Vicki Gunvalson’s Boyfriend Steve Lodge Has 2 Mysterious Divorces That Have Been Uncovered

Vicki Gunvalson has not been shy about wanting to marry her boyfriend Steve Lodge throughout this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. There’s only one problem, Steve’s battle with his two former wives were ugly, and that could be the reason he hasn’t proposed.

Before he met Gunvalson, Lodge was involved in two nasty divorces, and both of his exes claimed that Lodge was dragging out the process.

In March 2013, Lodge filed for divorce from his second wife, Tonya Compton, in the Superior Court of California in Orange County. The former couple was married for three years, and Lodge cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split.

In Compton’s response, she requested spousal support and for Lodge to pay her attorney fees, and she also asked that the court terminate Lodge’s right to request spousal support. Seven months later, Lodge submitted a motion to bifurcate their marital status, which basically means he wanted back his single legal status before they resolved the issues of property division and spousal support.

“The divorce filing was in March of 2013, so it has been over six months through the legal process,” Lodge wrote in his filing. “I would request the court to terminate my marriage so that I can emotionally and psychologically move on in that relationship. A continued legal bond causes me both emotional anxiety and public humiliation. I ask the court to immediately dissolve this marriage.”

But, according to Compton’s lawyer, Lodge refused to provide the proper paperwork after his divorce filing, and that was the reason the process dragged on. He had failed to submit pay stubs, tax returns, profit and loss statements, copies of deeds, titles, or financial statements.

According to RadarOnline, after numerous attempts to amicably settle the divorce, Compton filed a motion to oppose Lodge’s request for bifurcation because Lodge had refused all settlement offers and wouldn’t negotiate. She also claimed he was deliberately delaying any type of settlement as long as he possibly could.

Compton claimed that Lodge was still living in the marital home and had refused to sell it, while she was forced to live in a rental because her equity was locked in the home. She said that they needed to sell the house because it was their biggest asset, and she couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t agree to list it.

Compton also brought up Lodge’s first wife, Karla Frazee, and said that Lodge had requested bifurcation in that divorce and then “dragged his feet with regard to the remaining issues for years.” Frazee ended up filing a declaration of support in defense of Compton.

A judge ended up terminating the marriage on May 15, 2014.


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