Vicki Gunvalson Won’t Beg for Shannon Beador’s Forgiveness


Last season of the Real Housewives of Orange County didn’t end well for Shannon Beador and Vicki Gunvalson’s friendship. In fact, in a recent blog post, Shannon said she still had no interest in being friends with Vicki. But Shannon isn’t the only one who is hurt about the friendship. In a new interview, Vicki is speaking out about how she feels about what happened between the two.

“Shannon is stuck in the past, and I’ve asked her, let’s move on. You don’t even have to believe what I’m saying. I don’t care anymore. It’s in my past,” the OG of the RHOC told the Daily Dish. “I know the truth, and if she wants to stay stuck in the past, she can do that; I’m not going to. So Shannon has to make that decision.”

“There’s a lot I’d have to forgive Shannon for as well. It’s not just one-sided. I’ve asked [for] forgiveness from her, but I haven’t gotten an apology from her, and I don’t think I ever will,” she said. “I don’t know what happened last year. All I know is I know what I experienced. And nobody can take that away from me. They don’t know everything. So they have it in their mind and believe one thing, but it’s not truth.”

“I was a good friend to Shannon. I was,” Vicki said. “When nobody liked her, I was there for her, and I expect that same back.”

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37 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Won’t Beg for Shannon Beador’s Forgiveness”

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          1. You are a dirty girl!!!!!! Leave that pussy alone! Stroke the cat instead! Xoxoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  1. Why should Shannon or ANYBODY apologize to Vicki?? Smh! She need serious electro therapy because her reality is severely distorted!

  2. I’m so glad I can read this on the blogs and NOT have to watch! NOBODY needs to apologize to that old desperate windbag. She needs to be off the show!

    1. Bravo is despicable ! Instead of letting Vicki get the reaming she deserves by the other HWs this season, they got her a new ally ( the new HW) , which means that Vicki will continue deeper into her disgusting lying , denial and not taking responsibility. I was on another HW site, and was shocked by how many Vicki supporters there were defending her. As much as we disagree on this site, some things are just NOT really up for negotiation. Vicki is trash

      1. I’m with you Rain. Vicki thinks she can do no wrong and expects everyone should bow down to the Old Goat. I despise Bravo for asking her back. I think of our friend fighting so hard against cancer and I throw up in my mouth when I think of Liarface.

    2. Hi Gigicat, Liarface should be apologising to all viewers as well. I still wouldn’t watch as I refuse to be part of Bravo statistics! Xxxxoxoxoxoxo

        1. Hi still in hospital but it’s a little cottage hospital and I’m allowed home for. Few hours each day. I also have my own room. Probably two more weeks so won’t be on much apart from saying hi hope alls will with you? xxxooo❤️❤️

      1. HI, Suze! I watch, as you know, but won’t be buying the season pass. I zip her and anyone I don’t like. I am a fan of Tamra’s and Shannon’s. I used to not be for Shannon, but I realized she was gong through a horrible thing, so she gets a pass, and I decided to just look at HER, and forget what she had to do to survive. One thing Kyle Richards says that I agree with wholeheartedly is “I choose my friends, and make my decisions about keeping them as friends concerning their qualities, their best days, their best parts, never their worst.” I have always felt that way, but she said it better. I would not want to be judged on what I did during the worst times in my life, or at my worst moments.
        Viki, now, that’s a different story. I do not believe her story that it was the worst year of her life for the reasons she gave. It might have been the worst, but of her own making. I agree, she needs to say she is sorry for the lies, tell the TRUTH about the lies, and ask for forgiveness from everyone before she gets even a thought of looking at it from me.
        So far, I do not like the new person, after reading what she said. I don’t care if she was drunk or hi when she said it, that is different than judging when a person is going through a bad time. That was bigotry, a filthy word, and I am very disappointed in Bravo for allowing her a HW spot.

        1. Welcome to team Shannon, 3Ds :), she’s as real as they come and to the viewer who is used to a polished glossy storyline, she is not their type. She gets a lot of backlash and I can undrestand that because she doesn’t play the HW games. She would’ve fit in better 10 years ago when the HW shows were about filming real things and not just contrived storylines and silly cat fights. I still think that Andy should think outside the box and move someone like Shannon to RHOBH! Those ladies could use sa Shannon type 🙂 .
          I don’t know why Vicki is unaware or unable to apologize. Is there nobody around her to slap some sense into her? This just doesn’t make sense , other than she’s a truely rotten perosn
          Argh!! Don’t start me on Kelly, the new garbage Bravo dragged in. That video angered me and seeing her in the coming scenes calling someone a c**t is enough to put her on my shit list for good. Was she calling Shannon or Tamra that ??? That also means, just like Rinna, she won’t be fired and we are stuck with her for a few years . Assuming I’m still watching by then lol
          I hope you’re having a a great weekend sweetheart ❤️❤️❤️

  3. I agree with Vickie on 1 thing,Friendship.
    If Shannon can forgive her cheating husband; why can’t Shannon forgive Vickie.
    I’m not condoning the Brooks & Vickie Cancer gate, but its time for a resolution.
    Its 2016, let’s move forward.

    1. Hey southern ❤️ We forgive our spouses because there’s history, kids, finances and a lot of things on the line. A friend (?) who lied about cancer and mislead you and manipulated you is completely different and is unforgivable xoxo

  4. Did I watch a different season than Vicki? It just shows how ignorant she is and how she sees that she did nothing wrong. I see her saying she wants to move forward – of course she does, she wants everyone to forget what a liar she was. News for Vicki – some of us aren’t forgetting and I’m glad Shannon hasn’t either for the “sake of the show”. I personally think Vicki doesn’t know what friendship actually is. Jeanna was her friend and as the show evolved, their friendship was kicked to the curb. Just shows this liar’s priorities.

  5. I had a friend fall for a con man – ironically, it was in O.C. – no it wasn’t Brooks, he had hair, lol. And about five years before hws started I think. But it was sooo frustrating, to tell her look I know this or that about him, here’s the proof – the final straw came when my friend told me she knew he had another gf but was so lonely without him she could put up with it. That and his other scams and lying, including to me and my husband and taking advantage of us, I had to tell her, look I just don’t want to hear about him anymore [she and I worked together]. Both women simply need to say to each other how they feel about the issue and friggin’ MOVE ON. Who needs negative energy…no one…I know I don’t…

  6. There’s no forgetting the part Vicki played in the Brooks horrible scandal. I guess blind love & pressure makes one succumb to the worst, especially Vicki & her fear of being without a “man”.
    Having said that & reinforcing that what happened was wrong on every single level, no excuses for the inexcusable pack of lies & deporable game that both Vicki & Brooks took part in. Then, there’s the other side that I see which is that Vicki was a really loyal friend to Shannon when she was a cast out by the “Mean girls club” & treated like vermin. That should not be dismissed by Shannon who has an unforgivable streak in her & now feels just great as she’s part of “THEM” which makes her feel important. The interrogation, abuse & bad mouthing that these vultures inflicted on Vicki last season, rightfully or wrongfully so should not be dismissed. She was under extreme pressure already with Brooks. AND her daughter, yet could not give up her love tank. One has to reach rock bottom before one can surface back to the top. Vicki cant lose any more, she’s against worst than a brick wall, so hopefully she’ll lay every card on the table, explain why, uncover the lies she took part in & ask forgiveness humbly. Personally, as much as I too intensly dislike what she did, I would abhor to be in their company for not even 5 minutes. I have yet to ever meet a bunch of troubling making sickos like this bunch–each & every one of them.

      1. I think Shannon’s forgiveness needs to be begged for by Vickie on her knees. Shannon stuck up for her the longest. I think Shannon was hurt and embarrassed that she believed the lies for so long. Vicki is a disgusting old bag who should be so ashamed of her self. OMG I despise that hag.

            1. Yes she is ! I think most viewers now are used to the over the top HW with fake storylines and contrived drama , so someone like Shannon seems too boring for them. Plus Shannon doesn’t play the HW game of having a clique and So forth . She is definitely awesome lol xoxo

              1. She is the only one I like. Put her in BH then I’m happy and I know you will be. Xxxooo⭐️❤️❤️

  7. Did anyone else think it was weird when Vicki called Briana and asked if she should fly overnight on a red-eye only to turn around and then drive clear to O.C. from Oklahoma, that Briana was like “Yeah because you will be going to work…” Hello, does Briana expect much or what? I would have been concerned about Vicki getting enough rest, I mean when is she supposed to sleep? For Briana to act like Vicki flying all night, driving back to OC then going right to work is all fine and dandy with no mention of rest in between threw me…and she’s a nurse. Maybe part of it was edited out but wow if my mom had purchased a house for me and my family then was coming to help me move back to the O.C. I would be thinking what could I do for her, ya know? I hope Vicki doesn’t just let Briana dictate her whole life — it’s not her place. Their relationship seems kinda wacko to me…

    1. Yeah, that is how Viki has set Brianna up to think. It is who Viki wants to be in that relationship. I doubt Brianna ever thinks of anyone but herself and her kids, maybe her jerk of a husband. Viki wants to be the be all, end all, always needed, sacrifice all martyr, and she succeeded.

  8. I think Shannon is the bag of nuttiness. She has gotten so full of herself. Like she’s the authority on how to forgive a cheating husband yet remains so judgemental on how Vicki might have loved her con man so much that she missed the mark on this. Where is her compassion?

  9. I think Shannon is the complete nut job. She doesn’t love with flaws, she loves with perfection. Her idea of perfection that is based on her arrogance and expertise on all subjects! She goes on and on about the health field like she invented new age techniques . Geez!

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