Kathy Wakile Breaks Ground On New House, Proud Her Family Has Remained United


On the season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey we learned that Kathy Wakile was starting to build her dream home. “Kathy decided she’s ready for a new kitchen,” read her update at the end of the show. “She’s taking the lead in design while [her husband] Rich stays out of the way.” Kathy took to Twitter that very same day to announce the big news and share some photos of the construction that is already underway. “Broke ground this week! [My husband Rich] decided I needed another kitchen so we’re building,” Kathy tweeted.


Kathy also took to her Bravo Blog to discuss how she is glad her family remained a united front through filming the fight at POSCHE 2. “I have to say I was so surprised when Kim D. invited me to her party, since I was not sure where we stood,” Kathy writes. “You know I had to say my piece to set the record straight, don’t talk bad or make rude comments about me, period! Anyway, so off to the party Richie and I went since we are supporters, especially when it comes to small local businesses. But to see and hear all the crap that was being passed around, one would have thought we were at the WWE, and not a party! Thankfully everyone made it out of there… But not without a Rummm-ble!”

“It was really nice to see Tre and Joe get real and go there with their mistakes and feelings for one another, their brother/sister bond is strong, and as my Richie said to Joe, that is what is important,” she continues. “Family matters the most! It’s important to remember that we are all human and we all make mistakes. And yes it’s OK to get upset when our feelings are hurt or we’re disappointed in one another. However the most important thing is to talk about it, clear it up, and move on. Our united front has stuck, no haters, no outsiders, because we have each other’s backs and will not allow it. In the toughest times we tend to learn the most, so yes, we have all learned a lot this season about our friendships, our family dynamics, and our ability to communicate no matter what!”

Photo Credit: Kathy Wakile/Bravo