Vicki Gunvalson Talks About How Tamra Judge Has Hurt Her

Vicki Gunvalson is writing a very passionate blog about her former friend Tamra Judge this week. Vicki says she is hurt by all of the toxic behavior and lists facts with links, claiming the rumors about Tamra’s husband Eddie were already out there in 2011. Read Vicki’s explanation of the drama below.

“It’s been incredible having Steve in my life and my family’s life. He’s a calm sense of balance in my life and just a class act man. It was so nice coming home after work to Steve taking care of the boys so well and cooking for us. Having a glass of wine already poured for me shows me how much he cares for me, and he knows a great glass of wine always helps me to relax after my long day at the office.

I love watching Steve play with the boys like he does. He is patient with them, and little Owen is usually attached at the hip to him which brings me so much joy. Steve is a natural when it comes to children, and the boys really adore him.

We are fortunate to live so close to Briana, and on the night that she works her 12-hour shift at the hospital, we are there to babysit the kids for her. It’s a win-win for everyone.

I’m glad that Meghan invited me to the Sip-N-See to see Aspen and to put aside our differences from the past. She is a beautiful little baby, and I am so happy for them. Lord knows we are never going to forget our conflict, but I believe time heals and hopefully that is happening here with us. I don’t necessarily agree with everything she did, but now that time has gone by I can reflect on what I did wrong as well.

Shopping at the baby clothing store was interesting to say the least. There was a mother in there with her child, who obviously had a very bad smelling dirty diaper who shopped like there was no issue at all. It was the most rancid disgusting smell we have ever smelled and was at the point I almost had to leave the store. It was crazy to us she didn’t excuse herself, change the diaper and come back in to shop. Wow!

Now onto Tamra for a moment. Tamra plays “psychiatrist” to all of us, which as Kelly pointed out last year at the reunion she is unqualified to do.   She does this for the mere fact to attempt to position herself as IF she is above everybody else. She is quick to say, “Kelly fights dirty,” but Kelly hits you where it hurts, impulsive and in the heat of the moment, whereas Tamra has shown time and time again her viciousness is premeditated and calculated. A few examples of the depths Tamra sinks to… calling me “old lady” at the reunion, saying she is “better than me,” calling her bestie, Shannon, “Hannibal Lecter” during her interviews, criticizing Shannon for eating and drinking too much, giving me a t-shirt at Shannon’s fitness competition celebration that said I was convicted of lying, and this week telling Meghan and Shannon I am the sh** on the bottom of her shoes. She obviously “thinks” she is better than me which she is not. She acts superior among us women when she is not. Talk about delusional!

Now onto Tamra and Shannon! I am going to try my best to be as diplomatic and classy as possible, but these women are out of line. Tamra has this idea in her head that I’m this evil person, and that I go around making up lies which I don’t. She can’t get off my ex-boyfriend’s name, and is stuck in a relationship of mine that ended over two years ago, which had nothing to do with her.  I am the one who was damaged, I am the one who was lied to, I am the one who supported him financially, and I am the one who was hurt. Why can’t she ever see it out of anyone else’s eyes but her own? She got involved in my relationship when in fact, that is her entire “beef” with me is that she doesn’t want anyone in her family or her relationship.  Such a hypocrite.

Here’s the facts once and for all:

  • I was not the first one to repeat or reveal the rumor about Eddie’s past of being gay. Let me make this very clear to all of you: I don’t care one way or the other about his past relationships. Tamra is the one that should be discussing this with her husband, not lashing out at me for discussing it with my friend. My question is why does she keep directing her anger towards me? Just so you know, before I had that private conversation with Kelly about Eddie, it was already widely reported in the public domain his “unorthodox” relationship with a gay man that adopted him as an adult. Kelly would have eventually found out about it herself sooner or later without me. Notice this date of 2011 on google where Tamra discusses it prior to their marriage.
  • Tamra should address these rumors with her husband head on and move on from it. If Tamra wants to get upset with me for discussing it privately with Kelly (off camera) then that’s on her. I can’t control what has been said about him, nor do I care!
  • Tamra is stuck in the past regarding my ex-boyfriend, and I’m tired of every time she opens her mouth about me she calls me a LIAR. “He” has already revealed in multiple interviews that I was never in on a scam! Furthermore, a scammer benefits from the scam. What did I ever benefit from this so called scam? NOTHING! Now I ask the question why do Tamra and Shannon continue to bring up a relationship that ended over two years ago?  I wasn’t married to him, I wasn’t engaged, and I was the one who was scammed! I personally think it’s a way for them to deflect off their own families back onto me so no one focuses on them. I’m going to sit back and watch Karma do its job with them because it always does. I think it’s completely disrespectful to Steve that she would continue to talk about my ex. I’m not talking about Simon, so why is she so hung up on a past relationship of mine? Can you say “DEFLECTION?” Very clearly in this public statement “he” made after we broke up, that I was NOT in any scam. Now move on!
  • Hearing Tamra’s filthy mouth is so classless, and I’m tired of her continuing to talk crap about me. She continues to try and influence my friends that I’m a bad person. Just wait, Shannon, it’s only a matter of time before she turns on you too. For her to call me a bitch, a victim, scum and dirt under her feet is so classless. Who talks that way about someone? And what exactly did I do to deserve this? Did I maliciously go out to hurt her? No, last year I simply had a conversation with Kelly about why is it ok for her to talk crap about other people, but she’s off limits  It’s not right.

Tamra and Shannon want to continue the conversation on “what I have done to them,” and if I started the list I would be here all day long writing it. They know what they have done, and it’s not pretty. Tamra is notorious for hurting people and getting other ladies to side against each other so she feels powerful. It’s a game she has been playing for years, and I’m not playing it any longer. Tamra is notorious for kicking someone when they are down, which I have no desire to do to her.

The conclusion of my blog this week is I’m hurt by all this toxic behavior and negativity by Shannon and Tamra. I am in a really good place with my family and my relationship with Steve, and I don’t want it to be influenced by their negativity anymore. I have no desire to stoop to Tamra’s level by name calling her, but I wish she would once and for all rise above her anger and show her children and the world what it’s like to be “kind,” forgiving and loving.”

Watch the clip from the episode below.

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8 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Talks About How Tamra Judge Has Hurt Her”

  1. Yep – real classic and diplomatic…NOT! You just keep spinning everything to make you the victim – keep wanting to punish people who won’t be your friend cause that’s really classy….just go away…

  2. Enough with this fighting, bad-mouthing & non-stop tit for tat. Act like grown-ups, not childish spoilt brats. ALL are wrong. It’s ridiculous. Seems they really do not have difficult life/death situations to deal with, for if they did, all of this petty behavior would be null & void. Life is passing by & is too short. Time to put the past where it should remain.

  3. They’ve all treated each other despicably. I’m over all of them. That said, Steve is a nice addition to the show. Seems like a nice guy, and he was lovely with those toddlers.

  4. Every thing Vicki said about Tamra could be said about her as well. Vicki is no better than what I scrape off my boots after a day in the barn and I’ll never think more highly of her. She tried to scam cancer patients, it doesn’t get any lower than that.

    And yes Vicki good scammers gain from their scams, you just aren’t very good at it. You don’t even get an A for effort.

  5. She did proffit financially. She was not going to be asked back if she didnt share her ‘real’ life. So she & ‘he’ (why she cant say his name is immature & just plain stupid)came up with this cancer storyline because they thought invoking his right to privacy during his very grave condition would get Production to back off. So they had the paycheck & she could pick & choose what she wanted to reveal. Typical of Vicki trying to run her show. She ‘birthed it’ after all.

  6. When you are right, there is no need to explain, rationalize, defend, justify, or to discuss your actions and to illuminate the actions of others. Rise above the fray. As a business owner, it is associations with people whose behaviors, that may be seen as offensive, vulgar, impetuous, impulsive, unpredictable, offensive, childlike, immature, may reflect upon your own personal, professional, choices at home and particularly at work. Even if that is not part of your character, our associations, even when trying to be helpful others, may not be helpful to us. Family 1st.

  7. Bullshit Vicki. YOU are 100% responsible for destroying your relationship with Tamra. I agree that no one is perfect nore should we have to be but what you did and said was nuclear. God tells us all to forgive in our hearts, He doesnt demand we enter back into relationships with toxic people. I forgive my Ex. I dont want a relationship with him.

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