Victoria Wakile Undergoes Brain Surgery


Kathy Wakile and family are certainly relieved after her daughter, Victoria, underwent surgery earlier this month to remove a benign brain tumor. Thankfully, the surgery was successful. 

This is the second time in ten years that the 20-year-old college student has had to undergo the same procedure. “I was nervous, why did it happen again?” Victoria tells OK! Magazine of her tumor coming back. But now that she is in recovery, she says she is feeling much better. “Now, each day I get more stamina.”

“She’s great,” Kathy says. “They initially get her out of bed after two days, and the doctor told her to get on her phone and text her friends. Yesterday, she was out of the house all day with her friends. Today we went to her campus to talk to her advisors and get all of her work from her professors.”

Get well soon, Victoria!

Photo Credit: Bravo