Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge Have Huge Fight in Iceland

A lot of viewers have been complaining that this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County is boring. But we can reassure you that drama is on the way, because Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge had a blowup so big in Iceland that they refuse to film together now.

“They got into a screaming match towards the end of filming, and punches were almost thrown. They had to be stopped by the other girls before it got out of hand!” a source reveals. “Tamra accused Vicki of leaking secrets and, of course, Vicki adamantly denied ever doing any such thing.”

“Several of the girls came home in tears,” the insider tells RadarOnline. “They are more divided than ever. Things could not possibly get any worse.”

Are you surprised by this?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Cin

    no surprise … they are doing their best to have storylines…..

    • DindiSue

      That is so true– recast- or a whole new area of California

      • Rain

        I say let’s move the area . How about San Diego or something

        • DindiSue

          Ok-sounds good to me

        • DindiSue

          Never been to San Diego- but anywhere that’s not the OC– LOL

      • JC

        Northern Orange County is probably the hippest thing going on in California. The problem is that the women are too old and out of touch with the real OC! Vicky lives in the valley and anyone on the coast is the ones with money. The new fuggy chick Peggy has to go!

  • Sunshine

    This show is starting to smell worse than my grandsons socks left in a hot car, seriously. I only kept watching in the hopes that Kelly would turn on Vicki.
    With Peggy touching Meghan’s mouth, Lydia and Tamra not practicing what they preach, and watching Shannon who I like struggle so publicly, it’s becoming unwatchable, and making me ashamed of myself for tuning in.
    Love reading the comments, and seeing friends post here, but I think I’m done watching.

    • missm70

      I feel the same way!!The women have got to go!!! BORING!!!!! Tamrat is not a christian she a vile human being!!! Vicki is the vile as well!!! Shannon blames everyone for her problems!! she is a beautiful women but get over it!!! Look towards your family that is were it began!!! All Negativity!!! Meghan is useless piece of shit!!! I feel so uncomfortable when I watch it!!

      • Sunshine

        Maybe we should just read the updates on here and comment. These shows are ratings driven. If viewership tanks maybe we will get a recast.I don’t watch Atlanta anymore, or Dallas, and now this is becoming a crash and burn , too painful.
        I like Shannon, but we are watching her in a very sad place, and I worry for her and her children.
        These shows used to be an escape, now they are crass. Did you ever think in your life someone would have a vag rejuvenation on these shows? Someone with a ten year old. Wow.

        • Aunt Bee

          The problems with the RH ladies is they have it too easy. They seem to have no problems that take up their time. Rich women who have nothing to worry about but how they look and their sex life. They are not REAL housewives who work, take care of their kids and worry about getting dinner on the table on time. But I guess that is why we watch.

    • Aunt Bee

      Oh Sunshine my sentiments exactly – especially the Vicki turning on Kelly part.

  • Learjet

    Tamra needs to let her hatred go. She’s nothing but a fake Christian. Anybody who has to constantly remind everybody of their deep and abiding faith is a phony and that’s exactly what Tamra is. She’s no better or worse than Vicki, who at least isn’t too proud to own up to her mistakes and ask for forgiveness (time and again). Same goes for Shannon. LET. IT. GO.

    • timdun

      I guess Tamra hasn’t learned the part about forgiveness.

    • DindiSue

      She took Alexis’s story and ran with it- after she chastised her off the show-

  • Starr

    The only girls who may have come home in tears are Lydia & Peggy. The others? no way!!!!! Tamara is one big evil woman, there’s no God in her whatever. Her heart is as small as a pea & black as night. She’s a bully & is so conniving. The way she threatened Peggy & then insulted her facial expression was as low as anyone can get. Then she sent Shannon to lay the law down for Peggy. They do it for each other, but cannot stand that Peggy tries to be fair & impartial, they both look upon it as if she’s siding with Vicki. They dont want her around them & they want to make sure no one else is around her either. Cant bear either of them & they deserve each other.

  • justanothermary

    I truly hope this is Vicki’s last season. She should have been fired after the cancer scams, or she should have had the sense to get out. All her attempts at making herself look better are falling flat and her reputation is worse than ever. Go away Vicki.

  • Trixiebelle

    I think they should all thank God that none of them have to actually WORK for a living. They get paid to party/eat/drink and fight.

  • DindiSue

    Hey My Hippie Flower Gal- have you noticed ZERO going on the other sites- like a ghost blog- where did everybody go–

    • Rain

      Good question. We lost a lot of people because the format changed a few times and people were unable to log on etc. but most sites are the same, you have a handful of regulars and the rest just sporadically come and go