Vicki Gunvalson Thanks Kelly Dodd For Being a Good Friend

After all the drama on this week’s episode of RHOC, Vicki Gunvalson is taking to her blog to thank Kelly Dodd for being such a good friend to her. Vicki slams Tamra Judge and says that Tamra wants her and Kelly to fight and also states that Kelly is exactly right about Meghan Edmonds.

“I was glad to see Shannon and Kelly attempting on making amends at the Irish drinking night. There has been so much back and forth backstabbing that it’s exhausting to witness and be a part of.

Some of the things that I heard Shannon and Tamra continuing to repeat is just a blatant LIE and I’m tired of hearing about it. Shannon saying that “I faked a cat scan and I faked chemo” is like a broken record and they for some reason don’t want to remember what my “ex” said numerous times “Vicki had NOTHING to do with it”…why can’t they just move on?

Tamra saying that I should reveal the text messages that Shannon sent me that night in August 2014 is because I don’t have that phone anymore and those images and messages were not forwarded to my new iPhones that were replaced 3x now. I could hire a company to do that, but I really haven’t wanted to do that because it would only hurt David and Shannon and their children. It’s been over three years and I really had hope this conversation would stop about it. For Tamra to have anything to say about it is just naïve on her part. If I wanted everyone to know, I would have told people on camera and made it a topic of conversation.

Having Steve over at the house and making dinner for him is so wonderful. He’s so calm and usually doesn’t show a lot of emotions which is the polar opposite from me, but it’s good for me to learn how to be not as impulsive as I have in the past. It’s funny when he asks me, “What exactly does woop it up mean?”

Now onto Tamra’s psychic Scott. It’s so ridiculous that IF she’s such a Christian woman, how she would rely on Scott for any type of advice. She told me she uses him as a counselor which is the furthest thing that a Christian woman should do. I call “BS on him” and think he was there at the bingo night just to start problems again. Kelly was 100% accurate when she said Tamra brought Scott to cause a division. How dare Scott say that Kelly and I were going to be at odds in the future. How the “heck” would he know unless Tamra fed him some of her viewpoints. That’s Tamra’s hope, that Kelly and I would not be friends, to once again divide and conquer. Sorry Tamra…Kelly didn’t take your bait and saw right through you. Thank you Kelly for being a true friend and not buy into their bullying.

I was proud of Lydia to remove herself and go to the bathroom, as I would have done the same thing. Nothing about that evening was emulating a Christian life, nor was it something that they should have been proud of attending.

Kelly is SPOT on when it comes to Meghan. Meghan intervenes in the girls’ conversations and then repeats everything back to the others when asked not to. I think with maturity, Meghan will realize NOT everything needs to be gossiped about and her “Ms. Detective” hat that she thinks she wears is really not working too well.

Lastly, I don’t know about you all, but I’m really tired of the same ole thing that these girls are doing to one another. What happened to the days where we could have conflict and move on from it? What’s Shannon and Tamra’s motive here to continue to talk crap about me? So let me get this straight, they don’t want anything negative about them discussed, but they can say it about others? PLEASE!! Can you say “hypocrites”?”

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25 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Thanks Kelly Dodd For Being a Good Friend”

  1. Sooooo, Vicki said she had proof, but now she doesn’t have proof but she can get it. UGH This woman is incapable of being honest about anything. She said she lied at the reunion last year, but now she is saying she never lied and we should believe that because Brooks, who does lie, said so. It all just too much.
    Vicki is lowest form of human life and for her tell others what is and what is not Christian behavior makes me ill.

        1. She said that a friend had texted her the info in “2014”..those are the missing texts..not that the domestic abuse occurred that year.

          1. No, the story was that Shannon and David were fighting and Shannon called Vicki for some unknown reason, crying. Shannon had just heard about the affair and was losing her mind. David locked himself in one of the girls’ bedrooms and Shannon tried to knock the door down, bruising her shoulder and hip. Vicki claims to have pictures of those bruises and texts from Shannon that night. Well, Vicki DID have texts and pictures but now they’re gone.

            1. Shannon is looney tunes and an alcoholic.. I think Dave is afraid of her (we’ve seen evidence of WHY) and the kids.. they all know she’s been self medicating for YEARS! She needs help!

  2. Tamra and Shannon are OBSESSED with Vicki. They’ve behaved horrendously over the years, especially fake Christian Tamra. They turn my stomach. #TeamVicki

    1. How can you be team Vicki after she tried to scam cancer victims? Not trying to start something I simply don’t understand how someone could support a person capable of doing the things that Vicki has done.

  3. Come on Vicki..Tamra is as much a compromised confused Christian as you are! No you are right..don’t consult psychics..but you had an affair on Don and routinely sleep with your partner (that’s called fornication)! So it’s like the pot calling the kettle black and is hypocritical! You both need to overcome your pride and forgive one another! Most Americans “call” themselves Christians because it’s far more popular than calling oneself a pagan! I think Tamra had a low place and spiritual experience that culminated in baptism but she has “gone back” into the same behaviors she engaged in before (anger, strife, cursing, unforgiveness and hate/spite) when she referred to Alexis as “Jesus Jugs”! Now instead of consulting Christ and the bible she’s turned back into the world! You’d think that Lydia could help school her on what it means to be a Christian!

  4. The whole damn bunch of them should learn to live by the rules of Christianity instead of constantly announcing how nobody else does. They are all just posing.

  5. Both Brooks and Vicki bought into a company that sells detox juices. They hoped to make money off of saying that Brooks’ cancer was in remission due to the juices. They went too far. Vicki made up stuff about having to call Terry in the middle of the night to get Brooks and IV and having a binder with little colored tabs full of medical records, etc. Even Brooks said that Vicki exaggerated things. Then we all find out the truth. Vicki’s business is hurt – bad (she admitted this on several occasions) and she decides to try to get leads from a fake charity web site that directed people to cancer insurance. When that got shut down she was forced to take on a partner and rebrand the whole company. I believe Vicki was in on the scam from the beginning. Vicki needs money to control her family and people around her. The whole thing, from start to finish was Vicki trying to make money off of cancer victims and their families.

    1. Vicki continues to contend that she’s not a scammer because she didn’t benefit. That just makes her a ad scammer. No one bought the juice BS and she got slammed on the charity crap.

  6. Go Away…, yes you, the narcissistic, over-sexed, dishonest, nasty Vicki SCUMvalson…….or is it SCAMvalson!?! Just GO AWAY!

  7. He who is without sin cast the first stone. They all are in error. Whatever the flaws, apologize, whether right or wrong, it’s not a winning game, hug & makeup & throw the past where it should be. It’s called humility.

  8. Yes – a bunch of tit for tat and – it is really really old and outdated news too. Can we get a little more relevant please ladies?

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