Vicki Gunvalson Weighs in About Gina Kirschesheiter’s Divorce

It’s been pretty clear that Gina Kirschenheiter’s RHOC co-stars don’t understand why she has made the decision to divorce her husband Matt.

We certainly know how Vicki Gunvalson feels about the situation and she is not backing down from her advice, she is revealing why she thinks Gina is getting divorced.

“She says she has sex with him and she’s attracted to him and they have a great marriage; like, then why are you getting divorced? I mean, those are the basics of you get along, you respect each other, you’ve got three small children, she doesn’t work. Why are you getting divorced?” Vicki said, admitting that while she doesn’t totally get it, she’s through trying to figure their relationship out. “I am not going to pry anymore. I just felt like I’m there for her if she needs me for strength.”

Vicki said she has been trying to guide Gina because she’s experienced two divorces and knows how hard it is.

“I talk to her mom and dad on an upcoming episode. I really cried because I said, you know what, I feel bad for Gina. She doesn’t live near her parents … When I got divorced from [my first husband] Mike, my mom and dad were there for me to help me with the babies and babysit Michael [Wolfsmith] and Briana [Culberson] when I was single, but she doesn’t have them here, so I don’t really know if she’s going to go back to Long Island. She says she’s not. But I just want her to know that I’m there for her. And whatever decision she makes she’s going to have to lay in her bed. I mean, it’s really a lifelong decision when you get divorced.”

Vicki says she feels the need to help Gina because she’s close to her daughter Briana’s age.

“I do feel a motherly instinct because I want to teach her and encourage her on some things. I mean, she needs to go get a job … She can’t just rely on child support. She lives in Coto de Caza … their house was for sale and I guess it’s not for sale but you know you can’t sit back and expect your ex-husband to provide 100 percent.”


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