Vicki Gunvalson’s Daughter Briana Culberson Moving; Undergoes Another Surgery

We have known Vicki Gunvalson’s daughter Briana Culberson for over 10-years now. The OG’s daughter just had a new surgery on her neck, and she is moving out of the OC.

Ryan, Briana’s husband, posted a photo of his wife getting ready to head into surgery last Thursday. “Please keep Briana in your thoughts and prayers this morning as she has another surgery on her neck,” he asked his followers. “Hopefully this is the last one!

Shortly after the original post, Ryan shared an update that Briana had a successful surgery. “Briana’s surgeon said she had the most rare fracture and disease process he’s ever seen. He’s only seen 5 cases of eagle syndrome [recurring pain in the throat and face] in his career, and hers was the worst,” Ryan captioned a photo of Briana in her hospital bed. “She’s truly blessed to have had a successful surgery, and here’s to a great recovery! #thankyoufortheprayers #sheevenlooksgreataftersurgery.”

Briana has faced several health problems over the years, which Vicki has opened up about on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Briana has had surgery performed on her thyroid, had her enlarged lymph nodes removed, and had surgery performed on her leg in the past. She revealed at last season’s RHOC reunion that she had been diagnosed with lupus.

But taking care of her health isn’t the only thing Briana is worried about right now… Briana will also soon be moving from California to Ryan’s home state of North Carolina with her husband and their sons Troy and Owen “to live a simpler stress free life,” Ryan also shared on Instagram this week. “We’re super excited for this next adventure and what the future will bring!” Ryan gushed in an Instagram post showing that the family’s California home has been sold.

Does this mean Briana’s done with RHOC? We are wishing Briana and Ryan all the best!

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6 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson’s Daughter Briana Culberson Moving; Undergoes Another Surgery”

  1. Glad she is okay and that she is moving to make her life better. She has always seemed like such a nice person and has much common sense. I am sure moving from Vicki will def reduce stress.

  2. Brianna has had a rough go of things health wise for sure.
    Hope brighter days are ahead for her with her young family.
    I would like very much to see just one added thing to her health & welfare & that is loyalty to her mother who would give her life for her daughter. If she must express her opinion of her mother, express it to her mother privately & not forever putting her down in public.
    All it does is give the other hater housewives more ammunition to have against Vicki.
    If Brianna does not see this, then she is just like the rest of them.
    I have never liked that about her.

  3. For some reason, with Briana moving to another state since she had another surgery reminds me of 1st Season Housewife Kimberely Bryant. She moved to Ohio or somewhere like that for some reason, I thought she said it was due to the sun. I am not sure as to why or where, but my point is she moved to another state for health reasons.

  4. Poor Briana. She is a wonderful young woman and is suffering so much. My prayers are with her to get well and stay well. And she does look beautiful after surgery! Amazing. God bless her.

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