Vicki Gunvalson Wants Brooks Ayers Prosecuted For Cancer Lie


Brooks Ayers’ cancer scandal was enough to get him off of RHOC, but a new report reveals that Vicki Gunvalson’s family wants him in jail! That’s right, Vicki’s friends and family reportedly want him prosecuted for forging his medical documents.

“Vicki’s family wants City of Hope to have Brooks prosecuted,” an insider revealed. “What he did was horrible and Vicki would absolutely cooperate with law enforcement. Cops and the district attorney’s office would have a very clear path to conviction. Brooks is shown on camera with the faked documents, and later admitted he forged them.”

According to RadarOnline, California law states, “any person who alters or modifies the medical record of any person, with fraudulent intent, or who, with fraudulent intent, creates any false medical record, is guilty of a misdemeanor.” The maximum penalty is one year in county jail.

Do you think Brooks should be prosecuted for this? Comment below.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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He exudes creepiness!! He should be prosecuted for dragging Vicky into this mess!!

Of course he should be prosecuted that’s an awful lie my father and father in law died of cancer so it’s totally wrong x

I agree. When it comes to Vickie’s personal life with men her track record stinks. He really did drag her into the rabbit hole.

Vicky volunteered.

Never have been fan of the money-grubbing, bitter Vicky- but that’s LOW. Brooks- prosecuted!

Kicking and screaming!!!!! Insert sarcasm

LMAO, icky goes before the judge and tells the judge she wants crooks prosecuted for being a (liar face). Is everyone in orange county delusional?

Has anyone ever wonderered how much money crooks got out of Vicki for his false medical bills???? I’m guessing she was sooooo stupid to write the checks directly to him because she was so stupid not knowing she could pay his medical bills directly…..

Vicki did pay for his false teeth, and the fur coat he “bought” her.

I wonder if he took the fur coat he ‘purchased’ with him when he left!!!
I often loose meaning behind my words when I type so to be 100% sure insert sarcasm!!!!! 😀 😀

Typo should be lose

As a former editor- yes, ur right, but this Twitter! Anal much?

Sally, I read some were that he –he took it home from the store on approval to show her before he bought it …( we all know that she wore it to the season finally party) and returned it the next day…
sorry for thr poor Spelling and grammar it late and I am half alsleep

I have, think “Icky” acted Soooo stupid to be thinking she’s so smart! 2 dead marriages, an autistic, rude son & a loudmouth daughter- WTG!

Oh for crying out loud, Vicki. When you break up with someone, it’s OVER. If you’ve spent money on him, that was your choice and that ship has sailed. If they did something you didn’t like, that’s no longer a problem in your life since that ship has also sailed. Move on and quit trying to engage with him to fight, get revenge, redeem your pride when you didn’t have any at the time, or for any other reason. Also, I’m pretty sure the law is concerning medical records that are used for financial gain or to get drugs from… Read more »

Judge, hats off to you!!! you are very right. 100% in agreement.

JJ, once again the voice of reason! Thank you!

She said in an interview lately she spent “so much time and MONEY trying to cure him”. She is as dumb as she looks. She should sue him for the money she spent “curing” crooks. She won’t bring that to the publics eye because it will make her look like an idiot. Of Vicki says she’s a business woman one more time I will vomit.

I think Vicki pretty well had his number all along. She would have to have been brain dead to trust such a longtime hustler. But he was giving her what she wanted at the time, he was the rebound boyfriend who gave her relief from the misery of going through a divorce. She knew but she just didn’t CARE because he was floating her boat!

I think there is more than enough proof that he was not a rebound. If her daughter was in HS when she found out about him & Tamra knew of her wish to leave Donn for him, he was in the picture long before her divorce. She was miserable after her divorce because of the financial loss, not Donn, her marriage, etc. She will always blame everyone & everything else. She is the first person to lose a mother, to go through a divorce, to fall for an a$$hole, & she is so supersensitive that she is not responsible because… Read more »

@roxanne–totally agree with your comment. And Yes, Vicki did have affair before she and Donn even separated. (They were both cheating on each other at the time).

Roxanne, you took the words right out my mouth. ITA 100% She is a repulsive human being. She is back-peddling and trying DESPERATELY (as she is) to do anything to repair a situation that will NEVER be repaired. She needs to go away.

Um, not sure what you’re trying to dispute here. I think you misunderstand what “rebound relationship” means. Look it up, because your argument doesn’t make any sense.

The reply above was for Roxanne.

I was not disputing anything, merely expounding. If I new you were so sensitive, I wouldn’t have said anything. Now that I know you are easily antagonized I will simply ignore your comments.

Roxanne, obviously you don’t know what “disputing” means any more than you understand what “rebound relationship” means. “Disputing” means “correcting” or “refuting,” which is exactly what you did, not “expounding.” And your silly attempt to portray me as if I’m throwing a giant fit rather than simply correcting your own incorrect correction is just annoying. Don’t go around correcting others since you’re obviously too immature to accept the same back. And yes, I would appreciate you not responding to my posts anymore if you’re going to be so childish. Your correction was wrong, simple fact. Acting as if that’s some… Read more »

I mean “affront.”

Why does it always seem like the dumbest people are also the rudest?

I totally agree with you Roxanne

Again agree with you and others, this was a cheating relationship not rebound!

Ladies, come on. “Rebound relationship” does not in any way mean it couldn’t have started while the marriage was on the rocks. That’s not even addressed in the definition. Here’s the definition: “Rebound relationships are believed to be short-lived due to one partner’s emotional instability and desire to distract themselves from a painful break up, and those emerging from serious relationships are often advised to avoid serious dating until their tumultuous emotions have calmed.” In other words, Vicki was not in any position of stability to form a stable new relationship, which left her susceptible to the snake oil charms… Read more »

Ok JJ, as far as I have seen apart from this, states that rebound is to get over a previous relationship. I’m not commenting again on this as I am not interested in getting in to a discussion with anyone over it. As far as I am concerned Vicki cheated on Donn, so did he apparently on her. She met The Scum Brooks while she was married then divorced Donn, biggest mistake of her life! They are both Scum! Now I’m moving on from rebound! 😀

hmm … so ‘Vicki’s family wants to prosecute’ … uh huh … a tad disingenuous, don’t you think? (thou doth protest too much, my dear). seriously, i doubt Vicki’s daughter and husband would lift a finger or spend one more second engaged in anything remotely related to brooks. might this not reek of yet another manipulative effort at damage control … to (take your pick) appear the wounded party — after selling every friend down the river (for a man, no less … I mean, the year is 2015), regain viewer sympathy, ward off bad press and generate fresh interest?… Read more »

Hi Robin, great post! ITA!! Especially about Meghan. I LOVED her from the get-go!

robin, you are a true writer. I am happy to say your talent is not wasted here. Thanks, 3D’s.

Maybe She should just shut up about Crooks! She is a Liarface as well! Interesting this tweet from her account, which it seems wasn’t from her and deleted, saying she knew about the lie all along and was going to get therapy! Who would have had access to her Twitter account, Crooks? I just wish these two would just fizzle off somewhere, anywhere, I don’t care where!!!! As long as its not Scotland!!

Then Vicki should go to jail as an accomplice! Vicki just needs to go away!

This hateful woman will do or say anything to keep the spotlight on her self. She cannot bear to be anything other than the center of attention.

Aunt Bee, totally agree with you, all points xo

You called it long ago, too, Bee. I believe you saw right thru her from day one.

Princess of Strogonoff

She should be prosecuted with him, if anything, she knew he was lying and she went along with it…

The question is not, “should” Brooks be prosecuted but “could” he be prosecuted? I don’t see a crime.

Occasionally, I have posted a comment about Vicki and the fact she is less than honorable, less than authentic, less than credible. How would anyone do business with her or allow her to have anything to do with their insurance and/or finances. If a person can so flagrantly lie on national TV, so openly lie to friends, so obviously put down other people’s feelings, so intentionally try to use her mother’s death as a need and ploy for sympathy, so ambitiously promote a man who she knew was perpetuating lie after lie, so outrageously shows jealousy and a despicable manner… Read more »

Yes yes and yes!!!

Wow. That pretty much sums it up. True, every word. I would be shocked if she is gone next season, though.

Unfortunately I agree, I do wonder if I tell Bravo it’s her or me what do you think they would say? Hmmmmm!!!

HHHmmmmmm. Let’s think on it, shall we?


I think Vicki’s silly rebound relationship with an inappropriate choice like Brooks was annoying enough for us to have to listen to every show when it was going on.

Now he’s gone, and they’re trying to get even MORE mileage out of it by talking about lawsuits? Brooks is an obvious slimeball, and not a Housewife or even a husband. Trashy men like him are a dime a dozen Does anyone really want to hear any more about stupid Brooks?

Also, yes I agree that Vicki seems to have worn out everyone’s interest as well and it’s past time for her to go. I’d rather see more new Housewives on the show.


BULL__! This is another ploy to distance herself from grifter Brooks when the truth is she is as guilty as he is.

Good morning Lovely Lisa, xoxo of course I agree with you xoxo

We are kindred souls dear Sally 😉 :LOVE YOU! xoxo

Love you too sweetness xo