Was Eddie Cibrian Texting Brandi Glanville?


Brandi Glanville recently tweeted about an ex contacting her and the whole world was buzzing that she was talking about her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian. “If an ‘ex’ reaches back out to u with a ‘hey’ or ‘sup’ text, do not fall 4 it! They don’t want you back they just want 2 make sure ur still invested,” Brandi tweeted.


Brandi’s tweet came the day after Eddie’s 2nd wedding anniversary to LeAnn Rimes. Brandi later cleared up on Twitter that she was NOT referring to Eddie, but a source tells RadarOnline there’s no way it could have been Eddie. “Eddie has blocked Brandi’s number from his cell, so she can no longer text him horrible things,” the source said. “You have to understand that she would write constant and evil things to him. No wonder he blocked her.”

“Brandi and Eddie do not speak unless it’s about their children and even then, its via email. And she knows the home number if she wants to reach the boys,” the insider said.

Photo Credit: WENN


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