Vicki Gunvalson & Tamra Barney Try To Mend Their Friendship!

Tamra Barney

In this preview for Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County former BFFs Tamra Barney and Vicki Gunvalson start trying to mend their friendship from Season 7. “Vicki and I never talk about stuff,” Tamra says. “We put Band-Aids on it and it’s done, and I want to change it. I think we’ve been friends long enough that we owe each other the time to sit down and kind of just talk this out.”

While at Heather Dubrow’s clambake Tamra takes Vicki into a wine cellar, and says, “I know that things have been weird between us and that things have been said and things have been hard, but there’s always been a part of me that has always known that you’re still my friend. And it’s almost like a family thing. You don’t always agree what your family does, but you love them.”

But back at the party Gretchen worries about Vicki’s motives. “I do want Vicki and Tamra to work out their differences, but I really am concerned about Vicki’s whole song and pony dance about like, ‘Poor me, my life sucks, everything’s so hard.’ So I’m just hoping that Tamra’s smart knowing that this is Vicki’s M.O,” Gretchen says.

A teary-eyed Vicki tells Tamra she’s not happy after breaking up with her boyfriend Brooks Ayers. “We’re not not happy. I can’t be with the person that I really feel is good for me because of all the negativity that’s out there, so that’s why we made a decision to stop,” Vicki says. “You can’t live your life on what other people think,” Tamra tells Vicki.

Gretchen is seen talking on the phone with her boyfriend Slade Smiley who isn’t present at the party. “It’s been a weird night. I had to sit by Vicki at dinner,” she told him. “Did she confirm whether or not she’s with Brooks?” he asked. “She said that they’ve broken up and I totally called bullish*t on it. The whole thing’s just weird,” Gretchen said, adding, “I think Vicki’s so worried about what everybody has to say about Brooks, so she doesn’t want to bring him around.”

“She’s a really good liar,” Slade said. “So there’s no reason to assume she would be honest now.”

Watch the preview below.

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5 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson & Tamra Barney Try To Mend Their Friendship!”

  1. Tamara is so jealous that Heather got the new baby phone call and not her. Did she really expect it after the way she treated Vicki? Be smart Vicki, Tamara can not be trusted. Until she learns to keep her mouth shut, do not trust her.

  2. Tamra had no right or reason to talk about Crooks the way she did. He did nothing to her. She claims she was looking out for Vicki–really? pffft, sorry, she was making sure she got airtime, more like it. She slammed Crooks again and again, enough to destroy her friendship and now she’s telling Vicki that she needs to “stand behind him”? As if Tamra even knows the meaning of the phrase!!! I can’t stand the way she makes people miserable only to turn around and claim that SHE lashed out because SHE was hurt. Tamra is completely scum.

  3. Omg listen to the way u are slaying Tamra……. Tamra was Vickis lapdog for years before she opened her eyes, everyone who watches the programme knows it was vickis way or the highway…. i was so happy when Tamra opened her eyes and realised Gretchen was a beautiful person………… Cant believe so many idiots are falling for the poor Vicki rubbish. xx

  4. camera needs to Lady show as well she is boring and brings nothing to the cast mates for waiting to Eddie judge with fake and pretentious she’s a bitch in the main boli she can forgive Alexis but not threaten his she claimed to be her friend she is fake and who needs friends like that one there too many enemies around

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