Vicki Gunvalson’s Son-In-Law Ryan Culberson To Seek Treatment For PTSD


One of the most dramatic moments in RHOC history happened when Vicki Gunvalson’s son-in-law Ryan Culberson went off on Lydia McLaughlin’s mother during Vicki’s Winter Wonderland party. Now, RadarOnline is reporting that Culberson is seeking treatment for PTSD after serving time in Afghanistan.

“I know I’ve been painted in some not so great light in the past season and after some deep soul searching I decided to reach out and get some help with the PTSD I have been dealing with for quite awhile,” Culberson told Radar.

He’ll be taking part in a five-day Save a Warrior program, which involves physical activities like rock-climbing and horse-riding as well as meditation techniques aimed at helping Marines to effectively deal with anxiety. A production company will be filming the experience, which is set the air on CNN.

“A guy I work with told me about the program he attended and it literally saved and changed his life. I’m really excited to go… I’ve known for awhile I needed something so hopefully this program is what I need,” Ryan said, adding that he just got back from Afghanistan in October.

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8 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson’s Son-In-Law Ryan Culberson To Seek Treatment For PTSD”

  1. Don’t believe this guy’s line about PTSD. He is using that as an excuse for his horrid behaviour to Lydia’s Mom last season.
    I personally know veterans and live with them and they have never behaved so badly.
    I believe that Ryan suffers from some type of anger / personality issues — I also believe that it’s a ‘convienent excuse’ to use the PTSD to cover his “hollywood butt”. He showed such disrespect, contempt and severe anger toward a woman he did not even know which is not the sign of PTSD….
    Sorry ryan but you lose this argument—and BTW, if it’s that bad, then why not get real help as oppossed to “rock climbing”. Maybe you could go into “sales” and you are quite the salesmen trying to sell this line of BS….

    1. I agree, and this guy is a loser. My husband has been through many deployments and for this guy to use ptsd as an excuse is low down dirty. Now I read this guy is going to be filmed and on Cnn doing some therapy. Boy he met his pot of gold when he met Brianna and I am wondering if he didn’t set out to meet her for just that reason.

  2. I think Ryan suffers from “anger, control and narcissim——-not to be confused with PTSD…
    His behavior towards Lydia’s mom (a woman whom he did not know or had ever met) was similar to men who abuse their wives, girlfriends etc., his attitude was one of grandiose and self importance tinged with an unusual amount of anger and disdain and total disregard for her——– this behavior is NOT PTSD and using that as an excuse is disgusting and cowardly (he is not owning up to his own awful behavior), and hides behind the excuse of PTSD (which insults all the brave men & women who are truly suffering from it)—he’s an idiot and I hope bravo boots this loser along with his stupid wife and mother in law vicky (liarface)…

  3. Punk Ryan is a loser. Using the military as an excuse for his crazy, psycho behavior is a slap in the face to the military. He is a mooch . He and his wife are using Vicki to be on the show. Sorry Briana, you are far from tv material . Can’t you hire a personal trainer, dump the loser husband to stop embarrassing your Mother?

  4. I find it insulting that Ryan would use PTSD as an excuse, my brother actually has it and is non violent, as most are. Lost this excuse for your anger, Loser!

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