Vicki Gunvalson’s Son-In-Law Explains Why Brooks Ayers Isn’t Welcome In The House

Ryan Culberson

In this preview for the next episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki Gunvalson’s son-in-law, and Briana’s husband, Ryan Culberson makes it known he’s the man of the house. Vicki’s family is visiting from out of town, and Ryan sits down with Vicki’s brother. Ryan shares that when he and Briana moved in with Vicki, Donn was still in the house, and he’s witnessed her rocky relationship with Brooks Ayers.

“He’s [Brooks] not coming in this house,” Ryan insists. “He’s not welcome here. He can’t come here tonight, he can’t come here ANY night.” Ryan continues, “I put cameras up last week to keep creeps away, I’m not having some guy in the house with my newborn that I don’t trust.”

Briana shares, “When Ryan and I moved in here we made a verbal agreement with my mom that as long as we were staying here and paying rent that Brooks wouldn’t come here, and I don’t think that’s unreasonable.”

Ryan explains Brooks said to him “if we break up it’s because of you two.” Ryan explains he and Briana don’t want Vicki to be alone, but they want her to be with someone who has good morals, values, etc.

“The more we got to know him, the more we found out about him. It was shocking,” Ryan shares with Vicki’s brother. Ryan goes on to share a story of when he and Brooks were in Mexico and they saw prostitutes. Ryan claims Brooks turned to him and said, “I wonder if they’re worth it?” Ryan says Brooks “looked the prostitutes up and down” and was making “perverse sounds.”

Watch more in the preview below!

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo

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Ryan is a good man and I’m happy Briana found someone like him who will PROTECT his family, no matter what! Why would you want someone around your newborn who has leaked private info to the media? He is not to be trusted and honestly a worthless piece of crap. Vicki can be with whomever she wants but should respect her own daughter’s wishes and keep him away from the house and that innocent little child.

or they can just move the hell out!

With his temper, I would watch him around the baby. He is an angry, aggressive drunk.

I may not like Brooks but Ryan is not the man of that house. It’s Vicki’s house and the $1,000.00 they are paying to live wouldn’t get them very far anywhere else. He should be kissing her butt for deal they got. I think he should mind his manners and respect her. I can’t see why Brianna married that piece of work. He seems shady and will probably wind up being a wife beater.

Wow judging from this last episode I think you may be right! Talk about a loose cannon; there is NO EXCUSE for his abusive rant against Heather’s mom. He flat out lied about what transpired; she wasn’t doing anything to deserve that treatment. He is mentally unstable and way, way out of linewith his attitude and behavior. The punk needs help. PTSD maybe?

Are you serious? Uh, Brianna is NOT the mother, Vicki is, AND IF I WERE VICKI, I’d tell them to pack their stuff and LEAVE ASAP! And after the way that nutcase Ryan acted tonight over Lydia’s mom having her feet on the couch – I’d do it even QUICKER! IT IS NOT THEIR HOUSE! I don’t care if they ARE paying rent – the owner is Vicki, and little miss Brianna needs to respect her as that! I know one thing though – RYAN showed his ass BUT MAJOR tonight! His true control freak colors came out and if… Read more »

Yep I’d say Ryan is dangerous judging from that episode! He has major major issues, and needs a LOT of help.

I believe Vicki is afraid of him for a few reasons. It looks like Briana is too. I thought he was literally going to haul off and hit somebody! Time for Vicki to step up to the plate

Ryan is a moron. He’s not the man of the house, he’s a guest. He also hits Vicki’s daughter. He will get in the face of woman, but if a guy gets in his face he backs down. He’s a f’n pussycat.

How dare this punk ass b!tch tell Vicki or anybody else who they can have in their own home. If it was me he told that to, he would be looking for a place to sleep when he got back with his deployment. Briana and her daughter would be welcome to stay until he found them a home but he would not sleep another night under my roof.

Over two hours and still awaiting moderation on my comment? Just delete it. Apparently your pages are for reading only because you can’t have a conversation with any other comments when there is such a long wait.

Agree 100%

Ryan is wayyyyy out of line and I take issue with any man who brings division between family. Ryan seems like the type that would be perfectly fine with Briana estranged from her mother (which is a problem and red flag for potential abuse). As far as I’m concerned Brooks and Ryan are both divisive but on different ends of the spectrum. Briana’s is allowing her husband to disrespect her mother and even worse in HER HOUSE. Vikki does have her issues but she is entitled to date whomever she wants. I hate spouses who marry into a family thinking… Read more »

Amen Mike.

to me it doesn’t matter what brianna or ryan think of brooks. i understand them not wanting someone they don’t trust around their baby but its vicki’s house regardless on if they’re paying rent or not (and im sure what they are paying is a very small % of vicki’s mortgage) and i can tell you no child of mine would tell me who i could and couldn’t bring home. if they tried that shit with me they would out the door and they could live off of his military paycheck

You do know that Briana was a nurse right? It’s their home, too. If Vicki wants someone that fame hungry around her kids and an innocent little baby, then she’s the one with the problem and who’s being disrespectful/desperate.

Who cares if Briana is a nurse, and no it is not her house, it is Vicki’s house. Brooks is what he is but I they are using the baby as an excuse to control Vicki; the baby is not in danger from Brooks. What a load of crap.

I obviously said Briana is a nurse because she’s not being a bum unlike some people. She has an income. It’s not her house but it’s her HOME. Brooks was in their home and leaked to the media about their personal, PRIVATE

home. That’s a clear sign of danger. You’re obviously not a parent or you would know that… Would you seriously let a man come into your family’s home and run to the media about every single thing you’re doing/about to do? Seriously.

Everything is “obvious” huh? I am “obviously not a parent and “obviously” Briana is a nurse so she is not a bum? I am a parent. My daughter is now an adult; I realize that Brooks was wrong to do what he did but the answer is not to break laws by illegally installing surveillance equipment in a home that is not yours. It is not Briana and her husband’s house, nor is it their home. They are renters. They should move out and would if they were really concerned about their child. I don’t understand why they stay there;… Read more »
She pays rent = Not a bum. OBVIOUSLY. And yes, if you had kids and actually cared about them, you wouldn’t want someone like Brooks in your home, running to the media about everything you do. & if you are a parent, I feel bad for your family- That’s my opinion. If he leaked info about her pregnancy and wedding, who knows what else he would leak. Pictures? Videos? That’s wrong and he should be NO where near that innocent baby. And if you think Ryan would install cameras in Vicki’s home without asking her, I need the receipts. He… Read more »

Pretty sure mktb is briana. Lol

But they had a verbal agreement that as long as they were there, Brooks was not welcome. Right now, it’s Ryan and Brianna’s home, too. If it’s more important for Vicki to date that piece of scum, then I think Ryan and Brianna should find another place to live….and still refuse to have Troy around super scum.

She’s grown, let her make her own mistakes. I believe she pays the majority of the bills!!!!!!!!!!!!! To tell you the truth, that’s irrelevant anyway. She is a grown a** woman!!!!! She can do as she pleases with her personal life. If Brooks is a bad seed then she will find that out soon enough………JMO!!!!!!


i completely agree that brooks is a piece of shit and i respect briana for looking out for her mother but bottom line, the two of them together dont make anywhere near how much vicki makes and i would never let my daughter tell me who i could have in my own home. i agree with dee gerald, vicki’s a grown woman and she can figure out he’s an asshole on her own

Amen Dee, Amen jenw

I completely agree with Brianna and Ryan. Vicki could have said No, but she didn’t. I love Ryan for Brianna! They really work good together.

I agree completely.

1.) Iam very much surprised, that Vicky is charging her daughter rent! 2.) It’s Vicky’s house, she can do whatever she likes. I do not like this Brooke fellow at all, but she needs NOBODY’s permission. 3.) ‘Cant figure out, why she CARES what anybody thinks!!?

im not surprised shes paying rent why should they live free and they work? lol like im confused even if your rich and have it all maybe? ur still living in my home and ur not a little girl anymore you have a husband and a son damn right ur gonna be paying f or something in here.

100% agree with everyone’s comments!!!!! My a** I’ll ever let a little s*** tell me what to do in my HOME!!!! He should get his little wife & take care of her like a real MAN!!! But who are we kidding the guy can’t make the kind of money Vicky makes!!!
Aaaaaaand Brianna Girl hasn’t lived long enough to know the lows & highs you can have while married!!!! She should get back to us when she’s 40 something & let us know how it went…. Jajaja

No briana & ryan offered to pay rent. I truley.think ryan is over stepping.his boundries. I think living there had.gotten to.his head.he is disrepectful to.vicki.he is a man.but not the man if vickies just married to her.daughter.And who is.he to.put.up security cameras.vicki doesn’t have a husband ryan needs to be.put in his place.And it was not up to hin to tell.a guest.if vicki to.take her feet ad vicki is week.grow.up ryan for nin of or doesn’ if you.have a.priblem with.her quest you vicki.don’t take it.upon dontbforget you.just live… Read more »

I am a military wife, and come from a military family. He displays many signs of PTSD and I’m curious if he gets help for it.

well i do understand where he is coming from at the end of the day he is looking out for the best intentions concerning his wife and child and that would include his wifes mother aswell. brooks did reveal what briana was having and that was disrespectful and you have to remember ryan doesnt know brooks like that basically brianna has told him everything and we already know she doesnt like him. a good husband protects his family so i get it!!. but JUST BECAUSE U PAY RENT doesnt mean u get to make decisions about the home lollllllllllllllll the… Read more »

Wait, did that article say Ryan put cameras up “to keep creeps away” in a home he does not own? There are laws against that and he has no right to do it. This is becoming ridiculously twisted and this young couple has stepped way beyond appropriate bounds. It seems everyone would like Don back in their lives but it isn’t their call and nobody knows but Vicki what that relationship was like. Vicki needs to grab ahold of the reins.

Yes he does, it’s a private home. Vicki asked them to move in, not the other way around. So I don’t see why she would ask them to move in then bring over the creep that almost ruined their whole relationship. It’s their home too. They might not own it but they DO live there with a newborn baby. It’s okay tho, they can move out and Vicki will feel like a piece of shit after she won’t be allowed to see her grandson without anyone around. If she wants to chose a loser like Brooks over her family… then… Read more »

No, he doesn’t. I sell security equipment and my company knows better than to install anything in a home without the owner’s knowledge and consent.

WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. He obviously asked Vicki… like wtf. Just stop it, you’re grasping and it’s pathetic.

“Obviously”. Obviously you spend way more time obsessing about this situation. I didn’t know he asked Vicki. If he did ask he still went beyond appropriate bounds and Vicki was unwise to allow it. “Obviously”.

You know what’s pathetic? The passion in your posts that make it appear you are actually emotionally invested. It seems like you are taking this more seriously and personally than would be healthy for a grownup! lol

And you keep replying to me so you’re obsessed as well 🙁 🙁 Pot calling kettle black.
If Vicki said yes, what’s the damn problem? Lmfao looking for ANY excuse. It’s her house, if she will allow cameras, then she can. Ryan had every right.

I went through the exact same situation with my mom so I’m not gonna sugar coat it. If that makes you angry then….

Ok mktb your opinion is correct, OBVIOUSLY. Your messages to me attacking me show your hatefulness; again, your passion shows you are emotionally invested here, and I am not. You are actually judging me and my abilities as a parent based upon my opinion of this situation. I have a strong feeling you are quite young; and most likely very inexperienced at life but I won’t say anything more than because I have boundaries. You don’t. I wish you would leave me alone. I haven’t read most of your posts but skimmed and grew bored. Just go away. My opinion… Read more »
I don’t watch the show anymore. I guess the drama from having Briana & the baby around is worth it to the network. From what I saw Briana & her mother didn’t have that great of a relationship. I’d think she’d want to distance herself from her as far as she can. But I also understand her wanting to have “family” near while her husband is away. It’s all very creepy!!! I do think Her husband is using Brooks as an excuse. He’s not going to do any harm to the baby or anyone else. Drama, drama, drama.


Wow a lot of people on here that can’t think logically. It is THEIR home they both pay to live in that home and both agreed on the terms of her not bringing Brooks over. That is their personal environment. Especially if they feel something is wrong with him. You want what is best for your loved ones and sometimes they don’t see that. And it is not an issue of Briana and her husband being kicked out anyways they all wanted to live together. They have even said if that is what she wants then they will lesave. On… Read more »

OR—they can move the hell out of her mother’s house!!! get real i wish my daughter would say or do half the crap Briana says and does…..would be the last time i tell you that. Move out Move out Move out!!

I finally got to see the entire episode last night with Vicki and her brother talking about the situation and even though Vicki agreed to the cameras, she clearly is not comfortable or happy with that decision and her wonderful, supportive brother is backing her up. If Briana and Ryan feel uncomfortable having Brooks in the house now and then, then imagine how uncomfortable it is for Vicki to feel her every move with or without Brooks is being monitored in her own home! Get real. This is the dummest situation ever and Vicki has no right to complain when… Read more »
Vicki is a very narcissistic, borderline woman who gets worse and worse with each episode. Who the eff would want a convicted criminal in the home as their infant son, especially when he has full access to Vicki’s emails and financial info; genius Vicki gave Crooks all of her password info so he can read whatever he likes, including her bank balance. Not all mothers are perfect, and sometimes the children need to be the parents to the parents, especially when their infant son is at risk for who knows what, and play the parent role. Brianna needs to be… Read more »
OOPS, what I meant to say about Brianna becoming a nurse came out wrong. She is famous in her own right, she could have chosen to move to LA and try to be an actress, a performer, or something to make a ton of money and keep her in the spotlight and live the “glamorous, easy” life. Instead she chooses to help save lives, deal with bodily fluids, blood, excretions, vomit, and who knows what else she has to deal with on a regular basis. God bless her and all nurses of the world, I can barely handle the sight… Read more »
LOL Janice that’s cute! My mom was a nurse and I also have the utmost respect for that profession! I couldn’t do it for the same reasons as you. Enjoyed the extra detail on bodily fluids! : ) yuk! Yes, Vicki is narcisstic; I agree. She wasn’t wise to allow let alone pay for the cameras. I missed that too; I couldn’t imagine how Ryan could have afforded it they are expensive. Not sure how easy it is to be an actress it is though; to each his or her own. I hear it’s a lot of work for every… Read more »