Vicki Says Tamra & Gretchen’s Friendship Is FAKE!


Vicki Gunvalson appeared on Watch What Happens Live after Monday night’s Season premiere of The Real Housewives of Orange County. In the premiere episode, Tamra Barney and Gretchen Rossi’s friendship appeared to be better than ever. The two were laughing, gossiping about Vicki’s plastic surgery, and shopping together! They went from being enemies in Season 6 to close friends in Season 7-8.

When Andy Cohen asked Vicki what she thought of Tamra and Gretchen’s friendship she exclaimed, “It’s so fake! It’s crazy. Oh my God, it’s so fake. It’s very fake!”

After a bitter feud with Tamra Barney at the end of Season 7, it appears Tamra and Gretchen grew close while Tamra’s friendship with Vicki was “nonexistent.” Vicki is sure the friendship is not real and thinks Tamra and Gretchen are friendly on camera to annoy her. “It’s crazy, it’s so fake. I think they just did it to bug me,” Vicki continued.

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4 Replies to “Vicki Says Tamra & Gretchen’s Friendship Is FAKE!”

  1. She is so passive-aggressive. And clearly jealous, what with the sarcastic comment about “friendship braceletts” (Tamra and Gretchen, which by the way was nauseating. Tamra plays the game, is calculating etc.).

    If Vicki really cares about Alexis, she would have walked out when Tamra lost her mind (again) at the table. I am pretty sure Alexis has her number though.

  2. I sure do not want to see Tamra back. She just acts so tacky. She’s not even relevant anymore. Gets on my nerves just watching her. When the show focuses on her, I mute the tv so I don’t hear her loud mouth. Classless, sneaky and jealous would describe Tamra. Hope 2015 shows Tamra as someone we can all admire.

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