caicos, they were really saggy and I thought she had said she had a boob job. I thought boob jobs lifted your boobs

    • RealSandra

      Not necessarily. If you have implants, they may lift a little from the implant. If you have breasts lifted (mastopexy), it is more involved….more cutting, removal of loose skin, relocation of areola/nipple area and far more sutures. You can have one without the other.

      • Judge Judy

        Right, there’s a breast lift, implants, or both.

        Also, this is far from the first time I’ve seen strange boob looks on the RH shows. It happens when they show too much, with too little support. I think it looks desperate and deluded past a certain age even if the breasts are in good shape. Whoever helps them dress has been lying to them!

        • RealSandra

          LOL. 😉

  • Diane

    I’m sure the problem was only that Ramona wasn’t the center of attention and therefor bored to sleep!!!

  • DebBrenn

    I loved every moment that Ramona’s mouth wasn’t flapping. I think Carole’s issue with Sonja wasn’t that she thinks she “owns” the family stories. It was that Sonja was doing her name dropping and made his life sound as frivolous as hers. A reputation of dignity is in short supply with the Kennedy family, and I think Carole thinks he deserved better.

    • Aunt Bee

      Thank you DebBrenn ITA

    • RealSandra


  • Jake

    Well it was bound to happen since Ramona drinks her own wine everywhere she goes! Did she bring the glasses in her purse too like in season 3?

  • Jake

    And I call it, next season Ramona’s drinking problem will be the main storyline, watch!

    • RealSandra

      That sounds about right. The Pinot will be a no-no soon enough. She can’t go anywhere without it…not a good sign.

  • Lisa

    At least it shut her up! LOL

  • Lisa

    Also Kristen’s boobs don’t look fake. Fake ones don’t sag like that especially in a young woman.I didn’t like her look that night.

  • Why isn’t there any more stuff about the reunion here? I don’t see any blogs up, and I am sure they have written them. I hate it when they all talk over each other and Andy doesn’t shut them down. It wastes the little bit of air time there is. Heather not only looks like shit, why oh why does she think a bra and a robe is appropriate for a gala?, but she can not keep her mouth shut when it comes to her “friend”, Carole. Dorinda looks FABULOUS. I see Sonja with a J is wearing the dress I liked in a lot of her interviews. Ramona should wear something with color, her dress was rather boring. And Kristen? With all of the really swanky, beautiful, flattering dresses available to her, why? And, as soon as it starts, Heather the preacher tries to speak for Bethenny by saying about the richest homeless person comment, “bad choice of words,” and then B stands by her words. I am sure she heard Heath try to speak for her. She interrupts EVERY TIME anything is discussed that she has ANY knowledge of. She has to MAKE SURE everyone, everyone understands COMPLETELY what HER interpretation of every single minute moment of every single thought that anyone has now or later. OMG, I can see why B said “inside me” Her word is the LAST WORD or else it is the ONLY WORD. Carole’s dress is her usual, tight little straw wrapper, and IMO she should have a dress consultant teach her how to dress for her “figure” If she has one. There is a certain dress for a standing function, and a different look for being seated while filming, IMHO.
    Luann must care seriously about what she is saying or she would back down. It is her niece, although she does play by a VERY strict set of rules about “taking a lover” I don’t know where the rulebook is, but she must believe it and think she lives by it. And her dress looks like she bought cheap satin sheet at a discount store and cut it up to make a dress.
    I usually don’t mind arguing, but I never really get to hear anyones personal point because they are talking over each other, and whoever’s voice is the most cutting, Sonjas for me, rises above.
    And Carole is getting that pinched look of women reaching or over 50 using more and more botox, it just looks weird. B too, only their mouths and eyes move. It looks like those wooden stands they used to have at fairs that looked like a Ken and Barbie cutout, where you look through the holes and you put your hands in and only your eyes and mouth move. That was my first thought when I saw Farrah in a movie many years ago, and even with all of the changes in P. surgery techniques, they still look the same after, weird. At least Bethenny has a cute age appropriate outfit on. Let’s see, who did I leave out?

  • gigi

    I watched this last night and it finally dawned on me who Heather looks like when she has that big, fake smile showing all her choppers. Jim Carrey smiling in The Mask. Seriously, google those exact words and tell me I’m wrong. Why does she smile like this? Can’t she just smile normally? Everything about her is exaggerated. Her smile, her need to be accepted, her pushiness, her CONSTANT interruptions. She’s so annoying and exhausting. She just tried way too hard to fit in. It’s all exaggerated and too much. If it’s true that she’s not coming back, I am not going to miss her at all.

  • Ramona Singer is just plain weird, when things were going well with her marriage—she was overly obnoxious and just talks/ yells to hear herself, and now that her marriage fell apart, she is even more strange, bizarre behaviour from this menopausal overyly in love with herself broad. It’s pretty sad…. Maybe she has had mental issues all along and the “pinot” is just self medicating? But her & Sonja are 2 peas in a pod, stupid, loose and drunk….

  • heather just needs to learn to keep her mouth “shut” for once, stop interruping, stop taking over every single conversation—it’s more than annoying—-kristen just look (hookerish / brandi trampon glanvilleish)..

  • Luann, thou dost protest “too much”……., Kristen please find a stylist, heather please find duct tape for your mouth, ramona/sonja please put down the drinks, carole grow up and bethenny please unwind, dorito- boring and slobbers when she drinks too much alcohol……..