Vicki Gunvalson WILL Be In Tamra Barney’s Wedding Party!


There have been many rumors regarding who will be in Real Housewives of Orange County’s Tamra Barney’s wedding party, and RumorFix exclusively reports these rumors are not true. A source close to the situation tells Mr. Housewife Vicki Gunvalson AND Heather Dubrow will both be Tamra’s bridesmaids on her big day.

With reports surfacing that Tamra and Eddie’s nuptials are tearing apart the RHOC cast, the insider insists these rumors are NOT true, and that all is well with Tamra’s wedding.

Photo Credit: Bravo


4 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson WILL Be In Tamra Barney’s Wedding Party!”

  1. This marriage will never last and Eddie is a fool not to wait another 2 years before marrying her. Right now Tamra is on her best behavior towards him, just wait, that vile, vulgar persona of hers will become even more so.

    1. Tamra is one of the most inwardly ugly people i have ever seen. there is absolutely no reason why a grown woman, having been through so much in life should act like a vagabond. bravo is now trying to make her more appealing to entice viewers to watch her spin-off but i wont be watching. despite how much you have been through in life and how many times you’ve felt slighted there comes a time when you cant behave like a child and YOU are responsible for the things you do and say. Tamra is a woman child!

  2. I hope you’re wrong about Tamra and Eddie’s marriage. If in were Tamre, I would quit the show ASAP. The show can ruin a relationship having all your life sprawled out for all of America to see and judge.

  3. I don’t feel he even wants to marry her he said he is busy and for her to make the plans…she is rushing to get married and he will be rushing to get divorce….lol

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