Is Vicki Gunvalson Using Kelly Dodd?


Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson has a secret plan, according to a source close to production, and that is to be top dog on the show, by using her new friend Kelly Dodd.

“Vicki loves Kelly more than ever because Kelly is fighting Vicki’s battles for her,” an insider reveals.

Vicki and Kelly’s friendship has grown fast ever since Kelly refused to let the cast talk about Gunvalson and her ex-boyfriend’s cancer scandal, and now that we know Kelly is good friends with former RHOC star Gretchen Rossi things have seemed to change even more.

“Vicki stands behind everything that Kelly says right now because Kelly says almost exactly what Vicki is thinking,” the source told RadarOnline, adding that they want to take over the show. “As far as Gretchen goes, she and Kelly have continued to hang out a lot and become even closer friends.”

“Kelly is really pushing for Gretchen to come back to the show next season because she and Vicki both feel like she would be a good person to have on their side,” the source added.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • One Rotten Egg

    They got GRETCHEN out for a reason. Why won’t they fire VickiLiarface?


    This lying sack of gutter slime reminds me of those desperate, old hags you see who are clinging onto their 30’s by a strand of hair and refuse to have friends their own age, act their own age, dress their own age and behave their own age. It’s embarrassing and pathetic. And is ANYONE surprised that the gutter slime is using Kelly?

    • luvmyfrenchie

      Ita & great, description of Ickie to a “t”! I keep LOL & making my bad day brighter-thanks

  • Aunt Bee

    This show, Icky, & Kelly are getting crazier by the minute. I am done with it.

  • Bon Vivant

    Well duh…. The key to survival on these shows is about alliances and manipulating others so you can keep your own hands clean…and having a antagonist alliance us better than none at all to ensure you get at least a modicum of camera time. To a degree all of these women use each other, that’s just the nature of how the game.

    • Bon Vivant

      .and in other news I hate this tablet and the silly autocorrect that always turns IS to US, grrrrrrr…!

  • GmaB

    They need to leave Gretchen alone. They will only take her down. Gretchen is too good for the likes of those two. ☠️ vICKI Convilescum and Yelly Dudd SHOULD get their own show. It can be called The Real Scammers and Jerks of the OC. ☠️ That way it will be easier to tune them out.

  • vanonna

    Kelly only showed up as “Vicki’s friend” because no one would film with her. Vicki is and always been only about Vicki. What a sad person she is, guess that is why no one would visit her in the hospital. Speaks volumes about her. She wants to be top dog? She is the top dog of being a lying POS and that is how most know her.

  • starr

    Vicki has definitely used Kelly & has now dumped her for the other shrews, who are all using Kelly as their own personal football. What a bunch of evil vixens. They don’t deserve an ounce of respect from anyone. I actually feel sorry for Kelly. Why was Shannon trying so hard to get Kelly to drink, she had a vicious reason for that. As for Tamara, she’s as mean & evil as she always was, hiding behind the good Lord. Shame on her!!! Vicki is so desperate to be accepted that she’s thrown the only loyal friend under the bus for them to be her friends. They are all characterless. Each worse than the other.

    • Natalia

      Yep! I felt bad for her too. She felt all alone and was being ganged up on. Of course she’s gonna go for the jugular. She can’t physically touch them so how else is she gonna defend herself? With low blows.

      I love Shannon but the agenda was so obvious, by all 3 of them. The fact that Heather was recording it was the icing on the cake. IMO by Heather doing that, validated it was a set up.

      • bluebell

        I agree. I think Heather, Tamra, & Shannon are pulling a Jill Zarin. The reason they asked Vicki to go out with them was to hurt Kelly & set her up.

    • bluebell


  • Natalia

    Omg Vicki is so transparent. She’s totally using Kelly, she has no one else. We all saw her true colors once she (thought) she had her buddies back…she forgot who Kelly was. Throws her under the bus then doesn’t come to her defense. Not once.

    I was surprised to see Gretchen in those photo’s with Vicki, let alone Kelly.

  • Suze☕️

    I wasn’t going to bother commenting on this story but Duh! Vicki uses everyone so who would be surprised!

  • bluebell

    Shame on Vicki for the way she treated Kelly. Kelly does go 2 far, but Vicki should have tryed to help Kelly. None of these ladies had any amount of compassion. Any one of them could have taken the high road. But none of them did, because they wanted to set her up.