Vicki Gunvalson’s Daughter Briana Culberson Going Through Chemo Treatments

As we have seen on previous seasons of the RHOC, Vicki Gunvlason’s daughter Briana Culberson has had some health scares.

Vicki is opening up about a surgery Briana had that ended up with some issues after an infection she got. “It almost killed my daughter. [The scalpel they used while treating her was infected] with feces from a previous surgery that day they put inside her body. So, not good, she almost lost her leg,” Vicki told Access Hollywood, about her daughters health scare. “I mean, she almost died and all this stuff.”

Vicki explained about the situation “she’s been having really some struggle,” but she did recover by going to the City of Hope in Los Angeles where she received three weeks of IV antibiotics. “[They] got all of it out of her body.”

Briana now gets chemotherapy treatments to battle Lupus. “The doctor just emailed her and said, ‘I’m moving to San Francisco.’ So finding the proper medical care when you’re diagnosed with something like that has been a challenge for Briana,” Vicki said. “But she’s alive.”

Vicki then talked about how great it was to have her daughter back in California. “She’s home. She lives seven minutes away from me,” Vicki said. “Family is good. We have a normal family now. Everyone gets along.”

Our thoughts go out to Briana and we pray for her health to improve.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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    sorry to hear this….. hoping for the best.

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    I wish her only good things.

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    She’s such a good kid. I’m so sorry she’s had so many struggles.

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    Oh no…prayers and blessings for her healing.

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    Hope Brianna gets well.

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    It’s nice to see all the support for Briana . Don’t like her hubby or her mom but she turned out good in spite of it all

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    Hope she gets well. My sister & our parish priest has lupus. Both lost eyesight in one eye. Not fun.

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    So, Vicky has nothing to bring to the table this season, other than she has a new guy to fill her tank….that’s where Brianna and her personal health struggles come in handy

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