Vicki Gunvalson’s Daughter Briana Opens Up About Lupus Diagnosis


During part two of the RHOC reunion, Vicki’s daughter Briana Culberson sat down to give viewers an update about her health. During the season finale, it was revealed that Briana had been diagnosed with Lupus and she shared how she came to the diagnosis and where she goes from here.

“It’s better. I had a major surgery on my neck a couple months ago to remove more tumors and they figured out that I have lupus,” Briana said. “They said that I still can possibly be very early lymphoma that’s not detectable. So I have to be diligent but for now it’s just lupus.”

Briana also revealed where her relationship currently stands with her mom. “It’s good; it feels really good to be home,” said Briana, who recently moved her two kids from Oklahoma back to the O.C. Briana added that things with her mom are “very good, back to normal” now that she’s no longer with her ex. [Brooks is] gone, so we good,” she shared. Culberson also said she loves Vicki’s new boyfriend Steve Lodge and was very encouraging of that relationship.

Briana also addressed people who criticize her for the fact that her mom helped her with the down payment for her home. “People like to try and make me feel bad about it. I work my ass off. I worked 14 hours and here I am. My husband’s a marine; he’s been deployed six times,” she said. “We work really hard and I hate that people try to diminish my success because my mom helped me out.”

Photo Credit: Bravo