Vicki Gunvalson Tells Tamra Judge’s Husband Eddie to Come Out of the Closet

Vicki Gunvalson has denied spreading rumors that her RHOC co-star Tamra Judge’s husband Eddie is gay, and now she’s saying that if he is gay he should come out of the closet.

During an episode of TMZ Live, Vicki said, “He [Eddie Judge] married my friend. If he’s homosexual, then come out and say you’ve been with men in the past.”

“He’s got nothing to be embarrassed about,” Vicki continued. When asked why Eddie should be forced out of the closet, Vicki snapped back, “He’s on a reality show! Some things might come out that you don’t want coming out.”

“People talk about each other,” a fired up Vicki said. “I like Eddie. I wish them the best, don’t get me wrong, I don’t care one way or another.”

Thoughts on what Vicki had to say about Eddie?

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24 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Tells Tamra Judge’s Husband Eddie to Come Out of the Closet”

  1. if you don’t care one way or another then why say to the camera “tell me more” w a smirk when they were talking about Eddie?? if you didn’t care you wouldn’t have repeated the rumour at all.

  2. Eddie can do as he pleases. If he is/was/will be gay – he has a right to share that with those he chooses to share it with. Just because he is on reality TV doesn’t mean he has to sell every corner of his mind. I just wish she would let it go already. Its none of her business – period!!!

    1. I’m trying to stay cool . Another hot day today but should cool off after . So it’s probably no bra and panties day. Too darn hot ☀️☀️☀️☀️

  3. Someone’s sexual orientation is not fodder to be used as a tacky revenge tactic by this vile and awful woman. I am surprised she has yet to cross the line from love-to-hate to hate-to-hate so that Bravo will send her off with the Brandis of Bravo.

  4. Vicki is using this rumor about Eddie as a weapon against Tamra. She is implying that being gay is undesirable or abnormal
    Eddie is married to a woman. Gay people dpn’t marry people of the opposite sex. Bisexual people may marry either sex. The only thing that matters is fidelity in a marriage. Eddie does not have to discuss his orientation with anyone. Vicky is a homophobe.

  5. She clearly doesn’t wish them the best otherwise she would not be doing this. When I first watched RHOC I thought Vicki was funny and endearing and I felt bad for her because it was also clear that she was very insecure and needed lots of love, attention, assurance, etc. However, what has ultimately transpired is a very vindictive and poisonous woman who will go to any lengths in order to seek revenge on anyone who calls her out of me or “goes against her” so to speak. I think she is also very manipulative and plays on her ‘OG’ status and how the audience perceive her. She is like a less refined/intelligent LVP and I cringe now whenever I see her doing it because she is so transparent. I do think she brings entertainment to the show but equally I think it would good if Bravo were to fire her out of principle (like Phaedra).

  6. I think Vicki’s re-hire should be considered thoughtfully. Vicki is definitely trying to punish Tamra by going for her husband. Whether Eddie is gay or not, it is none of Vickie’s business. I feel this is a form of “bullying” on Vickie’s part. For a grown women to participate in this type of low-ball harassment is an embarassment to Bravo. Her behavior is something we tell our children not to participate in. Her behavior all around is little immature, but this harassment of Eddie in trying to shame him is definitely one of the problems in America today. Andy, you could put a stop to it and make an example of Vickie. Time to let her go.

  7. Well I do agree that he should just “come out and state that he’s engaged in bisexual behavior in the past”! Point is.. I think Tamra “knows” it and is embarrassed by it or in denial! Her “best man” at her wedding was the gay guy Ricky who outed her husband! I know Gays HATE hypocrisy! Ricky “knew” and he didn’t just have a falling out with Tamra over “not being invited to her baptism”?! That is so ridiculous! Come on! Something else happened and it could very well be that he ” wouldn’t keep his mouth shut about it”! That ended the friendship! Tamra is such a little fake and liar! Truth is she didn’t want people snickering behind her back because she was “cuckolded” or “cock-olded”! She got upset about the rumor because “she has kids and they’ll hear about it? She’s worried about what they’ll think of HER not Eddie! Besides that her “pride” is at stake..older woman leaves husband for younger man.. who turns out to NOT be who she thought him to be! The hypocrisy is that his love of anal sex (as they are fond of discussing) may come from his former forays into the man pond! Simon must be amused by this turn of events.. she tried so hard to claim he was abusive towards her during their marriage.. well the kids dont think so.. esp telling that her eldest son speaks highly of him too!

    1. Tamra can get involved in Vicki’s relationships, but Vicki better not get into her marriage! Tamra & Shannon think they are truth cannons, but maybe Tamra has been lying all along. Why would she be upset about it, when it doesn’t really matter?!

      1. Icky was all up in Tamra & Simon’s marriage from day 1. Anytime Tamra catches Sicky in one her millions of lies, Sicky dreams up what she can do or say to cause the absolute most damage. After the Brooks cancer scam, being they were all right, Icky is still trying to get them back. She is a vengeful, stupid, needy selfish person that drags anyone who knows the truth about her, which Tamra certainly does, through the mud if at all possible. She’s been a two-faced emotionally defective moron from the beginning. When she saw how popular Tamra became, even while she acted as if they were BFF’s, she lurked around whispering into anyone’s ear who would listen that Tamra couldn’t be trusted, blatantly lying about her and secretly starting little rumors for later in case she needed it to one-up Tamra. It’s absolutely sick the way she thinks and acts.
        I don’t get why “Eddie is Gay” would be a rumor to start, anyway. In this climate full of bigots and homophobes burning gay clubs to the ground while full of people that are dancing and having what they thought was going to be a fun night out, it is horrifying to even think of, and then b**ch*s like Sicky start stupid, untrue rumors that have nothing to do with reality or her life. She could get someone hurt, even Tamra’s children, but she is to selfish and dimwitted to realize that. Maybe if she concentrated on her own family, like her Daughter who has had serious medical problems for many years she wouldn’t have as much time to lie about others just for her daily sacrifice to satan. I will never forget one of the times Brianna got home from the hospital, Ryan was deployed and the little boys were there at the house. Brianna was so weak and ill she could barely stand, and Viki WENT TO WORK.!!! She left her DAUGHTER there sobbing to care all day for her Grandsons. Two toddlers! Icky cares about her business more than anyone or anything in life. More than her children, even when they are deathly ill. She left Brianna there with two toddlers to care for all day against Doctor’s orders. It is effing unbelievable. I don’t care if she is the OG of the OC. Darn, I forget what Aunt Bee’s play on those words were. Tamra is the only HW in the OC I am a fan of, I have always liked her, even with her faults, even though I am perfect, as I am sure all of you are, I accept the faults of others. HAHAHA. NOT. They need to disassemble the entire cast of the OC and start over. Out of the tens of thousands of beautiful, wealthy, classy women in S. Ca., and they choose women like Kelly, if she could even be called a woman. I watch to see beautiful people, homes, parties, clothes, vacation destinations etc. Kelly is ugly, has the ugliest clothes ever, an ugly foul mouth, there is nothing about her that ISN’T UGLY.

  8. If Eddie wanted it out, possibly he would’ve. My feel is–TAMARA–she wants it buried for always. If she’s okay with it, then it’s no one’s buisiness but theirs.
    That’s my main beef with these housewives. They’re just not busy enough in any given day, so tons of time to meddle, gossip & take joy in each other’s skeletons. Shameful!!!

  9. She’s no one’s friend. You don’t treat anyone like this. She had been blessed with two beautiful grandchildren, be a grandmother. What a negative impression she has displayed. Her daughter was very ill,
    She she be focused on how the Lord has mad her better. She should have a happy heart, and not concerned with anyone’s sexuality. She has not witness him being with men. If he has a pass which I don’t believe it. It is none of her business. Pray for her Tamara, she will need it. Maybe she needs to go to a closet and find her a man. The one she has will or probably leave soon.
    Who can continue to put up with type of old childish behavior. She will distroy her new relationship. She is unhappy and she doesn’t want to see anyone else happy if she can’t be. She thinks she is above the people she socialized with. She got caught in a lie, and instead of her owning it, she wants to make Tamara pay. RUN TAMARA & EDDIE, RUN

  10. Thanks girl, look at the world today, people need to be kind and send out blessings not ugly vibes. To the other people making comments about the closest,
    Go buy yourselves a pair of shoes, a nice outfit and a handbag, then come out of your own closest, ALL DRESSED UP! That is the only closest you all should speak about.

  11. Thank you Minx! I do enjoy your forthright observations. We don’t agree on everything but I’m not sure I could fine someone that I 100% agree with on every single subject. Good Lord, not even my husband and I agree that often.

  12. I worked with the public my entire working life. I had 3 hilarious, kind gay men who used to often sit with me when I dealt 21 and share the details of Gaydar. God, I used to dance with joy when I saw them coming. They were the classiest men in the room, dressed to the nines, they smelled so wonderful and were so full of intelligent conversation and fun that I wanted to leave with them ( but damn it I had to stay and work. ) Eddie isn’t gay, and to be honest, if that rumor had never been spoken by Icky, no one would have even considered whether he was gay.

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