Vicki Gunvalson Thanks Her Fans for Supporting Her New Relationship


Vicki Gunvaslon has always wanted her love tank full and after two divorces and a very rocky relationship with Brooks Ayers, it looks like the reality star has gotten it right! It was recently confirmed that she started dating longtime friend Jack Losey as the Real Housewives of Orange County star shared photos of the two that started fans questioning. Now that the news is out there, Vicki is thanking her fans for their love and support.

Gunvalson tweeted to her supporters, “TY for the encouragement over the news of my 1st date with Jack. He’s been just a friend for yrs and its been nice getting to know him more.” AW!

Vicki’s rep spoke to E! News last week about the relationship. “She is dating Jack. It’s not exclusive and not serious but Jack has already met Brianna and Brianna definitely approves. And Ryan is very excited because they have a lot in common and same interest like ATV riding.”

Her rep continued, “She has known him for several years and he is a really great guy and she is incredibly happy. They met several years ago. She was in Arizona and saw him recently and he told her when she comes back to Arizona they should go out. They went out this past Saturday. They went to the Handlebar J bar in Scottsdale. She said she had the time of her life [during the date] and is very excited for her future. And she is thrilled the family approves.”

Check out some sweet pics of Vicki and her new beau:

Last night in Scottsdale. Thanks Jack for dinner and dancing at our favorite place. #tripisending, #allworknoplayisboring

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Jack and his sons #family

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I’m happy tonight. Country dancing, Cowboy, Scottsdale

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Photo Credit: Bravo

  • Amy

    Go away Vicki.. I can’t imagine you have any fans left to support you.

    • apple

      Please go away, Vicki.

  • ISME

    Good for Vicki ! Godspeed to her. Hope she decides to 1. take a breather next OC season and let the hate die down. 2. Not share her new relationship with the cameras 3. Comes back better and stronger season 12 #RealRealHousewivesFan #DontHateTheOG

  • Jane Bond

    In order for me to want to watch this housewives show again they just gotta weed the garden. They have to pull the big weed called WooHoo! and sow some new & different seeds in her spot. This show needs an overhaul…new soil new seeds new life can you tell I’ve got Spring planting on the brain.

    • Amy

      Yes yes yes !!! I think the housewife franchise is slowly ending.. It’s all about conflict now. Very off track from what it was created to be. Huge turn off.

      • Jane Bond

        Exactly, Amy! *thumbs up* totally agree

    • Sally☺️

      Bond, Jane Bond, I’m sorry I can’t even think of her as a weed! Not one from my garden anyway! Maybe pond scum?? I don’t have a pond so that’s ok!!!

      • Amy

        Lol… Yes yes yes

      • Jane Bond

        Bonnie Sally! 🙂 quite true! Even weeds are just beautiful flowers out of control, I happen to love purple loosestrife and Queen Anne’s lace, so pond fuzz is a better analogy, thankyou! xo

        • Sally☺️

          I like loosestrife too as long as it’s not in my garden!! Xo

          • Jane Bond

            Ok here’s what I didn’t know about gardening when I started. I dug up loose strife in the road side ditch and planted them in my flowerbeds. Boy was I lucky they never rooted and took, huh?

            • Sally☺️

              Hahahaha! I was over the west coast and dug up some wild garlic for my garden, luckily that didn’t take. It grows like a weed here by the river and would have taken over my garden had it survived! I carried it carefully home three hours in the car to see banks and banks of it here!! Gardeners all have tales from when they first started!! My problem that was thirteen years in so I should have known better!

    • redhibiscus

      Agreed! Actually not watching RHBH because I hate Yoyo and the morally corrupt Faye Resnick. Not going to watch NJ because of the felon. So I think I’ll just read the blogs.

  • Sally☺️

    Has Vicki got any fans left? I know she will be back but that rules out OC for me! I’ll just need to stick to here! I will not watch that Liarpants ever again!!!

  • Coochie-Coochie

    She´s known the guys for years…..I bet she was hooking up with him while married to Don

  • Naynay

    One if the most despicable people on TV. Done with her..goodbye

  • VaNonna

    Who are Vicki fans? I’ve tolerated her in the past, but after this past season – I don’t ever want to see that liar again. Just go fade away Vicki.