Vicki Gunvalson’s ‘Vicki’s Vodka’ Is Over, Vicki Pulls Plug On Business Calls Her Partner A Bully


Vicki Gunvalson has had enough of the drama with her booze line and the lawsuits involving her business partner Robert Williamson III. Gunvalson tells RadarOnline that she has officially pulled the plug on Vicki’s Vodka. “This lawsuit arises from the business decision of Ms. Gunvalson and her business partner, Michael Nicholson, an expert in blending and selling distilled spirits, to terminate the Vicki’s Vodka brand,” Vicki’s lawyer said in a statement.

“Their decision resulted from their ongoing dissatisfaction with the business practices and bullying conduct of their other business partner, who is a professional gambler in Las Vegas and the plaintiff in the case. He wants to continue the project; they do not,” the lawyer added.

“This should have been the kind of routine dissolution of a small business that regularly occurs when co-owners disagree. Regrettably, the gambler has continued his bullying conduct by filing a lawsuit that has no merit at all. His claims are so lacking in factual and legal support that one can only assume the lawsuit was brought for its publicity value,” Vicki said in her statement.

“Ms. Gunvalson and Mr. Nicholson detailed their complaints about the gambler’s conduct in a lengthy letter in which they made an offer to buy out his interest in the business. That was rejected without a counteroffer. Since he cannot force them to continue working on the project, and as a professional gambler he does not have the industry expertise or fan base to make and market the project successfully, Vicki’s Vodka is dead. The gambler does not own the recipe and does not have a license to make, distribute or sell the product. No more vodka will be produced,” her statement said.

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  1. Oh poor Vickie – the drama continues. Shady business, shady partners, shady Brooks. Poor poor Vickie. Her crappy vodka wasn’t selling. How dumb does she think we are.

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