Walter Jackson SLAMS Bravo For Fake Story Lines!

Walter Jackson

Walter Jackson originally stepped on the scene of The Real Housewives of Atlanta appearing as Kenya Moore’s boyfriend. When the Season started airing, Jackson started revealing and alleging Kenya asked him to “play” her boyfriend for the show, and suggests Bravo was aware of their fake relationship. Since Walter and Kenya’s on camera “break-up,” Kenya and the network have led viewers to believe Walter is gay, suffered from erectile dysfunction, and other negative things that Walter believes are attacks on his character. Now, after Bravo’s worked their editing, Walter is out to reveal not Kenya’s secrets, but Bravos!

It’s obvious the network did not have Walter sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), because he’s taking to Twitter to call the fake storyline! “Yeah I think TV meaning (Br_) is scared of me, they can’t control me and they can’t tell me what to say, So that’s y they WON’T INVITE me,” Walter tweeted of the network not letting his share his side of the story.

“I don’t think they want YOU to hear the truth about a certain person now that THEY KNOW the truth, but they will let her make up lies on air. Notice I’ve been real quiet for a while. But they keep on letting “you know who” lie and jab at me on air and want me to keep quiet!! WOW,” he continued.

Do YOU believe Walter, or Kenya & Bravo?

Photo Credit: Bravo